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Posted on Mar 23rd 2012 at 09:39:04 AM by (bickman2k)
Posted under Site News, Downtime, Forum, Database

The site is going down again.

Now, breathe.

This is planned downtime and it's for the better. Our host recently merged with another company and, along with this, they are changing our server configuration. We were on a VPS with 1GB of RAM and a meager 20GB of drive space. We are moving to a dedicated server with 4GB of RAM and dual 500GB drives! More everything! This should allow us to remain stable and hopefully lessen the database connection issues we have been experiencing.

This all goes down Saturday night at 10PM Central US time (3AM GMT). We will be placing the entire site in a maintenance mode. We did it Saturday night in case there were problems so we could have Sunday to fix it, again, if needed.

If you need your fix right away, please go ahead and bookmark this page to get to the IRC room.

See you when we're back!

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Thanks for the heads up! Now I can stock up on brown paper bags to breath into when my panic attacks start hitting.
Paper bags will be provided in the IRC chat room free of charge. However, if you make a mess, it's on you to clean up. Smiley
Finally! A site that provides paper bags.  What doesn't RFG do?
@blcklblskt: They don't clean up after us apparently Sad

Now I gotta find something else to do Saturday night... Tongue
Thanks for doing it Saturday night instead of tonight. I hopped on to print my latest collection checklist before I go to Midwest Gaming Classic tomorrow and did a relief sigh when I saw it was a Sat night thing. :-)
Hmmm. Might actually have to play some games Saturday night...
@Duke.Togo: What are these "games"?
@nupoile: You know those colorful boxes that are all over your walls? There are discs and cartridges inside that let you play a game!
@bickman2k:Well, you learn something new every day. Now we do have something to do Saturday night! haha
Is it over? Can I come out now?

Well done!

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