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Posted on Mar 24th 2009 at 06:56:10 AM by (Izret101)
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After a jabbering in the chat for a bit i figured why the hell not ask everyone?
Who knows maybe RFG Around the World will turn into another periodic segment whenever i want to do something you know... world wide.

I've only lived in 3 cities (technically) but all of them were relatively significant or in the case of "The Island" at least interesting. I'm just going to rip info from Wiki (and add a few little notes of my own) that i find most interesting about each place. I'll also be including a link to the main page if people are more interested in any of them Smiley

They are in order of when i first lived there.

Feel free to follow suit and/or leave some thoughts/comments

Springfield, Ma USA - http://en.wikipedia.org/w...pringfield,_Massachusetts

The first Springfield in the USA.

Has 2 nicknames The City of Homes and the City of Firsts

Birthplace of Basketball and home of the Basketball hall of fame.

Birth place of Dr. Suess aka Theodor Geisel

4th largest city in New England

Lost part of its land to Conn due to land disputes

Birth place of Smith&Wesson. Headquarters still located here.

Springfield Armory was the first National Armory. Produced then developer weapons up to Vietnam War. Now is a museum and shares its grounds with Springfield Community College

Shays' Rebellion

Springfield Airport was home to Granville Brothers Aircraft best known for the trophy and speed record holding Senior Sportster series of racing aircraft during the "Golden Age of Airracing"(The air port went bankrupt in 1934 a strip mall movies theater and various other shops and buildings are where it once stood. One of these buildins was a gamecrazy i worked at.)

Duryea Motor Wagon Company built and sold the first gasoline powered automobile. The brothers where born and lived in Springfield.

Indian Motorcycles had a factory here 1901-1953 (one of my great grandfathers worked there when he came over from sweden) the building is now low income/HUD housing.

Home to Forest Park (and the Bright Nights Festival) one of the largest municipal parks in the USA.

Port Aransas, Texas USA http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_Aransas

At the 2000 census the population was 3,370 the land area is 8.8 sq mi (22.8 km2). The census is actually relatively flawed since many of those "residents" are just part timers who owned condos or second houses. The actual number of full time residents was probably under 1,000.

Elevation 7 ft

Discovered in 1519 by a Spaniard on commission by the governor of Jamaica.

First recorded permanent settler in Port Aransas was Capt. Robert Ainsworth Mercer of Lancaster, England. Established a sheep and cattle ranch known as El Mar Rancho in 1853 or 55.

Port Aransas claims to be one of the most popular vacation spots in Texas. (I lived there it was. Especially since Galveston and Padre Island are still recovering from Hurricane Ike)

While i lived there the only high school on the island had a 100% graduation rate. The senior class had 60-70 students.(Possibly less.)

Corpus Christi, Texas USA - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corpus_Christi,_Texas

18th Largest city in Texas

The latin translation means Body of Christ.

Selena was murdered here by the president of her fan club, Yolanda Saldivar.

Corpus Christi actually owns part of the aforementioned island. It was owned by the state and went up for auction the city of Port Aransas was unable to come close to winning the bid.

NYC attempted a law suit against Corpus because of T-shirts being sold saying "I

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Apparently my bolg got cut off....
Oh well Springfield is the most intersting out of the bunch anyways.
Corpus was pretty much all about the military base.
I'm jacking this Blog. XD

No really. If I could use this as an idea, or we did a collab, this could be really cool. We'd need to put something about games in it though, perhaps where the best game stores are. Almost like a travel guide, but for gamers!!!
We shall chat...
This has potential to be really neat, and it already is pretty cool to begin with. I'll keep my eye on this and see how it goes before contributing.

Largest mass execution in US history happened where I live!
New Caney was a cattle stop in the late 1800's and not much else to it.  Other towns became more popular and grew up around it till there's nothing much to it beyond a name on a map.  Hell, even all our schools have changed their names to other places.
I grew up and went to school in Gardner, KS. There was a Nike Missile base in the town that was converted to our middle school. We were the Nike Missiles.

Currently live in Olathe, KS, hometown of San Diego Charger Darren Sproles.
I live about 15 minutes drive from Sherwood Forest
Donald Pleasance was born here.
So was Bruce Dickinson.

That explains alot lol


Your have intrigued me.
I require more info!
In 1539, King Henry VIII personally rode his dragon with a recess in the saddle to accomodate his enormous cod piece to the town I live in and burnt down the abbey.

Then Queen Victoria visited a while ago and had a statue built to face away from the town centre because she hated the place so much.

Then Huntley and Palmers made some nice biscuits.

Now our buses are coloured depending on the route. Some colours include pink and purple.

The town centre is a good place to go to buy over priced crap and women's fashion. It is possible to attain great heights when jumping in the town centre due to the high rubber content of the pavements caused by chewing gum.

The Reading Festival features top names such as Daphne and Celeste, and 50 Cent. Both of these acts were booed off stage, with Mr Cent having a chair thrown at him.

Reading FC seem unable to decide which football division they are most comfortable in. The town's local rugby team, London Irish, neither consists of Irish players, nor is it based in London.
That place sounds pretty... drab(?) and out with the exception of the last 2 items Smiley

I can't believe Fifty didn't beat people up. He did it at a night club around here when someone thru a WATER BOTTLE at him.

Then when a lawsuit came against his posse who beat people up and messed up the club he reverted back to his upper-crust wannabe thug personality used his real name(Curtis James Jackson III) and ran to his 53 room mansion in Farmington, Connecticut.
My town has the 2nd largest St. Patrick's Day Parade in New York state.
My town was the place of the Battle of Monmouth during some war Tongue
My city is the furthest east and oldest in all of North America, bo-yah!
It has snowed here in July before..........I got nothing else. When I checked out the wikipage for my city there was a pornstar and a Playboy Playmate that were born here. I havnt heard of either of them, but it was interesting.
Crabmaster wins with naked boobies.
We have Folklorama and Festivale Du Voyageur. Folklorama is awesome. Basically every culture on the planet is celebrated. You can go to different pavilions and enjoy food, dance, and other entertainment and customs from different cultures. I really love the food and alchohol. http://www.folklorama.ca

Festivale is awesome. Great food and really wicked ice sculptures. You haven't lived till you've eaten some maple syrup off of a stick. They pour it on a block of ice and twirl it around the stick. Kinda like a lolipop. It's bitchin. http://festivalvoyageur.mb.ca/wp/
Youngstown, OH has been the murder capital (per capita) of the country for (I think) 3 years in a row now. It's also been in the top 10 most dangerous cities in the US for many years now. And amazingly, it's actually been getting better in the last few years.

There are some good things about the area though. I can't really think of any, but I'm sure there are some good things. And since the area has been economically depressed for the past 40 years or so, we're accustomed to it, so a lot of the officials think the city has a better chance of surviving this depression better than most other cities of similar size.
I forgot to add that we are the 4th most dangerous city in Canada per capita. So stay out!!

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