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Posted on Jul 29th 2009 at 11:31:06 PM by (Crabmaster2000)
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Well we just got a call back from our Mortgage Broker and our financing has been confirmed!!! The house is ours to move into August 29th!!!

Here is the listing if anyone is interested in checking out some pictures of the house:

Its pretty exciting and once we get in I'll by starting a Blog, with pics, to chronicle the setup up this game room. I'll also be asking for advice on many things im sure.

Posted on Jan 6th 2009 at 10:00:00 PM by (Crabmaster2000)
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There are many games out there for many systems that fall under the radar of the average consumer. Most of them deserve the lack of attention that befalls them, but there are always a few gems that dont truly get the attention that they deserve.

Because of that I've decided to start this blog to showcase some of the games that I think deserve better. The focus will be on Wii and Gamecube games that I have personally finished and enjoyed. There is no real criteria as to what I will classify as an underated game, but I will try not to include any games that have acheived over 1,000,000 units in sales, or that have a rather large (or at least vocal) cult following.

Heres a little bit about my gaming history just to give you a sense of my gaming habits.

I've been gaming since I was a young child and grew up with a NES, SNES and Genesis. Most played games on those systems were as follows:
NES - Totally Rad, Megaman 2 &3, Hydlide, Contra, McKids
SNES - Adventures of Batman & Robin, Uniracers, Rock n' Roll Racing, Street Fighter II
Genesis - Earthworm Jim 1&2, Boogerman, Vectorman
Since then I've mostly stuck to Nintendo systems and only grabbed other systems at the end of there life cycle at bargain prices. I own and play most Nintendo, SEGA, Sony & Microsoft systems with the notable execptions of the 360 and PS3. I dont dislike any company or system, but recognize that I have a personal bias in favor of Nintendo systems. I also dont dislike any particular genre, but tend to stray from any "realistic" style games such as: War like games, sports games and racing games. There are of course games in all those categories that I enjoy very much, but they will be a minority and most likely vastly under-represented in this blog.

With that said I would also like to point out that I've never written anything for pleasure before. Only required school papers, and never a blog. Because of my inexperience I would greatly appreciate any feedback from as many people as possible in order to refine my writting skills. Hopefully in the next week I'll have my first blog up for critism which will be for the Gamecube game Chaos Field.

I'm looking forward to your responses!!

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