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Posted on Jul 7th 2013 at 10:52:20 PM by (Socialiste)
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I recently posted a long comment on the forum and I thought it would be a great idea to blog about it. So I received my OUYA a few days ago and I was able to test it. Here's my experience by categories:

Controllers: I read that they were awful but I think they improved them since mine is pretty good. You see it's cheap plastic but it still seems solid. Connection is good, works very well. The only thing I don't really like is the "pointing device" which is a touch pad in the middle of the controller... works but barely.

Sound: Nothing to say, it's all good, in games, watching your videos, listening to online radio with apps, it's all good.

Graphics: The possibilities are there. A few games like Shadowgun, Beast Boxing turbo or Ravensword: Shadowlands have great graphics for the machine. However, most games tend to look like cellphones games on a big screen tv. Nevertheless, the system CAN show great textures, it's just underused for now.

Machine ports: sd port, power and almost everything works great. The only problem is the internet connection. The wi-fi reception is quite bad and easily disconnects or is very slow. I've tried connecting it with fast ethernet but it's also common that it disconnects and fail to see ethernet as a network. I must admit, this is really frustrating.

Games: I was hoping to see more 100% free games on this console but except for very bad ones and very few good ones, you have to pay from 3 to 20$, normally around 5-7$. Anybody can publish what they want on this system so you have good games for every style: FPS, RPG, Fighting, Shoot 'em up, racing, etc. At this moment, there's 210 games on OUYA and most of them looks like games you could use on your cellphone or play on websites like newgrounds (for free I must say). Some games look like ports of Android cellphone games on OUYA without a lot of consideration for the OUYAian gamer. Nevertheless, even though many games are crap, I must say that there's enough games that are pretty good, just rarely last-generation looking games.

So that's about it. Is it worth 150$? (bought it with 2 controllers). I don't think so. 100$ would be better with 2 controllers. However, I do understand why they talk so much about potential, because there is a lot to it. I don't regret buying it and I enjoy it, but I'm a little disappointed of the lack of real free games and ethernet problems.

Posted on Oct 29th 2010 at 07:16:56 PM by (Socialiste)
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As many of you are probably bargain hunters for video games, I thought I would contribute by giving you the possibility to download 5 games that you could add to your collection (because it's downloadable, it doesn't matter that you don't have the original cd... which doesn't exists).

First of all, I want to reassure you all, this is not an hack nor anything illegal, it's easier than that: these games were released for free for a short period of time. They were removed from Xbox Marketplace, but you can still play them and download them here (the link is at the end of this post). Also, please note that all these games aren't linked to a profile, which means that they will work on any xbox. They all have achievement points and some are really easy to obtain.

Now, let's go with the games:

Aegis Wing


This project, apparently an intership project, was available for free. It's one of these traditional 2d shoot 'em up in space. Nothing really exceptional, and quite frankly boring to play alone but if you're with a friend, you have played every games you have and still want to play something (for free), try this one. Please note that burned on a cd, this game takes some time to load but it plays fine.

Doritos Dash of Destruction


For the achievement points suckers, this is the easiest 200 points to get. This game enters the category of the advergames, games available primarily to sell something, in this case Doritos. It's a sort of cheap mix between Rampage and Micromachines where either you try to deliver Doritos while surviving waves of angry Dinosaurs or you play as the Dinosaur and beat the crap of everything. Quite fun, even more if you play with a friend, but it's not that exciting for long.

Hexic HD


You know Hexic? For the 0,0001% of the population who doesn't know, it's a little puzzle game where you need to move pieces to connect 3 identical or more together. It wasn't available to download but apparently was included with some memory cards sold by Microsoft. It angered a few players when they realized that it's not linked to the profile, which means that every player who deleted the game from the memory card wasn't able to download it online. If it's your case, I'm glad to give it back to you.



Simple game included at first with the Xbox Live Vision Camera. Still requires it to play. If you don't have one, here's what will happen: the game will appear on your list for a second, then disappear. Buy a camera or don't play it, sad but I can't change that.



Another advergame to sell you a Toyota Yaris. It's in fact a little racing game where you have no control of the speed, only of the direction of the car. While you drive, you need to collect coins and destroy robots to earn money to unlock other races, cars, etc. It's an okay game if you plan to play it for like 5 minutes. If you really love it, it's probably because the only other thing you've played recently was Pong.

Download instructions:

1) Download this Archive

2) Extract the rar (you will require a compression software like 7-zip, yeah yeah I know, you thought of Winrar, but I don't like it, 7-Zip is free and opens more types of file than Winrar).

3) Burn the cd image (the iso file) on a cd

4) Insert the cd in your xbox

5) Go check your game library to see the games. You will need the cd to play these games as they will disappear from your list when you remove the cd.

So that's about it for the free games, hope you enjoy them. If you have any question, don't hesitate to leave a comment. Have a great day.

Posted on Sep 27th 2010 at 11:54:49 PM by (Socialiste)
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Last July, I went to Brazil to discover the country, meet friends, and have a great time. It gave me a great opportunity to learn about a different culture, different people, etc. But, as a video game collector, I HAD to check what's special about the Brazilian market. I first searched online and I found out that the main video game company in Brazil is Tec Toy.

Continue reading What Brazil has that you don't and probably never will

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