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Posted on Mar 13th 2009 at 02:06:19 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
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This list will showcase my favorite Master Robot levels from Mega Man 1-6. I will do a later article for Wily's Fortress Levels as I feel they have a different feeling than these ones and therefor should be rated seperately.

10 - Skull Man

This level is quite simple and I think thats why I enjoy it so much. Skull is a weird theme to design a level around and it shows while playing this one. The level is basically bordered in bones. Besides that there a few skulls as enemies and the occasionaly dinosaur skeleton in the background. One of the easiest Mega Man levels of all time as far as I'm concerned, but still a blast to play.

9 - Fire Man

This level is very Dark and Mechanical. I love the atmosphere it creates. Its probably the simplest looking level from the Original Mega Man, but the most effective as it feels spooky. This level also has a pretty healthy variety of obstacles to avoid and conquer.

8 - Gravity Man

Just like the boss fight that I covered last week this level uses the same mechanic to keep things fresh. You get to play part of the level on the roof and part on the floor. Strategic jumping is needed in a couple parts in order to flip to the otherside of the level (top or bottom), which makes this level a lot of fun to play.

7 - Metal Man

This level almost feel like a sequel to Fire Man's stage. It has the same dark and mechanical feel to it, but without the heat. Spruces things up with some moving platforms and some a great variety of obstacles. Who doesnt love just sitting there blasting away at those drill things until your full health and a few extra Lives richer?

6 - Shadow Man

This level is the pinnicle of the Metal Man/Fire Man stage type. Not only do you get the dark mechanical feeling, but you get a lights on and off mechanic (which makes it so you can only see your character and the enemies, no floors/pits), a Protoman battle (always good times), and some of the sweetest platforming of all time when equiped with the Magnet Shot (right at the end of the level). I have no clue what this level has to do with shadows, but that doesnt seem to matter.

5 - Pharoah Man

This level has a great atmosphere to it. Starting off in the desert you soon fall into a pyramid themed level complete with mummies, bats, spikes and pits. If it werent for the spinning lady bugs this level would actually stick to its theme.

4 - Flash Man

Normally levels that make you slip around drive me nuts, but since you dont slide off into any pits it doesnt seem to bug me in this level. I like the mazelike layout that becomes much simpler with the right equipment (*Crash Bomb*). Nice and vibrant too!!

3 - Centaur Man

It only took 6 Mega Man games to create a great water level!!!! This level has a very mythological feel to it while you run though. The background seems kinda of Atlantian, which is really cool for a NES game! The part with the upside down water is amazing (and non-sensical), and waaay to short.

2 - Star Man

Very Little Gravity = Sweet

1 - Quick Man

This level is very short, and you hardly have to fire your Mega Buster at all, but man is it fun. I often play this level more than once even though I dont need to. Dodging the giant lasers is just a blast. Sure if you screw up by anything over a second your toast, but thats part of the fun. Plus it'll impress the hell out of any watchers as you smoothly navigate past the ginormous death rays.

3 Least Favorite Stages:

I love Mega Man as much as the next guy, but these stages make me groan when they come up.

3 - Bubble Man

Once I've recovered from the seizure that was induced by the first few screens on this level its fine. It just hurts to play for about 30 seconds.

2 - Wave Man

Mega Man does not, or never will, need a Jet Ski.

1 - Ice Man

My problem with this level is probably a programming glitch, that drives me nuts. When you are platforming from one moving piece of ground to another its normally pretty hard. When those peices also shoot at you its even harder. When there is absolutely no ground below you its even harder. So when you land squarely on said platform its kinda frusterating to simply fall through it. Take all the precautions you want, some times you just fall straight through these stupid things. And then have to try it all over again.....

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Top 10 Mega Man list. If my loyal fanbase (all 3 of you) would like to take a vote on next weeks topic please be my guest. There is still lots to cover so be creative if you like. And let me know how horrible/good this list was and what jives/clashes with your own.

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Great list! A few others which are worth noting- Gemini Man, Snake Man, Spring Man (really did anyone not enjoy this goofiness?) and Slash Man.
Great article! Cheesy
I like Chuck Norrisman, oh wait thats Robot Chicken.....I like that,I agree Iceman is a bitch Tongue

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