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Posted on Apr 20th 2009 at 10:43:56 PM by (Shimra)
Posted under Music, Songs, video game music

My second music installment thing. Here are 6 songs that I feel were overlooked last generation for whatever reasons. Oh, and note I never had an Xbox so I'm missing a lot of great songs from that platform.

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Posted on Mar 9th 2009 at 10:25:39 PM by (Shimra)
Posted under Metroid Fusion, Metroid, story, gameplay, survival, horror

You know, I'm playing through Metroid Fusion for the first time in years and it just hit me-- this is a survival/horror game.

That's right I said it. I don't really know how I didn't realize this. Perhaps it was because that strays so far from people's perception of what Metroid games are 'supposed to be' that they are blinded from seeing what the individual games attempt to be. Take Metroid 2 for example. It is constantly panned for not being like Metroid or Super Metroid. It does it's own thing and people say it doesn't have the Metroid feel. It's kind of funny considering that belief has existed wayyyy before the release of Prime/Fusion etc. Was there ever a set pattern for what the Metroid games are supposed to be?

Not really. The main reason I can think of that people call Metroid 2 and Fusion radical is because they aren't like Super Metroid which is in many peoples' opinion one of the best game ever. Therefore people expect the newer releases to follow suit and attempt to emulate it's success.

And here is where Fusion comes in. It doesn't emulate Super Metroid, and like Metroid 2 it is it's own breed. Because people wanted it to be like Super Metroid or because they had this false perception of what the series 'should be' (me included), they missed what the game really was-- it was a freaking survival horror game.

Am I going mad? Not at all. The story starts out with Samus investigating an explosion on a space station after nearly dying due to a parasite attack which has rendered her extremely weak and without any weapons. From there she must stop the X parasites from inhabiting the other sectors of the research station and overrunning the place.

But then it becomes known that the X parasites are smart and out to kill her. One has mimicked her at full power (the SA-X) while the others begin destroying the download stations so she can't become more powerful to fight them. Pretty much the game turns into Samus fighting for her survival while avoiding the SA-X which is actively hunting her. ADAM (the computer) constantly informs her of her chance of survival (consistently low) and is doing as much in his power to help her survive as he can, all the while trying to have her save the station from destruction.

But really... the majority of the game is Samus running from the SA-X in an attempt to survive and become powerful enough to confront the thing. There are instances where Samus might encounter it and have to run otherwise she'd die instantly. There are instances when the X parasites infiltrate other sectors in an attempt to stop Samus from obtaining upgrades. Often times you have to disobey ADAM in order to avoid being killed by the SA-X.

The game is linear, but this is because Samus only has so many options as to where to go. The download stations available for her upgrades are the ones which the X haven't destroyed, the paths she takes throughout the station are intended to help her flee from her pursuers, and pretty much as ADAM says himself 'survival is your main goal'.

I can't really do justice to this aspect of the game as much as I'd like to. I'm sure if you played the game again and really stopped to think about what is occurring story wise and even gameplay wise (such as where you are exploring and why), you'd realize that the majority of the game focuses on Samus' survival. The other major aspects are slowly unfolded through her attempts at surviving, similar to the way the story in any other survival horror game unfolds.

Comments, criticisms, and flaming all welcome.

Posted on Feb 20th 2009 at 01:39:55 PM by (Shimra)
Posted under Music, Games, music in videogames

Alright... here are six tracks that I feel that completely set the mood for the areas/bosses/stages in their respective games but are overlooked. Well, here they are, and sorry if some of these aren't overlooked.

Saturos Battle Theme- Golden Sun

Heh, this entire game (series) music is ridiculously good but no one seems to talk much about it. Anyway, this song starts off strong, then gets mellow, then picks up again. Uh, I don't know how to describe it just listen to it.

Midnight Carnival- Guilty Gear X2

Every final boss needs a badass theme. This is probably the most badass final boss theme I've ever heard.

Stickerbrush Symphony- Donkey Kong Country 2

Hearing this brings back some of the fondest memories I have ever had playing games. For those who have played the game, there is no denying how perfectly the song fits the Bramble levels. And it's just so damn soothing and pleasant.

Calling- The World Ends With You

It's kind of like your typical J-pop song, nothing particularly super special or anything but it is a good song. The real reason it made the list is because of how effectively it places a sense of imminent danger, need to speed up, and frantic choices that are the main theme of the game. The lyrics 'wake up leave your hesitation, wake up time to show appreciation, wake up time to realize' could not better epitomize what Neku needs to do and how lost he really is.

The Opened Way- Shadow of the Colossus

This song is absolutely epic. It is riveting, demanding, and very powerful. Even without knowing anything about the game just by hearing the music you know there is a monstrous task to perform. And damn, is there ever.

