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Posted on Oct 31st 2010 at 07:21:57 PM by (Marriott_Guy)
Posted under The RFG Pulse, Modern Gaming

Favorite console of this current generation?

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Hello all.

I don't know about you, but it seems like time has flown by quickly during this current generation of consoles.  The Microsoft Xbox 360 is preparing to have its 5th birthday already, with the Nintendo Wii and Sony Playstation 3 not far behind.  It seems like just yesterday that I strolled into GameStop to purchase my first 'next-gen' system.  Time truly does fly by at times, which is not necessarily welcomed by this vintage gamer.

With these anniversaries quickly approaching, I thought it might be fun to have our next installment of The RFG Pulse focus on a very simple question:  Which of the current generation consoles is your favorite?  Each system has its redeeming qualities as well as its faults - that is a given.  I imagine this will be a rather tight race.

Which console is your favorite?
Microsoft Xbox 360Nintendo WiiSony Playstation 3

Vote and Share your thoughts with the community!

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I voted for the Wii, Link41 and I tend to play alot of coop games on there
360 by a long shot.
4-5 years ago i probably would have voted for Wii though.
I own all three, but the PS3 has the best exclusives so it gets my vote.
Gonna have to go with the Xbox 360, I've had a lot of fun on that system.
My vote went for the 360.  I own all three systems, but by far by 360 gets the most game play.  I like the exclusives, as well as the low load times (in general) compared to the the same title run on my PS3.  Plus, the 360 controller just feels better for me.
I picked PS3.  I have all three, but the others get no play time from me.
My vote goes for the Wii, its has games which have don't have any equivalent on other platforms and there are games which are approachable enough for my girlfriend to play.

The other reason is that the games I would want for the PS3 or a 360 are generally ported to PC, where I can buy them cheaper, mod them, play online for free and use a mouse & keyboard.
None of them.
Thus far i like your reasoning the best.
@ApolloBoy: Agree, Throw a choice in there like "Other" or "None of the Above" Smiley
Those are the only 3 consoles of this generation though....
I mean i guess you could include other ones but who here honestly owns and plays a XaviX?
I voted for the Xbox 360. I loved my Wii for the first few months, but the novelty wore off. I enjoy my 360 just as much as when I brought it home. Because the disc drive in my PS3 doesn't work, I haven't played an actual game, but I have played a few demos. And I find it pretty much equivalent to the 360, but I find the 360's controller to be much more comfortable and easier to use.
I own all three but I like the PS3 the most. They all have there strong points but in the end PS3 has the most diverse and enjoyable line up of games in my opinion.
I also own all three, but the PS3 gets my vote. Its interface is just much more elagant than the 360 (wish I could go back to the blades), free online mutiplayer, backwards compatability with my entire Playstation library, fantastic meda center use, Blu-ray, and I prefer the Dual Shock. Heck, I even use Remote Play from time to time with my PSP.
I voted ps3. Ive got a 60gb and i never had a ps1 or ps2 so the reasoning for my choice should be pretty clear. I also love the huge amounts of features it has (and i do use a lot of them). my favorite has to be the ability to wirelessly stream movies from my computer to it.

360 has great online games and some great exclusives but the ps3 has it beat in other areas imo.

Wii... I dont like the wiimote... nuff said
While I use my ps3 more than my 360s or Wii, it's only for blu rays. For gaming, my 360s get the vote. I actually own more jp 360 games than ps3 games. For multi platform games, it's 360 all the way. It just seems like the overall 360 experience is more refined than the ps3 and though the wii has some unique experiences, the overall library is just not that compelling.
360 for me.

I prefer the controller.
Two players can sign in at once.
Every game has achievement support.  Even the Cabella's games Tynstar plays.
I voted for the 360. Honestly this is my favorite console ever, very slightly edging out the NES.

I find the controller to be one of the most comfortable to hold, having big hands I find the PS3 controller slightly more uncomfortable with the Wiimote falling way down the list.

Personally I find that the 360, when you take into account all the XBLA games, has the most diverse catalog of games.
1 More for the Wii here!

Best exclusives so far in my book. But every couple months when I check out the PS3 library it keeps looking better and better so I may have to change my answer in the future.

The 360 used to be quite distant for me, but like the PS3 it keeps looking more appealing as time marches on.
@Izret101: I'm not into modern gaming anymore and I'd much rather spend my money on the old stuff, which I find far more entertaining than anything out now. Any totally new games I get now are homebrews for the classic systems.
I voted PS3.  Many of the games on my 360 that I want to play are also on the PS3, and some of the exclusives for Sony's machine interest me more.  I also prefer the controller, but I've been playing the PlayStation brand since 1997.  As a fan of fighting games, the 360's D-pad just doesn't feel good to me, to the point that I don't want to play the fighters I have for the console.

