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Posted on Jun 26th 2022 at 12:31:58 AM by (koola6)
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A while back (if you define a while back as one week ago), my older brother and I went on a social camp with some friends. Now, I won't be going into specifics, but during that time we played a lot of the classic game Mafia. We played a custom-made offshoot of it, which included five roles. We had Sheriff, which could tell if one of the players was a Mafia or not. We had Doctor, which could heal players that would be killed. And we had Cat, (I don't even know how the name came about) which could mute players. This information will be important later.

Back in 2020, a small indie game titled "Among Us" blew up.

The gameplay structure makes for an extremely fun game, in my opinion. I love the social deduction aspect of Among Us, even if I am bad at playing as an Impostor.

I mostly play Among Us online, but I have played it person before a couple times. I have also played it over voice chat, which in my opinion is the most fun way to play, even if it does cause a few issues. It's my favorite way to play Among Us, but it's incredibly hard to get enough people in a voice chat to play, in my opinion. I mostly play in voice chats in small groups. I've even done with RFGeneration before!

What in my opinion, causes Among Us to fall flat, however, is the changes to this formula. Near the end of 2021, Innersloth released an update to Among Us that added multiple roles. I dislike this feature heavily because it messes with the already established formula. My experience with Among Us was mostly only in late 2020 and recently, so I'm basing it off of my experience recently. The extra roles we added in Mafia made sense to go with the formula, but the new roles in Among Us make the game 10x more complicated and feel worse, in my opinion.

If you do turn off the extra roles, however, Among Us feels nice to play and is a great game in my opinion.

I've been koola, and please STOP saying "sus". It was funny back when when it was only used for YTPs.

(I wrote a whole text block about the gameplay structure that I just removed because everybody know how Among Us plays.)

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