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Posted on Dec 22nd 2021 at 02:58:21 AM by (koola6)
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Well, I have just been in the RFGeneration swing of things lately. Two articles within four months?

Honestly, I find this a good way to convey my thoughts nicely, and it helps take up time.

So let's talk about Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing, for the two of you not in the loop, is a life simulation game where you are convening with "villagers" and as The Cutting Room Floor puts it, endlessly paying off your debt to a raccoon who has a monopoly over the entire island.

I like metal descriptions of things.

So, in every new Animal Crossing game they add new villagers and new features. Animal Crossing: New Leaf brought the most content changes, before Animal Crossing: New Horizons's newest update. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons you are the Island's Representative. People were lured into the game's new features when the its trailer first dropped. Terraforming (the ability to change the whole natural look of your island), placing furniture outside, and general doing more than you could in the other games, including placing villager's houses wherever you'd like, and better camp features.

When people actually got it into their hands, (myself included) most people were addicted to the game, and its new features.

However, getting used to these features, they quickly dropped the game and now it's getting more shelf time than play time.

The game went over 200 days without any updates at all.

And then, right as they thought Nintendo was done with it, a new update appeared.
This included The Roost, a feature from earlier Animal Crossing games where villagers and you can sit and drink coffee.

People played the game for around a day when this update came out, and then immediately lost interest again.

Now, why was this?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was supposed to be a game you could keep playing forever. But the lack of new features (the only thing if you didn't have the DLC that came with the new update was The Roost), generally no new direction, and lackluster online (this was one of the better games(!)) made people not want to play.

Nintendo has made better games in the past, and I feel like this was one of their edge cases. I'm still for Nintendo, and they can learn from this, I think; if they learned from the Virtual Boy, they can learn from this.

I've been koola, and your 2012 Minecraft dog feels lonely. Please check up on him for me, would you?

(Crossing Animals sounds way worse than Animal Crossing.)

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