Cornered- Phoenix Wright

There is no song more riveting in any game. You get completely pumped up and know you are on the verge of absolutely destroying the prosecutions case. No song ever in the history of games has been more pivotal to the game (excluding music games) than Cornered. If you have played the game, you know this is true.

Hope you guys enjoyed the list. They aren't really in a particular order or anything (though Cornered is definitely my favorite).

Posted on Dec 20th 2008 at 08:40:46 PM by (Shimra)
Posted under awesome, satire, review

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of satire. Enjoy this off the wall review, and take it to be lighthearted. I mean, it's funny. Cory in the House... amazing game? Ha. -TJ

Cory in the House
"Probably the Greatest Game You'll Ever Play"

Cory in the House is just fantastic. There is no way around it. Cory has been entertaining us for years on the Disney Channel, and finally he can entertain us on the Nintendo DS. I don't know about you but when I heard of Cory on the DS I was as giddy as when I go to church (I'm a Catholic schoolboy so I love to go to church). Cory is just, amazing. This game is amazing. This game is perfect.

Cory in the House may seem like your typical platformer but oh no, it is far from it. Cory is out to save the world from an evil scientist who has decided to turn Cory's bobble-head doll of the president, or as Cory likes to say 'the prez,' into a destructive force capable of destroying destructive things such as the world which is destructible.

Cory runs, Cory jumps, and Cory uses his kung-fu action to blast his way through 9 levels of platforming/action goodness reminiscent of a good Jackie Chan meets That's So Raven meets Cory in the House show. Players utilize the touchscreen in such was as to slide their finger across the screen horizontally in order to make Cory karate chop or slide their finger across the screen vertically in order to make Cory do a kung-fu kick. Furthermore, players can blow into the mic and make Cory shoot fireballs from his mouth. Talk about awesome.

The enemies in Cory in the House are extremely varied and well thought out. Typical enemies include ninjas and Russian scientist, but later in the game Cory begins fighting against people he initially thought were his allies. Probably the most impressive boss was the giant robot Raven in which players had to run up to her feet and breath fireballs at her chest. Being a relatively early on boss this heightened players expectations immediately and brought about the sense that this is one of the greatest games ever.

The graphics and music are phenomenal. Cory is detailed brilliantly. Every little detail of Cory's beautiful and masculine body is clearly visible and downright pleasing to look at. When Cory sweats, the sweat drips down his pecs and glistens against his tight abdominals. The music which accompanies the various action is epic and mindblowing. The score is fully orchestrated with cellos, violins, and the clashing of cymbals.

Overall, Cory in the House is a must play. Simply put, you must play this game if you enjoy videogames or enjoy having fun. With a fantastic story, insanely innovative gameplay, amazing graphics, and an unparalleled score, Cory in the House stands leagues above the competition. This game isn't a game; it is an experience, it is an art.

And who can argue? Cory in the House is one of the greatest games ever.

Posted on Sep 11th 2007 at 02:57:59 AM by (Shimra)
Posted under Site News, Features, Mario, Sports

Ahh yeah baby feels good to be back in style with features that aren't crapily thrown together. This time, they are actually somewhat decent and will keep me from losing my position as a features writer. So all you people out there who hate me and my sarcasm and jackass attitude, hi.

Moving on, it's Mario sports week! Ahh yeah baby. Perhaps the most fun sports games of all are the Mario sports games, so why not celebrate in style by throwing a fiesta! Go round up some illegal immigrants and have them party with you! Have them play some Mario Tennis with you or maybe even make a Mario pinata and break it with them! Ahh yeah this is going to be one hell of a week if you do that.

Ehh hem, moving on seriously, I hate getting down to the business and doing what I'm actually supposed to be doing, the featured game is Mario Hoops 3 on 3. I like it, in fact I liked it enough to include decimals in the damn score. Any collaboration with Square Enix and Nintendo is good in my book, except like some crappy game where Peach gets captured and you play as Cloud Strife to stop whoever the final boss is in any Dragon Quest game with Cloud bitching the entire freaking game. That would probably suck. Anyway, the featured image is Mario Golf for the N64. I love that game. If you don't, you aren't American, and if you aren't American, then hi. Next the featured hardware is the wii remote, or the wiimote. Anyway it puts an interesting spin on Mario Soccer. Finally the featured collection is  Magewout's because he won the 'Shimra randomly selects a user to be featured' contest. Congrats bud, congrats.

As always keep it tuned to Channel 3.

Posted on Aug 22nd 2007 at 12:13:31 AM by (Shimra)
Posted under Site News, Features, Weekly Features, Animals, Sparkster, Aero, Duckface, Jaguar, Rocket Knight

Rocket Knight AdventuresThe features this week are about animals.

