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Posted on Feb 13th 2012 at 09:49:49 PM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Site News, Database

MySQL did not play nice tonight. We learned a valuable lesson about our server and trying to optimize mySQL tables. Long story short, don't do it unless you shut down the site.

So, the forum got screwed up... again. If you are affected by the forum screw up, I must extend my apologies. But, the forum is back up, using a backup from yesterday to restore order to the messages and topics.

It actually seems like everything that is an Innodb table got restored back to the original configuration. It would make sense that Innodb tables got screwed up as it was Innodb that crashed. Sadly, that means not just the forum reverted, but as some members have already pointed out, the collections have reverted back too.

We are very much trying to keep the site from doing this. We are doing daily backups to ensure all keeps going well. It pains us when this occurs. We all put so much time and effort into this site to make it our community. We will get this site back in tip top shape. The hackers may have taken us down, but we are not out. We will get through this.

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It appears as though the forum is simply from last night. If you started to make a collection and are a user that got lost in this hiccup, please let us know.
thanks for getting it back up, hopefully everything will be sorted out soon. good job to everyone who worked on fixing this again, it's amazing that the site could be salvaged to this point without any damage worse than some lost forum and blog posts.
oh i forgot to add that i noticed the forum icons were going red (normally for new posts) after marking topics as read...but only on some sections (video game generation and the arena did it for me, collection connection didn't). so it's kind of backwards, not sure if that's an overall forum problem or just with the default theme but something isn't quite right there Tongue.
I re-entered my whole collection and now it's gone again. I did save the csv, but the thought of having to re enter 550+ games and systems is a bit daunting right now.
My collection reset to before I updated it last night but its nbd. its all backed up on paper anyway. Im just glad the site is back up
@sektor75: Damn! that sucks... mine was only like 100ish items scattered throughout my collection
I understand things happen, but this makes me wish there was a way for the csv to be imported back into the collection instead of having to manually re enter it.
A csv file exported from the database imported back into the database, or a manual one imported? The manual one would be nigh impossible.
I feel you there Sektor, I updated my collection last night, only to have to do it all over again tonight... >_
same here, and I have over 2000 games!

slackur still has to add 100+ games to his...
@Shadow Kisuragi: when you export the csv file from the database, a way to import it back in to avoid having to manually re-enter an entire collection.

I know I didn't have the largest collection around, but it's still a pain to have to rebuild. I don't even know how people with ones in the thousands could manage to do it.
I am really glad I got lazy and decided to not re-update my collection today.
@SirPsycho: I don't think I will be touching my collection at all in the upcoming weeks/months. Until the weekly backup plan is actually up and running everything can just go to waste again.
@techwizard: That issue will more or less solve itself as people post in those boards. Once someone makes a new post in the board and you read it, it will go back to working normally.

I'm finding all these reports of missing item collections very odd, since the actual game DB doesn't seem to have any missing entries this time. As many of you are probably thinking now, its not a bad idea to wait a little while before adding stuff to your collections, or adding a little bit each day so you don't waste hours of your time if something does go awry again.

@Sirgin: I've started doing nightly manual backups of the games DB and forum. That's the reason the forum didn't completely restart to 2009 again this time. Even a weekly automatic backup wouldn't have done us any good this time since we weren't even up and running for a week.
@NES_Rules: About the collections, I think what people mean is that the games aren't added to their collections anymore, perhaps? Instead of the games being totally gone.

Also, I applaud your efforts and foresight. Until there is a proven, reliable daily/weekly system in place that can take live backups of the DB/forum, manual backups are a must. The site was back for what, 3 days? And already it crashed again.

It would be very sad to see everyone work extra hard this month to get the DB back to where it was in January, only to see it all go to waste two months from now when things break down again. And at this point, I think it's smarter to assume it WILL go down again  rather than hope it doesn't.
Hi, I have lost my whole collection and wishlist. Anyway to get it back? Thanks Smiley
I lost what I added to my collection, but it shouldn't take too long to add back.
The real problem for me isn't necessarily going to be re-inputing what I now think is closer to somewhere between 200 to 300 items.

For me, the problem is that I added things from all across the collection, and while i have a paper hardcopy for 85% of it, I have no idea what all I added in that time since the reset.  The only realistic solution I can think of is to inventory the ENTIRE collection by hand and compare it to the online collection list, and just update each system's library.  Hardware will be a different beast entirely, as will be the Strategy Guide folder workaround I was using.

In short, slackur's online collection guide will be wrong for a few months...Sad

Stupid toenail breath hackers, I hope their armpits are infested with the fleas of a thousand camels.

On the other hand, I haven't done a real inventory since buying a house, so I probably needed to anyway. Tongue
i'm not sure why people would have lost their whole collections anyway, especially long time members...i've only been around for maybe a year and a half, and all i lost was 25 or so titles from my lists.
If it could help, I have a list of Nintendo Game Boy Original (USA, All titles including variants) from January 26th, 2012. I don't have the file saved but I have the list printed. I print the all titles checklist once a month off here and take it with me when I go shopping. I haven't combed it completely yet, but I think I found one discrepancy so far (besides just updating my items after the recovery).
Good use of the word "nigh" Shadow
I need to sneak an adverb into a sentence some times.
Wow.  Luckily for me I only update my RFG collection four-to-six times a year, so I shouldn't have lost anything.  Regardless, I use a secondary collection program for insurance purposes, so all I would have to do would be to just compare numbers.

I'm still really glad to see RFG back.  I had no idea how many times I accessed this site until it went down...
So I'm guessing it isn't possible to import the csv info back into my personal collection is it?
Currently, no. Sorry.
It seems the hiccups have brought down the forums again...
Unrelated hiccup. We're low on space right now on the server, and we went over the limit. We've freed up quite a bit of space, but the Directors are looking into a more permanent solution.

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