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Posted on Jul 7th 2022 at 09:13:47 PM by (koola6)
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Back with the initial batch of articles I wanted to write was an article about Miitopia. I have given Miitopia a mention in my first article, but I wanted to write a whole article about it. Now, I love Miitopia and think it's a great game, but I soon found there was very little to actually write about. Usually when I write an article, I pick subject matter that I can get a good few paragraphs out of at least, but Miitopia just never gave me more than like 5 sentences.

Miitopia is a sequel (/spinoff?) of Tomadachi Life, and with Tomadachi Life, I have more I can say about it because I have played the game A TON over the last two months or so.

I have seen people try to liken Tomadachi Life to Animal Crossing, (and have even done it myself occasionally), but I think these two games are vastly different, and there's barely anything Tomadachi Life really relates to. I even had some difficulty coming up with the tags for this article.

In Tomadachi Life, you invite Miis into this island of yours and solve their problems. The more problems you solve, the more XP you get, which can lead to more levels. That's... literally it. Besides a few extra modes such as the turn-based RPG thing you can play once a day (it is my personal belief that this is what inspired Nintendo to do a full RPG of), Quirky Questions, where you ask the islanders raise-your-hand polls where you can fill in the blank, and Judgement Bay, basically a digital coin toss with your Miis on either side, there's little else to do in the game.

It is this emptiness that gets me addicted. I want to solve all their problems and get their XP up. Worth noting is that their is several different problems to solve and different varieties for pretty much every problem. Such problems include hunger, romance, and friendship problems, with a few specific asks thrown in there sometimes.

This game, with its XP and leveling system, gives you the satisfaction of seeing something you've been waiting days for to be fulfilled, levels gained, or uniqueness experienced, on occasion, which is why I think it is very addicting to me. I play it every morning to see the little news broadcast, get my daily islander donations, and fix my Miis' daily problems.

I've been koola, and Nintendo could make a lot of money from turning Tomadachi Life into a mobile game.

(Oh wait, Miitomo existed?)

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