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Posted on Jan 8th 2013 at 03:17:55 PM by (wildbil52)
Posted under Secret Santa, Not so Secret Santa

[img width=700 height=466]http://i1129.photobucket.com/albums/m503/wildbil52/RFGen/IMG_0007_zps3525a0f4.png[/img]

Alright, the cat is out of the bag.  I guess the secret is out that everyone's secret match with their Secret Santa is no secret.  Several people sent PMs letting me know that they had figured it out and asked if this was done by accident.  It was not.  Let me explain.

Last year (2011) I was late to sign up for the RFGen Secret Santa and was matched up with one of the only remaining members who didn't have a match, Techie413.  I figured it out, as most of you did this year, when I saw a very familiar return address.

Fast forward to the middle of November just this past year (2012) when I asked Shadow if a Secret Santa was going to happen on RFGen this year.  He told me that the staff was swamped with other work related to the site and I offered to organize the SS campaign.  I made the decision to match members up 1-1 because of the RFGen buddy I gained in Techie by knowing that he was my Secret Santa.

A Secret Santa is a lot of fun, but this site is about collecting.  I believe that collecting is as much about the relationships that we make with awesome people as it is about the awesome things that we acquire.  I hope that by knowing who you were matched up with, you gained an RFGen buddy like I did a year ago.

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Great job handling this Bil. Everything worked out pretty well!
Thanks, Bil, for organizing this fantastic Secret Santa. I really enjoyed hunting for games for my match and checking the thread for pictures and updates. It was a great experience for me as someone new to both collecting and RF Gen. I know that I gained a buddy out of my match and hope everyone else did too.
Totally backfired Bil. I hate Fleach now...... what an ass Wink

I blame Secret Santa!!!!!!
I'm glad you worked things out the way you did, worked out great imho!
I think my Secret Santa and I know each other quite well at this point. Tongue
Very happy with my Secret Santa this year.  Nice guy and always saw him on the forums, but we never really spoke until now.  Hopefully we can help each other out in the future with our collections. Great job in planning it this year sir. Thank you.
I think it worked out just as intended, and I'm thankful for the chance to get to know any RFGener a little better.

Not to mention, my SS did a fantastic job. Smiley@Arrngrim:
I was very happy the way it worked out.  I loved the gifts my SS got me, and I had alot of fun hunting for mine as well. I studied his "keep an eye for me" post so much I know it by heart now. So I'm always looking for one of his games as well when I'm hunting. LOL

I think you did an excellent job, wildbil.
I enjoyed it.  It was great to see what everyone else got from their SS's.

Can't wait until next year!
Did you just match Fleach and I together because we're both Canadian?........ I think Bil's a racist!!
Canadian's not a race - it's a nationality. Tongue
HAHAHAH!  I thought Crabby was white, but it turns out he's Canadian!
@Crabmaster2000: Maybe Bil's not a racist, but he definitely discriminated us based on our geographic location.
Jeez, you try to save a couple of dudes some shipping money by keeping their Santas in country and this is what you get.
They were the ones complaining about the raise in shipping costs come January...my Santa was in Canada as well, so I don't want to hear it. Tongue
@wildbil52: We tease because we like you Wink
Us Canadians are a proud race!!!!

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