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Posted on Feb 1st 2010 at 10:44:10 PM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Site News, Remembrance, Never Forgotten, Michael Collins

You may have noticed the different images up top. It's a day to reflect for many of us, as for a lot of us we lost a friend, leader, and webmaster. Four years ago today, our friend was tragically taken from this earth.

You may have never known Michael Collins. Mike was the first webmaster of this site, and his spirit and dogma is what shapes the current site as you see it today. While other people have kept this site going strong since Mike's passing, it was Mike that set its vision and goals. We are a site for the community, and always will be. We do this for you as this is what Mike would have wanted, and it is what is right.

Memories of times past will never subside. We lost a friend, a friend that many of you never knew you had. Without Mike this site would probably not existed, and we are forever indebted to Mike for that. This site is truly his baby, and we are forever indebted to Mike for what he helped to create.

Mike, we all miss you. You may be gone from this earth, but your spirit continues to live on. We will never, ever forget you.

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Never forgotten.

We miss you Mike.
R.I.P Lord Nepenthean
RIP Mike.

I only wish that I could have met him.
Four years...wow.  Miss you Mike.
To Dave and all of the rest of you -- thanks for remembering Mike.  Thanks also for continuing to look after his "baby."
R.I.P Mike aka Lord Nepenthean
R.I.P. Mike.
I never knew Mike, but I fully appreciate his idea of this being a truly community-driven site with each member getting the credit he deserves for his contribution. I'm glad to be a part of the site with its community that all started with Mike.
I had a nice long message typed up but my laptop froze. So i'll try short and sweet this time.

This site would have never existed without Mike. It is amazing that the site has not only grown but still maintained his ideals. Everyone who contributes to the site in any fashion is helping to keep his memory alive.
If you as a member spend any length of time here(some like myself spend considerable amounts of time here) then he has been a part of your life.

Mike was a cool guy. I'm sure he'd be happy RFG is still going stronger than ever.
I think keeping this site up and running is the best thing to keep his memory
Thanks for a great site!
-greetings from Sweden, from someone who just recently found this place.
This was a  tragic early passing. I did not realize it has been so long. In a reflective time I just say "peace" to all of those who have been toudhed by Mike and other friends who have since gone somewhere else from us. From where ever they began, and have travelled since. Till we are united/reunited, good travels to you. You are remembered in many ways, by many people.


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