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Posted on Jun 3rd 2014 at 05:07:50 PM by (NES_Rules)
Posted under Site News, RFG Thanks, Thank You, Thanks, 2014, May, Donation Drive Update, We are poor and need money

First off, I want to give a big "Thank You" to the 9 members who have taken the time to donate money to the site during our annual donation drive. So Thank You Tadpole13, Razor Knuckles, Raidou, Nupoile, Zagnorch, OatBob, and Wempster. Together you guys have raised over $600 to keep the site running. And unless someone tops your donation in the next couple days, you'll be receiving an ultra-rare gold colored NES game. If you're not one of these fine gentlemen, and want to help keep the site alive, you can send a PayPal donation to webmaster@rfgeneration.com or just click the little Donate icon at the bottom of this article. Either way, your contribution is only used for paying the hosting bill around here, which is around $100 each and every month. If you don't know how much to donate, donate whatever you can, whether its $5 or $5000, every little bit helps. But for reference, the average donation amount this year has been $77.21. I'm not saying you must donate that much, but if you want to conform to the standard, you probably should.

And of course, I must thank all of you out there that are PAINING YOURSELF WITH SUBMISSIONS! In may, the most PAINED WITH SUBMISSIONS member was Zagnorch, with 2190 submissions. Next was ApolloBoy with over 1000 submissions, and each with over 500 submissions were Flee, MrMeek, Aeroc, and ae.tc. Thanks guys, you are obviously taking this competition seriously, and you should be. One of you is likely to walk away with another copy of that super-rare gold colored NES game.
If your name isn't listed here, don't worry, you can still win this thing. But you better get your butt moving, Zagnorch really wants that game, and you wouldn't want him to get it would you?

But don't forget about those poor souls who tirelessly sift through all those submissions to find the ones that are worthy of approving into the database. Without them, we'd have a database full of incorrect information and stolen images. May's biggest Approver was Shadow Kisuragi with an astounding 3468 approvals and who knows how many rejections. Next up was Tynstar with just shy of 1000, and ApolloBoy with 733. Thanks guys, you have been doing an awesome job at keeping that queue down this year, I only saw it above 100 once this year.

Thanks to everyone else who has contributed in May and during our annual contest so far. It really is true that every little bit helps. Whether its a page edit to fix a typo or a donation of $500, we truly appreciate it all.

Click the button, you know you want to.

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Dang, I'm just one shy of 4000 reviews for the contest right now. Updated the stats for those with the link to the leaderboard. Zagnorch is currently 3x higher than the next person, but I've heard rumors that some of the staff members want to normalize some of the points for Extra Media submissions much like we did with Screenshots previous... It may not matter though if no one keeps up with Zagnorch. Wink

As always, thank you kindly for the donations guys. We couldn't keep the site up and running without your support.

NES_Rules, I tried heading out to pick up a few of those carts last weekend but was rained out. Hopefully things go better this weekend, or I'll be making a trip up north to the closest brick-and-mortar store to see if they have any.
@Shadow Kisuragi: "Zagnorch is currently 3x higher than the next person..."

Nice try, buddy, but this thing is still far from over. I'm still throwing submissions up, albeit at a slower pace. Oh, if only real life didn't get in the way, you know? And I've gotten so paranoid about someone just doing a huge last-minute marathon surge, so I can't let my guard down for a second.

"...but I've heard rumors that some of the staff members want to normalize some of the points for Extra Media submissions much like we did with Screenshots previous... It may not matter though if no one keeps up with Zagnorch."

Oh, I simply can't imagine why they'd want that. Wink


"I'm still throwing submissions up"
Quoted for comedic effect.

Nice work to all parties involved Cheesy
Wait a minute.....I missed the donation drive?Huh

Had I been paying closer attention I woulda thrown some money in.  I'll still donate when I get paid on thursday.  I love you guys.
What does normalize points mean? Reducing their points?

I was going to compete hard this year, but getting my points cut in half demotivated me big time.
@Izret101: Well I did fall ill with a bad chest cold that I'm still recovering from, but that's not exactly a throwing-up kind of illness.

@RetroRage: Thanks for reminding me that I gotta throw some more shekels into the pot for the cause.

