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Posted on Feb 15th 2009 at 07:55:32 PM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Site News, Blog, New Feature

Yeah, so it's been a while since we added something new for you to play with, but today is your lucky day. 2008 was a rough year, and we're going to try to make amends in 2009.

Well, this might not seem like anything major, but the new feature that you can all use is that you can now save drafts of your blog articles at any point in the process of writing the article. What? You think that's pretty lame? Well, that took a lot of time to do, and it's part of a larger project that most of you are not affected by, but yeah, that project is good for the site so HOORAY!

Anyways, I hope that those of you that use the blog find this tool useful. Also, it should be noted that there probably are bugs. If you find that an article does not save, use the back button to get back to your article and let me know what exactly happened so I can fix it. From all of us at RF Generation, enjoy!

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The new save feature will definitely be used by me. I used to type up blogs in Word and then copy paste it here, but the formatting always got screwed up, this should save me many headaches and some time as well.
I'm sure I'll find a lot of use for this too, Because I dont want to save my Blogs on my work computer so I just do them in one sitting. This will be hugely helpful.
Yeah, I'll likely take advantage of this too, for the same reason as NES_Rules, I'm tired of having to fix the formatting of my articles after I copy them from word...

This is fantastic.
@NES_Rules:Same here

I love this
Does anyone else not see the 'my saved drafts' menu, because I don't. Tongue

Anyhoo, this is great. Thanks Dave!
@logical123: Nevermind, he fixed it! Thanks!!!! Cheesy
yes indeed it is certainly useful!!
Awesome, man! I probably won't write a blog in some time, but new features are always cool!
The save features works great. I gave it a test run today. Thanks a ton whoever had anything to do with it!!!
Hey there David.

Excellent addition!  This will save a great deal of time for everyone, along with expedite the delivery of posts to the FP and\or our personal blogs.  Time well spent David.  Thanks!

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