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Posted on Nov 19th 2019 at 01:00:00 PM by (MetalFRO)
Posted under N2O, Shoot the Corecast, podcast, Shmup Club, Gremlin Interactive, Nitrous Oxide, STG, shooting game, shooter, shoot em up, t

In Episode 017, MetalFRO and Addicted talk about a Western-developed game that is largely forgotten today among shooting games, despite being heavily inspired by one of the genre's early hits, Tempest. N2O: Nitrous Oxide takes the Tempest formula to new, psychedelic places, and we give you an in-depth look at the game! What makes this tube shooter different than its predecessors? We discuss that and more!

Here's the direct link to listen to the podcast on the site, or download the MP3 for later:

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Check out the original discussion about the game:

Posted on Feb 5th 2008 at 01:08:51 PM by (OatBob)
Posted under Site News, Weekly Features, Rez, N2O, Nitrous Oxide, Neo Geo Pocket Color, NGPC, sharp, synesthesia

This week we get to play another game, YAY!  The surprise is that this game is so much more.  You'll see and hear bright colors, and touch the music, as it pulses to your head.  You too can experience synesthesia, and you won't need sex or drugs to get there.  Rez is a shooter like no other.  Hold the fire button and aim at multiple targets to lock on, but releasing it will destroy them in sequence with the music.  The background oscillates with to the music, and whatever haptic feedback device you're using will also pulse to the music; be it the controller in your hands, a secondary controller in your lap, or the trance vibrator in your pocket or resting under the sole of your foot.  Level up and your wire-frame man will gain polygons, and guide him through the techno landscape of cyberspace to free 'eden' from the system.

The Neo Geo Pocket Color catches our eye as this week's hardware feature.  Sure, color portables have existed before this, but SNK's experience with arcade gaming ensures we can bring those bright, flashy, and intense hues with us anywhere we go. 

The featured image this week comes from yet another colorful game.  N2O Nitrous Oxide is a tube shooter along the likes of Tempest or Gyruss.  Where it deviates is its use of bright colors and hypnotizing soundtrack.  Don't play it too long though, as you'll end up with tunnel vision for some time afterwards.

Finally, our featured collection belongs to sharp, a member of the RFgen community who's been here from almost the beginning.  This Nederlander has a lot of games for SNK systems, showing that gaming exists beyond Sega, Nintendo, and other modern parties.

Until next time, stay tuned to channel 3...

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