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Posted on Aug 1st 2014 at 01:36:06 PM by (Tadpole13)
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So I have been a part of Rfgeneration since mid 2011 and I am still looking for the small scores thread.  Is there a thread named small scores?  Or do people just make a new post in the forums every single time they make a find?

Well Aside from the small scores thread that I hope to find one day.  I managed to come across my biggest gaming haul yet.  Surprisingly I did not have to resort to ebay for this haul.  I managed to find it on a gaming facebook page.  The seller mentioned there was 456 in total but I believe it is just over 460.  The collection as a whole is more common titles and is missing a lot of big name titles and Rare titles, however it does have a lot of excellent games and I am really excited that it is now apart of my collection.  I am slowly adding the games to my Rfgeneration collection over the next week or so.  Cheesy

photo IMG_7896.jpg

photo IMG_7904.jpg

But enough about my obvious excitement over this.  What is the biggest gaming haul you have made?   It does not necessarily have to be big in quantity per say.  It could be a score off all the Mega mans complete in box, or maybe you found a loose stadium events in the wild.   What is your prize possession and why? 

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How come no-one has commented yet? This is impressive!
My biggest haul? I'm not sure...
Prized possession? Possibly my Japanese Sega Rally 2006 [First Print Limited Edition - Sega Rally 1995].
...I just realised that I didn't state why that's possibly my prized possession...
I love Sega Rally. That Sega Rally includes a near perfect arcade port.
I really want a Sega Rally twin cabinet.
I would have a heart attack if I found that much all at once. My wife would probably kill me though...ha ha

The current small scores thread can be found here:

@mumboking: That is cool,  it would be awesome if you came accross a arcade in a wild of that game that you could add to your collection.  I wish I had the room,  I want a few different arcades.  But I move a lot so I am limited on the amount of weight I am authorized.                        @Boshamp:  It was a great find.  I am happy I do not have a Wife yet because I would feel your pain.  Thanks for the link to the small scores thread.  I added it to my favorites Smiley
My biggest video game haul happened over a year before I joined RF Generation, a once-in-a-lifetime garage sale that seemed to offer just about every game, system, accessory, and strategy guide one could imagine.  It's a story I've been planning to blog about for quite some time, because it's too lengthy and detailed to properly describe in a mere comment post. Just gotta get the time and inclination to write it is all...
@Zagnorch: You have officially hyped it up.  I look forward to seeing the blog makes it way thru the feed.
Very, very nice score sir! Seems that you have a huge jump on a CIB set if you so choose to do so.

I blogged about my biggest score a few years ago: http://www.rfgeneration.com/blogs/necrom99/My-Best-Score-Ever-1666.php
I am about 12 games away from the CIB N64 set and I relize how insanely pricy some of this stuff gets.  I am sure I will pick up titles here and there but I am not sure i will ever shoot for a complete CIB Nes set lol. 

I just posted on your blog,  great find man. 
Damn!  How much did you pay?  Getting rid of any? Wink
A fair high price.  Sorry,  I do not have any for sale.
Holy shit congrats
Wow, nice game collection you have.  Any chance of you posting an N64 update with latest collection pictures and a list of what you still are missing?  Just 12 to go you say?  That is really impressive.  Do you still live in Italy?  I need to buy a wii accessory from Italy, perhaps you can help me obtain it?  I live in USA.
Hi Tadpole,

I just sent you an e-mail.  It is me Pharaoh asking about the wii accessory.


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