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Posted on Feb 1st 2022 at 02:00:41 AM by (koola6)
Posted under DELTARUNE, DELTARUNE, UNDERTALE, I will not be going over lore

So I'm finally doing it. I'm writing an article about one of my favorite games ever so far, an article I've put on the backburner of my writing for forever, a game that I have loved ever since I heard about its creation, DELTARUNE.

Now that's pretty high praise, and (I think,) deserving praise. Now, why do I love DELTARUNE so much? It has a really good sense of humor, has amazing music, and is a turn-based RPG. Those are all aspects of games I enjoy. Oh yeah, and it's made by Toby Fox. That too.

So let me elaborate on them all.

The sense of humor is mostly slapstick, and is really well timed for the moment. Everything is checkable, and either leads to a punchline or IS the punchline. Take this beginning segment of DELTARUNE Chapter 2. You just fell into a garbage filled area. There is a trashbag with an eggplant shape. When you see it, you think, "Oh, that's weird". Eventually you walk around and find "an eggplant shaped like a trashbag". I find these little gags funny, and can help relieve the "constant feeling" that most RPGs give.

The music is my next point. DELTARUNE and UNDERTALE's creator, Toby Fox, has an amazing musical talent. So much that I have listened to the soundtracks so much that my own music bears significant resemblance to it.


 (Here, try comparing it.)


 The music is so good it even earned a spot on Nintendo's list of games with the best soundtracks.

Turn-based RPGs have always been one of my favorite genres. Something about them is so relaxing, but it doesn't have the complete and total "lack of game" that a visual novel does. DELTARUNE follows in UNDERTALE's footstep for the most part (I mean, it WAS made by the same creator) in the battle system. It is a mix of turn-based RPG and bullet hell.

DELTARUNE is one of my favorite games ever, and I can't wait to see what comes of it in the next few chapters.

I've been koola, and one of my New Years' resolutions this year was writing more. Can you tell?

(I composed a whole song for an RFGeneration article.
It will be on Spotify sometime soon. Like, 2 days soon.)

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