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NEC TurboDuo

Console: NEC TurboGrafx-CD
Year: 1992
RFG ID#: U-041-H-00040-A
Region: North America North America
Part Number: HES-DUO-01
UPC: 092218007827
Manufacturer: NEC
Class: System
Subclass: Console
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Console Region Type Title Manufacturer Year Class
NEC PC Engine CD
H NEC PC Engine Duo NEC 1991 System

The TurboDuo was the last console released in the USA by NEC. It had a built in Super System 3.0 card, so you did not have to use system HuCards. It could play HuCards, TG-CD games (both Japanese and USA releases), and TurboDuo games (Japanese and USA releases). And with the HuCard converter it could play all of the Japanese HuCard games. Also the converter allowed the use of the arcade cards (Duo and Pro) so it could play the arcade games (you can also do this on the TG-CD with the converter).

There were 2 recent releases for the Turbo Duo by MindRec: Implode in 2002 and Meteor Blaster DX in 2004. There was also a limited release of Meteor Blaster DX Signature Edition which was limited to 100 copies and each one was personalized with up to 30 characters of the buyers choosing.

Bundled Accessories

  • Came bundled with Ys Book 1 & 2 with the TurboDuo logo on the CD, which is different from the TG-CD release but its still the same game. Also bundles with a 3 in 1 disc with Gate of Thunder, Bonks Adventure, Bonks Revenge and a hidden Bomberman game. Each TurboDuo came with a random HuCard game, the average one being Ninja Spirit.

  • Using the System Card 2.0 on the TurboDuo allows extra content to be unlocked on some games.
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