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Posted on Dec 25th 2022 at 02:57:43 PM by (The Official SP1SC)
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Alright, where do I even begin with this.  It has been 6 and a half years and a lot of changes all over the place since I did this last time.  August 10, 2016 was the last time I was on here apparently.  At that time I was in the middle of a two month long unemployment streak moving down from Virginia back to my hometown of Philadelphia, PA.  I was once running a ton of sites, I now only run 2 and none of them are whats on the 2016 list.  So to make things as short as I can, I landed a job in September 2016 which I still hold today but doesnt have anything to do with this.  In 2019, I gave up YouTube and all that good stuff and went on a brand new path and started to run a Private Group, The Sony PlayStation 1 Sanctuary & Museum.  Back then a lot of people were mocking me about wanting to open a museum and such.  Well for those losers there, they got a taste of rear when I opened the Sony PlayStation 1 Sanctuary & Museum, a proper museum in July 2020 in Willow Grove, PA, approx. 6 blocks away from the infamous Handheld Legend, and 4 miles from Newgrounds.  Sadly, it was thwarted from having visitors for a long time at the start due to the pandemic, but kept on going despite taking on massive losses finacially due to not being allowed by law to have visitors.  I kept on growing the PS1 collection and in August 2021, my second dream came true and finished the PS1 North American Set.  Now, I am focused on becoming the very first collector in history to acquire a full Worldwide PS1 set!  It has never been done and would not be surprised if I am currently the world leader in number of PS1 games owned for region at over 4,000 to date and a total of 6,000 games, demos, books, prototypes, systems and one of a kind items for the Sony PlayStation 1.  I do run a private group as mentioned on Facebook and you will not find it, you will need to be invited in, however, I do run a Patreon group as well that showcases exclusive stuff like a special monthly podcast, a special exclusive series called "For The Gamers By The Games/For The People By The People" and on occasion release full length documentaries.  The Patreon Group Link is: 

On December 26, 2022, I will be releasing a very special documentary on the 25th Anniversary of my PS1 adventures as I purchased my first PS1 on December 26, 1997 and showcase that system, the games I had at the time and what happened to get to that point.  The Patreon does have 3 tiers, Bronze at $1/mth that gives you access to the FTGBTG/FTPBTP video, Silver at $3/mth that gives you what was mentioned plus access to the podcast, and Gold at $5/mth that gives you access to all that and the documentaries.  The docs can go as long as a Godfather movie, but the latest is just 90 mins!  Also I do make special videos that I throw in on occasion that are available for all Patreons.  All Patreon funds are utliized to the museum to make it better and better.  The photos of the museum are on the FB page that you need a Golden Ticket to enter (sorry I learned from my time that if you make everything public bad people do tend to sneak in).  I had to move my museum to a smaller space within the building I was renting in May 2022 when costs got over the top and was getting next to no help.  Remember folks, we are collectors and gamers, for some of us preservation is key and I know I am not that well known but I deserve a chance like everyone else.  My mission is to showcase great things, and to entertain folks without the bs that almost ALL YT channels and other social media platforms do presently.  Give it a shot, I promise you won't be disappointed!

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