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Posted on May 16th 2014 at 02:15:53 AM by (Boshamp)
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As I go through these boxes and bags of games and gaming related stuff to document it and put it up for display, I have noticed something. People seem to sneak the receipts for their purchases inside the front cover of the games they bought and forget about them. In opening every game and looking through the books and extras within, I noticed several of these receipts.

Many of them are full price or high price purchase receipts that they obviously traded back to the same store where I bought them for MUCH cheaper, (I will never understand the logic behind full priced Madden game purchases most of all); and some others are from places elsewhere in the country, that have a story to tell for how they possibly ended up in Denver.

I also started to notice that some games were also tagged with stickers or security devices from places that used to rent out games across the country. And although I really, really used to despise finding these...I have begun to develop a soft spot for them because it also hides a story. How many people rented you? How did you come across these scars, dents, and markings over the years? How did you end up within my collection?

Have any of you had similar thoughts when seeing those old receipts or stickers? Do you eliminate them from the games, or keep them as is within your collections? Do you have any outlying memories when it comes to game renting, or finding receipts showing that your game has been on the other side of the country at some point?

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