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Posted on Nov 15th 2011 at 12:32:50 AM by (Shadow Kisuragi)
Posted under Secret Santa, Holiday Celebration

The holidays are fast approaching, and I thought I'd bring up something for the RFGeneration members to try this year: Secret Santa!

All that would be needed is to put your name on a list of interested members and opt in/out for international shipping. At that point, a list would be needed for items you would be most interested in, along with reasonable items if your aspirations are quite high (I'm not sending you Cheetahmen II, Crabby!). Shipping information would also be needed.

During the first week of December, you'll be matched up with another forum member here and be sent their shipping information and list of interests. Traditionally, trading items from your collection is desired, but feel free to go wild on what you send. It doesn't have to match exactly what the person is asking for, as long as it's done in the spirit of the holidays. General value is the items should be around $20, but I won't stop you if you send more.

Contacting a member about their wants/interests will be done through a neutral third party so that the person sending the gift won't be identified until after the holidays (or never, if they so wish!).

Is anyone interesting in doing this? I've done it on Digital Press for 2 years, and had a blast doing so. We won't be able to go all out like they do on their forums for the entire month, but I figured it would be a great way for people to receive new and interesting things in their collections and meet their fellow

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I'm interested in this.  I trust most of the members here, so I won't have a problem shipping to anyone here.  Count me in.
Sure!  I don't normally let go of stuff from the ol' collection, but I have some doubles and boxes of gaming goodies, not to mention a few stores around here that often have some nifty things.  Even if I can only find something generic that matches the list, I'll try to make it worth the while.

Unless I get matched with blcklblskt.  I don't trust any names without vowels.  Where are they, blcklbl? Where did you hid them?!?

Er, sorry.  Count me in! 
Price range?

I am down and easy to shop for. There are still quite a few MK games/variants i don't own. Smiley
I'd be interested as well, I haven't done a Secret Santa thing and I'd like to start now!
"General value is the items should be around $20, but I won't stop you if you send more."

I've been known to be very generous when it comes to the holidays. Last time, for a fellow MK enthusiast, I sent him some of the pre-order cels that I purchased from another DPer, a couple variants he was missing, and some other stuff.
I'm in.
After thinking about it some more, I think I can make this one happen easier than I could another I was invited to. I have some neat things in mind for whoever I get, no matter who it is.
Sounds like fun. Count me in.
Surprised I got such a quick response from everyone. If we can get a few more people to chime in on this, especially some of our international members, I'll go ahead and setup everything in the next few days for everyone to get prepared.

I'd like to have at least 10 people involved, and hopefully have some of our international members join in, as I certainly wouldn't mind shipping internationally.
I want a Stadium Events, and a Miraid 6-1 and a Hot Slots and a Cheetah..........No Cheetahmen?!? Then whats the point?

I'd totally be in for this. I've done one online for the last 3 years (gametz the first year then nintendoage the next 2) and its always awesome. I dont really know any gamers locally and especially no retro gamers, so I rarely get the chance to give games to others (which is almost as much fun as getting them yourself!).

Count me in as your first international member!

I'd urge you to start asap though since international shipping at this time of year can be amazingly slow.
@Shadow Kisuragi:
Oh hey look at that you did say 20$ range lulz. No more drinks for me today.

I am totally game Smiley
That's why I mentioned it now for international members. Typically shipping by the beginning of December will get the package there on time.
But if we are matched during the first week of december that means we may not have the option of purchasing something online for our partner. Not a big deal for some, but I've got very limited options for retail purchase up here so if something from my collection doesnt appeal to my partner I may struggle finding a suitable gift.
I was planning on informing those matched up for international trade sooner. ^.^
I'm in.
The banana is in.
I'll start up the thread shortly. Crabby pointed out that Canada Post is extremely slow around this time of year (I can ship almost anywhere in the world quicker than the times he stated), which makes me sad since I have to ship a package to Canada this year anyways (haven't forgotten about you aeroc!)
International members:
Please let me know of your intention to join on this along with your interests by Nov. 25th in order to facilitate reception of your package by Christmas (Dec. 25th).
I am in
Count me in as well.
I'm in.
Also, I think it's awesome that we've had such a response to this! I was thinking we'd only have ~10 people interested, and we're up to 14 now without much of a response from our international community yet!
Hey now,

I'll be doing my own little gift-giving thing for my fellow 'Generators, about a week after Thanksgiving.

So be on the lookout for my Holiday give-aways on the Sales Extravaganza board around November 30 to December 1.
Let me know what you're setting up and I'll be more than happy to facilitate it.
I do my own little gift giving events as well during the holidays, so we can make it into a holiday giveaway!

Digital Press does a 12 days of Christmas event, which we could possibly do next year, but we can always arrange something. ^.^
I am in!!! (Sneaks into the game room while Shadow is not looking). Lol - seriously, though, I am in for Secret Santa!
We have plenty of stuff to give away, so I've got no problem with that. I usually go overboard anyways ^.^

It just means we get more interesting things in return. I'm always excited to open up a box when I have absolutely no clue what's in it, and it'll be interesting seeing what you get.

...actually, I know exactly who should send you something and what he should send. Sending him a PM now!
@Shadow Kisuragi: lol - you may not like what you get (just like the lady in Ghost in the Shell). Smiley
Sounds fun. I'm in.
Hook a brotha Up Smiley Im up for it too,  im very easy to shop for if I dont have it Smiley I want it Tongue ..... game related Smiley
I got sooo many doubles I hope some one is working on their Sega games I will have to pay big time on shipping
I can always be tempted by CIB Sega stuff...
I've got plenty of hardware I can throw at you in exchange if you want.
@Shadow Kisuragi: That might hurt a little - have you seen that Panasonic 3DO? that thing must weigh a ton Wink
Are you kidding? Have you seen the Atari 5200?
@Shadow Kisuragi: all I have to say is "ouch!" lol :p
@Shadow Kisuragi:Let me know what you're setting up and I'll be more than happy to facilitate it.

Will do.

I figured it'd be best to run my idea by admin anyway, just to be on the safe side.

I would love to be in the inaugural RFG SS!  Count me in!
Hey Deadman! Nice to see you around. How's the Xbox collection going?
Secret Santa time? Sure sounds fun!
I'm definitely interested. I'm participating in one over at GameTZ.com as well.
sounds like fun
Does that mean that you'll be joining us, jake?
I'm in.
sounds cool
Need to let me know whether or not you're actually joining - don't want to add you without an official confirmation.
I'd like to take part.  It's always nice to surprise someone with a gift that isn't a questionably edible item.
@Shadow Kisuragi I love me some hardware so we might have to do that
douglie, follow up with me via PM and we'll work something out. I REALLY need to move the hardware I've got to make some room in my aptly-termed Room of Doom.
If you are open to non-long term members I would be very interested.  My husband and I have participated  in the he-man.org Secret Santa and the boardgamegeek.com Secret Santa for many years now.  We have just started our collection in earnest and would love to use this as an opportunity to get to know the folks on here.  If you would prefer to keep this to more established members I completely understand that (unfortunately there is always a few bad apples looking for something for nothing) and we would be happy to wait until next year.
Nope, it's not a problem! Welcome to the site.
As a heads-up, there IS a forum thread on this where we're tracking people involved:


As a reminder, please mention whether or not you're opting in for international shipping as well.

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