So the featured game is Rocket Knight Adventures.  "What have knights got to do with animals?" you might say.  Well, when the main character is an opossum named Sparkster... I think you can see where this is going.  Try it out if you're ready for some pretty quick hack-and-slash side-scrolling action.

The featured image is the cover from Aero the Acro-Bat 2.  Is the cover cheesy... yeah.  Is it as bad as it looks... no way.  Its a fairly unique platformer with colorful cartoony levels.  As with most platformers from the 16-bit era, this one is always worth a decent play.

The featured collection belongs to Duckface, ja, and finally, the featured hardware is some Jaguar thing.  Too many buttons and an unwieldy size has put this one on a lot of "Top 10 worst peripherals" lists; however, I think Microsoft seems a bit partial to it because they're making a suspiciously similar piece for the 360.

Stay tuned to Channel 3.

Posted on Jul 30th 2007 at 07:13:07 AM by (Shimra)
Posted under Site News, Phantasy Star, Phantasy Star 2, Phantasy Star Collection, That piece of crap third game, features

Phantasy Star Collection

Hopefully that headline caught your attention and I don't lose my powers to present you with awesome features that consistently blow your mind.  This week is dedicated to the other Phantasy, the lesser known Phantasy, Phantasy Star. Oh boy see what I did there, that was awesome beyond all belief, using Phantasy instead of fantasy.

Ok then, moving on because I am growing tired. Our featured game is Phantasy Star Collection, which is essentially ports of Phantasy Star 1, 2, and that one that sucks. Our featured image is Phantasy Star Universe. From what I understand it is a highly addictive MMO set in the Phantasy Star universe. Sounds awesome. Our featured collectiont is that of ztaKxileF. Not only does he have a crazy username, he has a kickass collection which consists of, you guessed it, damn near every Phantasy Star game. Finally our featured piece of hardware is the LaserActive Mega LD. I'm not going to lie, I have no idea what it is. It has a crazy name, looks crazy, and there are a bunch of pictures of it. Also one user on this entire site owns it, which is awesome beyond all belief.

So there you have it, the features. I knew you guys were all excited for me to do the features again. Another week, another set of features as I say. Well, I should probably stop trying to waste space now and say that tagline. As always, keep it tuned to channel three.

Oh yeah, Shimra nor RFgeneration condone the killing of babies. Unless they refuse to give up their candy of course and you don't want to look like a wimp for not being able to steal candy from a baby.

Posted on Jul 3rd 2007 at 07:22:38 PM by (Shimra)
Posted under Site News, Super Game Boy, Shaq Fu, features

After a long absense I am back, and with my return from Canada I provide you, the wonderful site patrons, outstanding features once again. What's the theme this week oh wonderful Shimra, you may be asking yourself. Well the theme of this week is non-existant. Look forward to my next features update though if you like themes. I'll give you a hint: vampire killer.

Anyway, the featured game this week is Shaq-Fu. Personally, I had a bit of fun playing this game, though I completely acknowledge it is a complete piece of crap. Even though it is terrible, I have to admit the ending of the game was one of the funniest things I have ever seen in any game and I highly recommend completing story mode just to see it.

Moving on the featured hardware is the Game Boy Color Atomic Purple, a model which I have always wanted due to being able to see the circuits. Going with the somewhat lackluster theme of the Game Boy Color the featured image is the Super Game Boy. This thing was fun as hell and it saddens me deeply the one for the Gamecube doesn't have any of the special features the original had. Finally our featured collection is that of enderxv2. He has a really awesome room consisting of multiple movie posters which definately caught my eye.

Well, there you have it. Sorry I did not provide a theme for the week, hell I don't even know if you guys enjoy themed weeks, but next time I assure you that there will be a theme. As always, keep it tuned to channel 3.

Posted on Jun 12th 2007 at 12:46:13 AM by (Shimra)
Posted under Site News, Hideo Kojima, features, weekly features, snatcher, zone of the enders

This week we are taking a look at a few of Hideo Kojima's more overlooked titles. You would think that with a name as big as his, these games would stand out just as much as the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Sadly that is not the case.

That being said, our featured game is Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner. This is one of my favorite games. It has the unrivaled cinematics you have come to grow and love from Hideo Kojima as well as enough action to keep one satisfied for months. Along with the featured game we have the featured image which is Snatcher, the acclaimed Sega CD game produced by Hideo Kojima. The featured collection is eternalblue81's collection which consists of nearly all of Hideo Kojima's games. Finally the featured hardware is the Gamecube modem. The logic behind this is because that thing is as funny as the scene in Metal Gear Solid 3 where Eva ramps the motorcycle off Revolver Ocelot's face.

Besides the games which I have mentioned, there are plent of other Hideo Kojima related games which are overlooked such as Policenauts, Boktai, and Tokimeki Memorial Drama. Hideo Kojima has a bit more under his belt than just the Metal Gear Solid series, and this week is dedicated to those games.

