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Posted on Dec 27th 2021 at 04:13:03 AM by (koola6)
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TowerFall has to be one of my favorite games.
The people who know about this blog from slackur (about 99.9%) know that I love the Jackbox Party Pack series.
A game that I love about equally is TowerFall.

The reason I don't talk about it as often is it's often hard to get setup fast enough to be brought up as a valid suggestion for a family game night or just hanging out with some friends.

For those of you who don't know, TowerFall is a 16-bit 4:3 (usually) game with two main modes: a battle royale mode, and a campaign mode. I'll be talking about the battle royale mode in this article, as it is the one that personally I like better, and I have never tried to complete the campaign, as of yet. The gameplay loop is simple: kill the other players. Now the way you do that is similar to the game Killer Queen Black; each person gets one life per round, and you can kill another person by jumping on them (we like to call that Mario-ing) or shooting your arrow at them. There are many other layers to this concept though.

The safest place to be in TowerFall is most likely always the air, because in the air, you can easily dodge arrows. You can dodge in the air, and this can be used to easily grab onto ledges and climb, steal an arrow going through the air, or simply go places faster. This game was made by the people behind Celeste, so naturally you can only dodge once in the air.

You win the game simply by having enough kills. The points system is based purely on kills.

Using these rules and some background elements, the team at Matt Makes Games (I love that name) was able to create a very addictive game that can be enjoyed pretty much anywhere, anytime.

And that's cool.

I've been koola, and it's 11:09 where I'm writing this; I should probably be getting to bed.

(Falling towers is better than crashing castles.)

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We do love us some Towerfall.  Gotta get back to playing Killer Queen Black again too!

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