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Posted on Nov 20th 2022 at 01:43:27 PM by (koola6)
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I originally planned to write this month's article about Hollow Knight. I started it, and have played it a bit, but only got a bit into the first area.

What actually ended up happening was me playing a TON of Plants vs. Zombies this month. The exact set of circumstances that led up to this I won't delve into here, because it actually involves my personal life a lot, but just know that I ended up getting the game on Steam.

One thing that I want to say before I get into the actual review proper is that I've been playing it through on both Steam and on my 2DS at the same time. By that I mean I would play ~4 levels on my PC and then play them through on my DS.

In my opinion, the DS version of Plants vs. Zombies is EXTREMELY underrated! Sure, it may be laggy at times, but the actual game of Plants vs. Zombies is usually slow, so the lag isn't much of a problem. Something I find really cool about the DS version is unlike the other console ports, the game takes advantage of the DS's various features. For example, usually in 3-5 it's just a regular conveyor belt level, but in the DS version, it's this cool otherwise unseen minigame where you use the microphone.

Plants vs. Zombies is in a similar vein to Terraria for me. All of my friends (and even my older brother) have beaten the game at least twice. I, prior to this review, had only gotten to the second world.

Like I said, I don't really want to get into the specifics of why I started it this time, but I played way more than I usually do this playthrough. From my experience, the game is phenomenal.

I think my favorite part of Plants vs. Zombies is all the different strategies you can use. The game doesn't force you to go down any specific path. In fact, you can even start a level without Sunflowers with nothing more than a simple warning.

Because of that, I can't really REVIEW this game from a gameplay standpoint, other than the basics, which are already really solid.

I've been koola, and tacos are delicious. I would also buy a taco for $1000.

(Who knew that vegetation fighting dead people would be so fun?)

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I put more hours then I care to admit on PvZ on the Vita back in the day...

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