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Posted on Jan 5th 2010 at 11:00:00 AM by (NES_Rules)
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December has generally been one of the slowest months of the year for submissions, but that certainly was not the case for December 2009. There was an astounding 3,723 submissions in December, 1,254 of those were image submissions, there were 802 image and hardware additions, and 1,346 page edits.

The top ten submitters of the month were also those that had 100 or more submissions, and were: Paully3433, ga5ket, Link41, ApolloBoy, logical123, Madir, bickman2k, Spoon, NES_Rules, and Malingo. Those ten members submitted an amazing 84% of the total submissions, a huge 'thank you' goes out to all of them. But I'd also like to thank those of you that submitted the other 16%, because every submission, no matter how small, helps make our database better.

The top five staff reviewers of all those submissions were: NES_Rules, ApolloBoy, Madir, ga5ket, and bum_man. Without these guys approving your submissions, they would just sit in queue forever, so we should all be very thankful for them.

Now that 2009 is over, its time to thank everyone that has helped RF Generation throughout the year. The top ten submitters of 2009 were: ga5ket, y2richie, ApolloBoy, Funk_Buddy, Madir, NES_Rules, Izret101, Pop Culture Portal, audiman83, and Paully3433. Of those ten, eight had over a thousand submissions, a truly impressive feat. These ten members submitted a total of 68% of all submissions made in 2009. These people are clearly dedicated to keeping RF Generation as THE Classic and Modern Video Game Database.

The top five staff reviewers for 2009 were NES_Rules, ga5ket, ApolloBoy, Tan, and Madir. together they approved almost 15,000 submissions throughout the year. My hat goes off to all you for that feat as well.

For 2009, we had 211 different member submit at least one thing over the course of the year. Together, those members submitted a total 34,883 submissions, of those 17,056 were image submissions, 9,812 were page edits and 5,025 were game/hardware title additions.
With those combined with previous years, puts our database at around 48,000 game titles, 3,500 hardware titles, 52,000 scans, and 28,000 screenshots.

Truly, 2009 was an outstanding year for submissions, but 2010 can be an even better year, and I have a feeling that it will be. But it won't without the help of everyone, so contribute anything you can this year, scans your games and then your friends' games, fill in missing information, whatever you can to help the database grow.

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I scanned what I could for the DB, it was nice to crack the top three submissions for December Tongue
I can't believe i made it in the top 10 for last year.

Great work and much thanks to everyone who helped out in 2009!

I think we can at least double those numbers this year Wink
Wonderful job you guys!

December seemed like a fantastic month, keep up the good work in 2010. Smiley
Was trying to hit 1000 submissions for the month, but I ran a little short, and the approvers didn't get a chance to approve them all....slackers Tongue  I did hit 500 game additions though. I won't come close to that this month I know.
Nice work by everyone, keep those submissions coming!
Ill see if i can start scanning all my european/swedish stuff soon Smiley

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