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Posted on Dec 6th 2017 at 08:00:00 AM by (Addicted)
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Ask any retro gamer what consumer CRT they would prefer and you're probably going to hear Sony Trinitron. Few Sony products carry the same gravitational pull as the Trinitron with over 280 million tubes sold and name recognition on par with the Walkman. The apreture grill technology used in the Trinitron line gave Sony's products a unique look and made the name Trinitron a synonym for the best quality TV sets and computer monitors around. So with all of this going for the Tiritron CRT why would you choose anything else?

In the late 90s and early 2000s JVC or Japan Victor Company produced an outstanding line of CRT TVs called the D series. While they don't have the apreture grill technology used in the Tritron's they have outstanding picture quality and great sound. I recently acquired a JVC AV027D500 and all pictures in this article have been captured off this TV. Let's take a look at whats included with this TV and why it matters for Retro Gaming:

* 1X set of Component Inputs
* 1X set of S-Video/Composite Inputs
* 700 Horizontal Lines of Resolution (800 on 32" models)
* Lightweight
* Curved Screen
* SCART Moddable

Component is the best you get for analogue on retro retro consoles. The component inputs on this TV are great for plugging in the HD Retrovision cables or a SCART to component adapter. The D series is SCART modable but it's not worth the added cost since component is built in. While not as great as component the S-Video input is still great and is a substantial improvement over composite. Consoles that have cheap and native S-Video support like the Dreamcast and GameCube look great. The curved screen allows for 100% light gun compatibility. The JVC D series is substantially lighter than the equivalent Trinitron. A 27" Trinitron weighs in at 98lbs while the JVC AV-27D500 weighs in at 78lbs. The biggest draw for the JVC D series is the horizontal resolution. At 700 lines for the 27" and 800 lines for the 32" the vertical resolution surpasses most consumer TVs (450 lines) and comes very close to a PVM/BVM. If you've been looking for a cheaper alternative to a PVM/BVM that has all of the features you need in a Retro Gaming TV take a look at the JVC D series.

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Neat article! I love the look of 16-bit sprite graphics on a good CRT. 3D polygons are nice, but so many SNES and Genesis games have such an expressive graphical style that really make those old displays pop. For me, it's the visual equivalent to the artistry in creating vibrant, complex music from those old 8 and 16-bit sound chips.

Also, I never new that's what JVC stood for, so thanks for that tidbit Smiley
I really wanted to do this earlier, but I wanted to get home first.

I really dig these pics, and the way the colors pop.  I've been into CRTs before, but really didn't get into them until I hooked my PS2 up to one using component cables and was instantly wowed.  But really, I never even knew that these high resolution consumer CRTs even existed before.  I'll definately keep an eye out for one of those babies. Currently I own a JVC AV-27320 and while it isn't spectacular, it does look mighty crispy.

Fun article, Addicted.  I would like to see similar in the future, I think.
I'd like to see more of these in the future. CRTs are getting destroyed at an alarming rate, and having good tubes that people can watch out for and save is great.
Good stuff Addicted!

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