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Posted on Feb 9th 2015 at 07:55:44 PM by (A8scooter)
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Here is my Nintendo enriched Episode # 83 with all the Nintendo that you need to get through a busy work day of reading those gaming forums , blogs and pages.

Posted on Jan 2nd 2015 at 12:34:08 AM by (A8scooter)
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Hey everyone,

I dont know how many of you search for games online ( outside of ebay, Amazon and other game stores with online outlets ) but lately dealing on Craigslist has been more of a hassle than a success. Hence the topic this evening.

Have the sellers lost their minds???

I would love to sit back right now and say yes and end this blog before it starts but sadly no I cant.  First reason I would say no is the fact that look at the time of year we all are searching for games.  November to about end of January is about the worst time we can be searching ads for games. Between the holidays are coming and Christmas inflation on items forsale leading into christmas, you really cant fault people for trying to get the most out of the buyers. Just as such right after christmas you need to think people want to get back what they spent ( finding out they didnt need it or (by change ) might have over paid for something to start with ). Either way buyers right now are at the mercy of the market for a few more weeks before things adjust and go back to normal.

My next area is a phase I hear all too often " im asking gamestop prices"

Why would I pay retail prices from a random person on CL that I have never met and has no warranty of any kind.  Even with that said  you want to ask 10.00 + more for a game just cause Gamestop is doing it fine. BUT you need to do the following : open a few 1000 stores, hire 10000 or so employees for it cover benefits, supplies, electric , water, heat power alarm systems, a HQ that does taxes billing advertising. This is the exact line i used tonight on a seller who was asking moon money for something and claimed its ok cause gamestop does it. This no doubt ended any talks of buying their $20 item for $45.

Another thing Ive noticed is the amount of competition there is for stuff. From the ads to garage sale ads to just the sheer number of wanted ads I can see how this site is being overpopulated with gamers and resellers. I really start to wonder is there more resellers than actual collectors on CL nowadays. Being a collector gamer it makes life very hard since I cant devote every moment i have towards game finding ( even though my girlfriend and friends would say  if not im damn close lol ) .

Without giving out too much away what is your best way to combat these issues and what other ways do you find to get around the massive sharks just wanting to buy everything up good or bad in hopes to clean up and have an edge when they want to resell.

I hope this turns into a full blown convo that we all can take something away from. I know we all complain now and then about things in the game hunting but I would love to hear things in a conversational atmosphere where we can talk it out and get a better understanding of what we are are fighting as oppose to our rants at the moment things go to hell in a hand basket.

Maybe this is something not needed but I feel it would be good to voice our issues and learn more about the beast we love and hate called craigslist.

Posted on Dec 30th 2014 at 12:49:40 AM by (A8scooter)
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Hey all Im back again with more Youtube pick up videos. I know I havent posted much since episode 60 or so but here is Episode 82 and theres a good 21 or so videos for everyone to go back and enjoy. Some killer finds this year and I hope to try and do 1 more video on that before everyone gets back to work January 2nd. ( Lets see if I can get the time to get that done ).

Posted on May 18th 2014 at 09:33:29 PM by (A8scooter)
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Hey everyone,

Back from the computer crash and back to making videos again ( slowly ). I picked up alot of nice items over the last few months and over the next few weeks I plan on going back and sharing some of those finds with everyone.

This week at the local flea market I found a bunch of Sega Master System, Atari 2600, Colecovision and Intellivision items. I hope everyone enjoys.

Posted on May 18th 2014 at 09:30:36 PM by (A8scooter)
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Hey everyone,

Back from the computer crash and back to making videos again ( slowly ). I picked up alot of nice items over the last few months and over the next few weeks I plan on going back and sharing some of those finds with everyone.

This week at the local flea market I found a bunch of Sega Master System, Atari 2600, Colecovision and Intellivision items. I hope everyone enjoys.

Posted on Jan 18th 2014 at 10:22:19 PM by (A8scooter)
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Well  this is gonna be a different kind of GMBIT video since well there isnt any video. The computer I was using got hit by another virus surfing a particular gaming site and yeah out for repairs as this time even I couldnt get it to reboot and recover it.  I fear all my gaming info is now gone and Ill have to start over again . Sad  Anywho on to the gaming moment in time.

This week I chose to do an Atari 8 Bit Computer game that never got released by Atari ( it would later make its way out by an aftermarket company). This week's game is Jr. Pac-Man. What I like about this version over the original is the expanded game board that features scrolling action. As nice as that is the graphics have something to be desired.  Knowing that this game wasn't finished by Atari in a way that would have been ready for market I have to give it some slack on that aspect.

The game play is pretty good. I'm nowhere near a good Pac-Man player but it's worth a play . On ebay this game brings between 15-30.00 depending when you catch the auction with most selling for 20 to 25.00. 

Posted on Dec 29th 2013 at 11:36:43 AM by (A8scooter)
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Posted on Dec 23rd 2013 at 09:18:26 PM by (A8scooter)
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This week I go ABC Wide World Of Sports up in here and break out one of the best bowling games Ive played in some time. Check it out.

Posted on Dec 20th 2013 at 04:10:24 PM by (A8scooter)
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Thank you to my secret santa these items will start me on a new area of A8 gaming that before I thought I wasnt sure I should get into. The games that keep on gaming.

Posted on Dec 17th 2013 at 06:53:14 PM by (A8scooter)
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Posted on Dec 10th 2013 at 08:34:48 PM by (A8scooter)
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In this week's edition I focus on Atari's last ditch effort to revive the Atari 8 Bit Computer line with the Atari XEGS ( 1987 ). This console came complete with 2 pack in games ( Flight Simulator 2 and Bug Hunt) along with a grey CX40 controller and XG1 Light gun.

This system who's game line was pretty well dated by 1987 ( with games dating back to the initial launch in 1979), just couldn't hold its own versus the NES, Sega Master System and the new 16 bit Genesis and Super Nintendo that would come out a few years. By 1990 Atari cut new game releases for this system and by 1992 discontinued anything for the system along with discontinuing anything for the Atari 2600 and 7800 line.

Posted on Dec 7th 2013 at 05:43:56 PM by (A8scooter)
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Posted on Dec 7th 2013 at 05:42:48 PM by (A8scooter)
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Posted on Dec 3rd 2013 at 08:54:54 PM by (A8scooter)
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Well if the Marx TV Tennis item wasn't enough to say that's something different, this might catch your attention.

I scored these 2 Alpha Tester 3DO (CD Services)  CDs a few weeks ago at a Demo/ Clean out company sell off site and they were $1.00 ea.  The interesting thing about this find is the two titles I got ( BC Racers and Primal Rage ) were the only 2 titles by LG for the 3DO. and both of them showed up from the same lot.

Kinda cool but no way to test them out or for that matter to put a price on their possible value.  Im sure things like these don't come up too often but definitely adds something to the cool factor and being on display will start the convo on what are those CDs about.

Anytime a gamer can rescue a piece of history and save it for gamers/ collectors for generations to come is a great thing. I hope you all enjoy them.  ( Boxed 3DO games are my friends he got elsewhere, between us both no system).

Posted on Dec 1st 2013 at 10:06:52 PM by (A8scooter)
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Have you ever bought something knowingly or not to discover it was too dirty, smelly, didn't work or something and after all your attempts you wrote it off as a total loss? An expensive lesson in what not to do in the world of gaming?

Please share your story  below or as a video response on my channel.

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