I'm also on my third 360, and its giving me signs that it wants to die soon.  I haven't turned it on in several months because of that, despite having picked up a couple of new games for it that I genuinely want to play.  In the past I had attempted to have Microsoft repair one of them, but after multiple attempts dealing with their tech support only to have them never send me any of the information they were supposed to, I gave up.

I like the Wii, but I really haven't focused much on it.
I just love playing with my Wii/360, I have a PS3 but can't seem to get into it very much.
I voted PS3 because it's the only one of the three I have.

I'm sure I'll enjoy the other two just as much when I eventually buy them (hopefully used).
The Wii has the best exclusives and some of the more innovative games of this generation. Most of the PS3 games I have also are on the 360. I would kill for Dance Central but I am not buying a 360 just for that game.

Wii gets my vote. I simply played it more than any of the other systems.
I only own a 360 because I like the library of games better than the other systems, and I LOVE the XBLA marketplace! Also, the controller design is awesome...when I play a shooter I love the fact that I have triggers on my controller to simulate the shooting experience. And Xbox Live is very well supported.

I've had no desire to get either the Wii or the PS3...imo the price points for both systems are still too high. Granted, they both have some highly regarded exclusives, but not enough of the type of games that truly interest me to the point of that I'd buy either system at the current console price structure.

And I still hate it when PCs get brought into the conversation when the discussion is about consoles. Although I don't have hard numbers, when considering that the hardware costs of keeping a PC up to date for gaming adds more to the average cost per game, it pretty much offsets the fact that the software costs for a PC are less than the versions on the consoles for new releases. But that's just my $.02. Cool


The hardware cost of an average gaming PC really isn't that much or need updating as often as people seem to think.  My current PC is a OCed Venice core Athlon 64 which I've had for 5 years and I've upgraded the GPU once for a 8800GT which cost a 110.

The RRP of the average PS3 or 360 games in the UK 45 to 50, the average RRP on PC games is 30 to 35.  So it only takes the savings from 11 games to cover the cost of the upgrade. Also as a PC gamer I have the added the savings of not having to pay xbox live to play online so that's another 40 per year.

Even the price of a gaming PC to start with isn't that expensive. I could build a AMD quadcore with a XD5770 GPU  system for about 380 - as most of us want PC any way this only about 200 over the cost of a standard PC.

Which in a round about way gets back to my point that the games I would want on the 360 or PS3 are much cheaper on the PC and once I've got them I can do more with them and why the Wii is my favourite console of this generation.
I love our 360, or should I say 360's since we just got our 3rd replacement back from microsoft. I just like the system and its library better than the wii's or PS3's plain and simple. Its nothing like the old SNES vs. Genesis days where id think up every reason possible to prove that my sega was better than your nintendo.
I only own a 360 and a Wii and my Wii gets the most play time.  I have a gaming pc so the majority of the games I want on the other consoles come to the PC eventually - except Castle Crashers and Reach.  And my most played game on the Wii?  Bomberman Blast.  We play 8 player alot.  And for some reason no one wants to play Saturn Bomberman, just Blast.
Our LAN group is mainly 360.  Once we buy a house (crosses fingers, prays, hopes this house deal finally goes through) I'm sure we'll do some more PC LAN gaming, but it seems our group just loves the 360 LAN. 

The Wii doesn't get the love here it really should.  I love the system and have dozens of great games for it, but I just keep gravitating to the 360 games I want to finish.

Our PS3s sadly sit mostly idle or are used for media players.  I have many of the better exclusives, and I keep trying to get into it, but for some reason it just hasn't 'clicked' with me.  God of War III, Killzone 2, Resistance 1 and 2, Uncharted 2, Motorstorm, I just didn't enjoy them like I thought I would.  I did love Metal Gear Solid 4, but had to watch someone else play through it.  Demon's Souls and Valkyria Chronicles are excellent, and I need to get back to finishing them.  Also, I intend to import the WipeOut HD Fury Blu-Ray since I love the series.  I bought it on PSN but I want the extra DLC, and by the time I pay for it I might as well own it on a disc anyway.

I do have Gran Tourismo 5, Killzone 3, Dead Space 2CE, and the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Collection reserved, so I'm still trying Wink

Not that I have any particular love for MS and their terribly faulty hardware (though our PS3/PS2/PSX breakdown history is ridiculous also) but I've just really enjoyed the 360 exclusives throughout the life of the system. 

I do appreciate all three for their strengths, but for whatever reasons I find myself enjoying the 360 library the most.  However, this generation has brought gamers SO many excellent gaming experiences across all three platforms that it just makes me thrilled to have so many options. Smiley

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