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Posted on May 2nd 2019 at 12:00:00 PM by (Crabmaster2000)
Posted under NES Challenge, NES, Nintendo, Community, Mario, Zelda, Contra, Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden, Capcom, Konami, Taito, Challenge

2 of our amazing members and NES challenge contributor's spend many hours putting together this video
and recording all of the amazing music in it to immortalize our efforts in the first 2 months of the NES
Challenge. Huge shout out to Wempster and Disposed Hero for making this happen!

If you want to see your own name show up in a future video all you have to do is beat an NES game with us.
Check out the link below for more info. We can use all the help we can get!

The RF Generation community of collectors and players has committed themselves to demolishing the entire licensed NES library in the year 2019. Is that even possible you say, with your help it totally is!! Check out the RFGen 2019 NES Challenge thread to see how to join in at anytime throughout the year. There is plenty of opportunity to participate regardless of your skill level, favorite style of game or the amount of time you have to invest. Come over and play with us here:


It seems I've overestimated out abilities 3 months running now as we came up a bit shy of our community goal of beat 325 games by the end of April. We ended up pretty close though at 308.

Our single player goal for April was to jump in the driver's seat and beat at least one driving or cockpit view flight game. We had several members rev their engines and cross the checkered flag last month and saw a diverse batch of games get crossed off our master list including: RC Pro AM II, Jackal, Eliminator Boat Duel, Breakthru, Michael Andretti's World GP, and Super Cars.


I'm keeping last months community goal the same for May. That means we are shooting to beat 335 games by the end of May. If we can achieve that goal that will mean we will be sitting just at the halfway mark of the entire library with a little more than half the year left to take them down!

Since last month was all about going fast I thought we'd slow things down in May and have the single player goal for the month be beat a puzzle or game style game. Here's a list of the available titles for the monthly goal that are available to beat as of May 1st:

Adventures of Lolo II, The
Adventures of Lolo III, The
Adventures of Rad Gravity, The
Boulder Dash
Boy And His Blob, A
Championship Pool
Chessmaster, The
Fire 'N Ice
Krusty's Funhouse
Lode Runner
Mendel Palace
Pipe Dream
Short Order/Eggsplode
Side Pocket
Silent Service
Solomon's Key
Super Glove Ball
Tetris 2
Thunder & Lightning
Vegas Dream
Wario's Woods
Yoshi's Cookie

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