Viva La Revolucion!

Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta put on my Che Guevara t-shirt...
9 members, or 7... lol
i donated $5 a while back & forgot to put my name
I try to help when I can.  With as much as I use the site,  I like to throw a few bucks your way when I can. 
@aeroc: I think we're going to reconsider how much Extra Media is worth, since it falls into the same case as Screenshots do. Also, I think it's silly to cut Staff points in half for DB Contributors, as the only difference is that you don't need to have your submissions reviewed, so I won't hold any of our DB Contributors to that standard if they want to compete. The point was to level the playing field, not kill it. Wink
so who are the 2 missing members?
Good question... I don't have access to see! Cry
First time getting a shout out on the site.  Thanks Smiley  Great site with great content including the collector cast Cheesy
You've had a shoutout for your N64 collection before!
On like one of my blogs?  Ooops, yea I appreciate those comments.  If It was on the collectors cast or something of that nature I missed it Sad.  I am actually down to the last 14 N64 games to complete the set CIB Cheesy
Think it was on the CollectorCast, tbh. I know you got a shout out in the Small Scores portion of it.
Sad I'll never reach the submission rates as the greats but I do submit a lot of stuff :-) Just not anywhere near everyone else.
I thought I was doing well until I had my basement leakage problem.  Now I see I wasn't even close.  Props to Zag, and if he doesn't win props to the person who can top that total.
I thought I did good with almost 200 scans added Smiley but that stuff is time consuming Smiley
Does the contest end at Midnight on Eastern or Pacific time?
Time's up... now to see how it all shakes out. You can bet'cher @$$ that the RFG PTBs-- that's Powers-That-Be-- will leave us hanging for a few weeks with the final results. Buncha sadists, those guys. Lovable sadists, but sadists none the less.

Hey, why d'ya think it's called "PAIN yourself with submissions"? Wink

Anyway, good night, everybody. Catch y'all...

They have to PAIN themselves reviewing and tallying all those submissions, not to mention calculate the value into the agreed points for the different types.
@Boshamp: Whattaya talkin' about? That's fun stuff right there.
Boshamp, what are you talking about? You think we're THAT lazy? Screw that...we have a link that some people around here are familiar with that tabulates our contest results. Mind you, I need to update the stats...  However, we have an announcement to go along with the results, so it may take a few days to get around to the official post.

EDIT: Damn, just missed 4500 Submission Reviews for the contest...
I was just justifying whatever time it took for the results to be tabulated. I may have missed some sarcasm in the post above mine. That is what I get for being the real life Spock. (or if you are younger than I am...Sheldon, for a more up to date reference.)
@Boshamp: Don't you EVER make a comparison between Spock-- one of the most awesome characters in the annals of pop culture-- and that third-rate wannabe Sheldon AGAIN! There is NO comparison, NONE AT ALL WHATSOEVER! do you understand?


Okay, okay... in with the good air, out with the bad... find a happy place...
We all know Penny is the star of the show anyways...
Ha ha ha. I agree. I just couldn't find a comparison for today's generation for how strictly logical and ignorant I am of things like sarcasm and other non-verbal aspects of tone of voice. I've never seen BBT myself save a couple clips. I just know that is what people I work with compare me too since they are too young for Star Trek.

Sadly...many of them have no idea what the Legend of Zelda is either...and they are only 5-10 years younger than myself...
@Shadow Kisuragi: You're thinking of Inspector Gadget.

@Boshamp: Um... I'm sorry I yelled at you earlier. That was way out of line, and I should have used some of the more effective techniques I learned in my court-ordered anger-management classes before I went off like that.

Speaking of anger management: I recall several occasions in the original series where, usually in his verbal skirmishes with Dr. McCoy, you couldn't tell if Spock was being serious or sarcastic, or perhaps a little bit of both. He was well-skilled at blurring the line between the two states, making him one of the greatest fictional pre-internet trolls ever. I don't care what Leonard Nimoy asserted in his first autobiography: he IS Spock. Always has been, always will be. Nice try, Zachary Quinto, but you're not quite an apt replacement.


*COUGH* Happy thoughts... kittens and puppies... the Star Wars prequels don't really exist...

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