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Posted on Jan 3rd 2018 at 05:00:00 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
Posted under New Releases, Mega Man, Spider Man, Nintendo, Switch, Playstation, Monster Hunter, Capcom, Quantic Dreams

[img width=640 height=360]https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4645/25558319088_5e60e07af6_z.jpg[/img]

2018 is now upon us! That means a whole new year of games to look forward to! Here's a few that I can't wait to dig into this coming year in no particular order


I said no particular order, but Spider-Man is the exception. I am more excited for Spider-Man than any other game on this list by a significant amount. I have high hopes for this game as well as licensed franchise games in general. My hope is that Insomniac is able to tell a new unique Spider-Man story as they see fit and build the game they want to build around that story. Batman Arkham Asylum was so special and I believe this game can have a similar impact. I don't necessarily want it to become a franchise or even have a sequel. I just want Insomniac to put out a great game and get rewarded with great sales to match. Hopefully it's significant enough that other companies take notice of what Batman and Spider-Man have done and see that if they put their licensed properties in the hands of caring studios and don't require them to tie it to an upcoming movie (or other property), they can be rewarded with critical and commercial success that helps their brand overall. I want to see better Star Wars games, Ninja Turtle Games, Transformer Games, and of course, better superhero games in general. I believe this game is the next stepping stone on that path.

[img width=640 height=452]https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4692/27651229899_afa287e02b_z.jpg[/img]

Mega Man 11

As much as I think the trailer for Mega Man 11 looks like a big pile of butts, I know I'll still play and likely enjoy the game in spite of that. Even a bad Mega Man is better than most everything else, so even if they make a few missteps, I know that somewhere in that pile of code will be some enjoyment for me.

[img width=640 height=360]https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4728/25558316078_6b5f203951_z.jpg[/img]

Monster Hunter World

I went from zero interest to highly anticipated after playing all three missions available in the beta with a couple of friends before X-Mas. It really blew me away how much fun this game is. I had only played Monster Hunter Tri previously and even then, I only played offline. Hunting with a couple friends made fighting each monster such a treat, especially when everyone had such vastly different abilities and play styles.

[img width=640 height=360]https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4684/27651225419_f15c7cb717_z.jpg[/img]

Dragon Ball Fighters Z

I'm not a huge Dragon Ball fan, but I do love me a great Arc System Works game. And this game looks like one of their finest. The neat art style of the show is captured perfectly in this game, especially when it's in motion. All of the little air and energy effects constantly moving around characters and their special abilities is just incredible. I can't wait to try this out and see if it plays as well as it looks like it does.

[img width=640 height=366]https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4739/27651243109_89ab0a3ebe_z.jpg[/img]

Nintendo Switch

The Switch had a very impressive year for a lot of people, but I was honestly a little underwhelmed. Zelda: Breath of the Wild didn't hit my like I'd wanted it to, but I really did enjoy catching up on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Mario Odyssey was easily one of my favorite games of 2017.  However, outside of these games, I didn't actual play my Switch all that often. So far, 2018 is a year full of promises and mystery for me. I always enjoy Kirby and am eagerly waiting to hear more about the Fire Emblem title that is supposed to released. Outside of those two games, I know very little about the releases for the Switch this year. Do I get a Donkey Kong? Pikmin? Is Metroid going to be ready for this year? Will Nintendo revive a long dormant franchise or maybe create yet another new one? Will Shin Megami Tensei be done for 2018? I don't actually know much about what's happening this year in the world of Nintendo, but it is quite exciting to dream and speculate.

[img width=700 height=393]https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4738/25558312238_2a9e095bf6_b.jpg[/img]

Detroit: Become Human

As a big fan of Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, I am eagerly awaiting the next David Crane game. I've really been able to immerse myself into the last couple titles and this next setting is easily the one that appeals the most to my personal interests. I'm very hopeful that it will live up to my expectations.

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There's a lot to be excited for this year. I'm looking forward to Monster Hunter as it might be the co-op game that Destiny 2 wasn't for me. Dragon Ball Fighterz and Spider-man look great as well. Love em or hate em David Cage games always seem to evoke an emotional response. I'm looking forward to finding out where Detroid ranks for me. I'm also looking forward to Ni No Kuni 2, Yakuza 6, and Far Cry 5. That's just the first quarter of 2018!
Detroit: Become Human is easily the game I'm looking most forward to in 2018.  We've never done a playthrough for a game at release, but I could see this possibly happening.  While I have high hopes for Spider-Man, my fear is that it may become a QTE fest and therefore lack player autonomy, which I don't care for in an action title.  Still, it looks great and I'm hoping it has great gameplay to match.
Far Cry 5, Crackdown 3, and Code Vein are on my radar. Also, mystery From game that could be out who knows when.
Interested in FighterZ, but don't know how much I'll play it. Also interested in Monster Hunter World. I played some of 4 and it was alright and hoping World can improve a lot of things.
Iím a new collector that has recently discovered this site. Everything Iíve seen so far is awesome. Keep up the good work!
@SoC Monk: Hey! Welcome to the site.  Enjoy your stay here and please hit up the forum if you have any questions or want to participate in a discussion.

@SoC Monk: Glad you found your way here! Looking forward to getting to know you better
I know something I am looking forward to, is seeing what games get released for the Switch, through Limited Run Games.
@SoC Monk: Welcome to the site!

I will echo Mega Man 11 for sure, and since I plan on getting a PS4 this year, Spider-Man will be on the horizon for me as well.  MAN, that game looks amazing so far.

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