Posted on Jun 7th 2007 at 07:39:04 PM by (Shimra)
Posted under Site News, Weekly Features

Well to a certain extent that is. I received quite a bit of help from the users to determine the specifics of this week. I would like to thank those who gave me suggestions. To start off, the featured game is Sword Master, a very mediocre game that really doesn't have too much going for it. The featured hardware is the Sega 32 X. With the exception of a few diamonds in the rough, this, like Sword Master, doesn't have much going for it. The featured image is that of the hilarious cover of Valis III, thank you Dreamcaster for the recommendation. Finally, the featured collection is hydrobond's unbelievably awesome collection which consists of one game. That game, my fellow droogs, is World of Warcraft. It just goes to show that quality>quantity. And with that, adios and keep it tuned to channel 3.

Posted on Jun 7th 2007 at 07:27:33 PM by (Shimra)
Posted under Site News, Weekly Features

After last weeks amazingly awesome features, I pretty much decided there was absolutely no way in bloody hell I could top Tan. So, I do what I do best, I decided I would simply make everything about me. The game of the week just so happens to be one of my all time favorite RPGs, the screenshot of the week just so happens to be of my favorite  action game of all time(hard as balls too), the featured hardware is of a controller that is so unGodly uncomfortable I have blisters on my thumb from using the damn thing's d-pad while destroying all who oppose me in Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO. The featured collection is that of a user whom I've never talked to but have dreamt of having his username as my own, also his collection is nice and organized which I could only wish mine was like that.

So...Yay this week is about stuff relevant to me. Booyakasha to all those who disagree with the way I choose to do things around here. Actually, PM me because I'm running low on themes for the week <_<.
Anyway, the featured game is Shadow Hearts Covenant, and outstanding RPG from, gasp, Midway. The featured Screenshot is of Devil May Cry 3, which, if you have played the game, will make you cringe. The featured hardware is that of Nintendo's Wavebird, a fairly cool wireless controller. Finally the featured collection is that of Rajaat the Warbringer. Lots of NES games, nice cabinet, really organized. Damn I wish I could claim to be that organized.

Well there you have it. Sorry it isn't as outstanding as Tan's features. You only have to deal with this for a week my good chum.

Posted on Jun 6th 2007 at 10:18:17 PM by (Shimra)
Posted under Site News, Weekly Features

Yup. April Fools day is going to continue a bit longer as we focus on toddler stuff this week. This may or may not be fun. The featured game is Fisher Price's I can Remember, a game which I can proudly say I own. The featured image is that of Sesame Street ABC/123 which is yet another game I own. The featured collection is that of Cobra Blade, congrats on being nominated and do not take offense to having the featured collection. I simply made the connection between Cobra and G.I. Joe. Finally the featured hardware is the purple Nintendo Gamecube because...
1. Kids like purple.
2. Nintendo is kiddy.
3. Nintendo is kiddy.

April Fools. Anyway, keep it tuned to channel 3.

Posted on Jun 6th 2007 at 10:12:24 PM by (Shimra)
Posted under Site News, Weekly Features

After a long hiatus, the RFGeneration features are finally updated. My apologies about that. Kicking off this week we have a theme centered around a genre of games which seems to be unknown to the RFGeneration community. I am talking about the sports genre.

The featured game this time around is WWF Wrestlemania Challenge which I firmly believe is the wrestling counterpart to Tecmo Super Bowl. Our featured image is that of Ken Griffey Jr.'s Winning Run which at the time had some of the most gorgeous graphics. The featured hardware is the classic Sega Genesis controller which is one of the most comfortable controllers ever made. Finally, our featured collection is the collection of Rabusma, a user whom has multiple versions of many systems.

So there you have it. Hopefully with the addition of sports week RFGeneration can become a bit more diversified. As always, keep it tuned to Channel 3.

Posted on Jun 6th 2007 at 10:04:31 PM by (Shimra)
Posted under Site News, Weekly Features

Well everyone, here it is, the week we have all been waiting for. Yes, it is the week where Shimra presents another halfway thought out article and declares an even more poorly thought out week. Yes everyone, it is the week you have all been waiting for, it is of course Super Quirky Handheld Games Week.

Now that you have let the awesomeness seep in, I shall present to you the featured game of the week. It is an outstanding game where you take the role of a rookie defense attorney whom is quickly raising in the ranks. Yes I am of course talking about Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Our featured image is of Trace Memory, a unique point and click adventure for the DS. Our featured collection would be DevIancE's. The reason being that DevIancE has tons and tons of handheld games and systems, not to mention the name DevIancE is pretty amazing.

Well there you have it. As always, keep it tuned to Channel 3, and may we never forget Michael Collins.

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