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Posted on Jun 21st 2014 at 01:26:21 PM by (NES_Rules)
Posted under Site News, Birthday, Anniversary, 10 years, 10 freaking years, seriously that is a long time, Contest, Winners

Did you know our annual PAIN YOURSELF WITH SUBMISSIONS contest ended already? Apparently, it ended almost two weeks ago. And I apologize its taken me so long to get this written up, but its just been hard to find the time to give this the full attention it deserves (more on that later).
Enough of my rambling, lets get down to business and announce those winners! We'll start off with the winner of the donation drive. And that winner is YOU! Because everyone wins when someone donates, without those crucial donations, we literally can not exist. Even though we are non-profit, our server host is most definitely not. But I did offer a prize to the individual donated the most during our donation drive, and the winner of that prize is none other than Razor Knuckles, who donated an astounding amount, more than anyone since I've been in charge of the finances around here at least. I won't disclose here how much exactly he donated, I'll let him do that if he so wishes.
And of course, there's the matter of who won the PAIN YOURSELF WITH SUBMISSIONS contest. The winner of that contest is our very own Not-So-Secret Santa, Zagnorch! He not only won the submissions contest, he destroyed the contest, raking in more than twice as many points as the second place member, Flee. Who, in turn, got more than twice as many points as third place ae.tc. Good job guys, you kicked butt this year. And a big thanks to everyone who participated in the contest, you're all winners in my book.

As for the prizes, as it turns out, its a little harder to come by a pair of 1990 NWC carts than I thought, so I'll have to make a little substitution to the prizes for our two winners. Luckily, I never mentioned specifically which gold colored NES cart would be the prize, so no harm no foul, right? So Mr. Zagnorch and Mr. Knuckles, send me a PM with your address and your prizes will be on their way as soon as possible.

And finally, I have one more little announcement. After nearly 5 years, I will be stepping down as Site Director of RFGeneration. Now, it has nothing to do with an affair, scandal, or anything like that. My life has just become too busy for me to make this site a priority, and that's what it needs to be for a Director. So rather than just stick around making people wait on my response to things, I'm simply taking myself out of the equation so the remaining Directors can efficiently keep the site running. Now, I won't be leaving completely, I'll still be around on occasion, just on more of an unofficial capacity. In lieu of a retirement gift, you can make a donation to webmaster@rfgeneration.com

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Way to go Razor Knuckles and Zagnorch!
indeed, good work!
I knew I'd never come close to winning the P.Y.W.S contest... Well done Zagnorch!
Thanks for helping to keep the site running Razor Knuckles!
This year's scoreboard:
If only I had more stuff to scan.. Good contest!
@Shadow Kisuragi:Interesting. I came in 15th in 2011, 51st in 2012 and 18th in 2014
I came in 21st, and that was just for regular stuff I was adding to my collection that I submitted simply because it wasn't already in the database. I know I can do better and plan to at least make the top ten next year.

I also noticed all the Review and Overview columns were empty. I doubt it would have mattered at it would have taken around 500 reviews or 1200 Overviews to come close to making a run at Zagnorch, but is there a reason the info is missing from that data table? I know I submitted one review at the beginning of the contest, and was thinking about doing tons for the 50 point rewards. However, after doing my first review for the game I happened to be playing at the time, I stopped because I realized I really should complete some other games at least most of the way before reviewing them. ha ha.

In regards to the prize, there were only 26 NWC Gold carts made and given out during the Nintendo power contest. When they do surface, they have sold for $13,000 to $18,000 each. They are the holy grail of NES collecting. Even finding one of the 90 Grey versions that were used during the actual competition is still going to put you near 5 figures if I remember correctly.

Finally, thank you for all you have done as a director, Mike. I know we all appreciate you and will keep an eye out for you on the forums.
^You had to PM NES_rules about reviews and overviews. It was in the fine print!
I did send the PM, and I know I wasn't the only one who submitted a review/overview properly out of all of our members. Again, I know it wouldn't have made a difference for any of us, no matter how many we submitted, I was just curious.
Good show, gents!  I kind of lamented loosing focus on the contest when I had my little basement problem, but looking at the score I see it never would have mattered.  Nice job, Zag.  Time to get some sleep now, buddy!  And Raz, you continue to and forever shall be, the man.
@Boshamp: Things like overviews/reviews get added in manually in the spreadsheet I use to calculate the winner. Staff scores are also halved in the same manner, so the scoreboard as you see it isn't completely accurate.
The scoreboard is limited because Overview/Review is considered a Page Edit, and we don't track individual field edits right now.
Duke.Togo @ -6011 points!!! That deserves a prize for sure!
Holy crap Zag, 2800 images?  Nice work everybody!  Maybe i'll finally jump into the contest again next year.
@Shadow Kisuragi: That makes perfect sense. Thank you for the clarification, and once again, great job, everyone!
Hey now,

@NES_Rules: What's this? You're stepping down from your plateau of near-absolute power to hang out with the mere mortals? The hell is wrong with you?


Looks like I'll have to send a little something your way to honor your service to the cause.

@Fleabitten: I hope you like your emotatar; I made it after being inspired by your efforts. Even when it seemed all but hopeless to catch up, you did everything but flee in the home stretch, posting 1400+ submissions in June to my 900 or so. And nobody even came close to racking up the karma levels you did. I was actually worried that it might make it a close competition!

Speaking of which:

@Crabmaster2000: Karma-wise, Duke was the Anti-Flee during the submission pain stretch. Hey, that can be his prize: put "The Anti-Flee" down as an award on his profile page. Whattaya all think, huh?

@blcklblskt: Don't be too impressed by my apparent plethora of image submissions; the vast majority were extra media. And a lot of that extra media looked exactly the same from one game to another, which I exploited to the max. But I was confident that, despite my using a very cheap method to rack up a ton of points, I was staying within the rules of the competition. I figured an approver would PM me about my methods if they were out of line, and I would have changed those methods accordingly.

Speaking of approvers:

@Shadow Kisuragi: big thanks to you and your fellow submission reviewers for maintaining good communication throughout the competition. While I'm sure you weren't exactly thrilled by my extra-media submission tactics, you usually responded to my questions in a surprisingly quick and timely manner. Also, thanks for filling me in on what kinds of submissions were acceptable or not.

Finally: I was angling to win the donation competition as well, and I thought I'd donated more than enough to claim victory. But after I found out how much Raze contributed-- which I'll not disclose here, but was significantly more than what I contributed-- I felt like a total cheapass. So I would like to profusely apologize in advance to everyone should RF Generation be shut down due to a lack of funding. I can only give so much...

i really need to make another donation, i sent a measly $10 a few years back or more and feel bad that i haven't put in more considering how much use i get out of the site and how tight it's budget is. maybe not this upcoming paycheck but on the one after i should be able to chip in Smiley
Great job, everyone. I wasn't as low on the totem pole as I thought.

way to go everyone though for their commitment to the site.

I do have one question though does buying things from the store count as a donation was thinking of picking up one of those snazzy shirts?
The CafePress storefront has a very small profit margin, but the $1? extra cost goes towards us.
@Fokakis79: We do get a small portion of each sale, if I remember right, its set to 5 or 10%. It used to be a flat $1, but I changed it to a percentage to make the cheaper items more affordable.
I still need to get myself a longsleeve one of these days.
Only -6011 points? I'll have to try harder next year.
@Duke.Togo: Izret beat you last year. -96519
@Shadow Kisuragi: Oh yeah? Now it's on!

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