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Posted on Aug 9th 2011 at 12:57:28 PM by (Crabmaster2000)
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After whining about my lost tape to Twin Galaxies last month, I re-recorded and then re-re-recorded my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes runs (after watching the first recording it was very bad quality so I found a better condition VHS tape to record on the next time). Had my lovely wife drop it off at the post office for me a few days later.

The new NES ref is a submission monster and had the tape reviewed what must have been the same day it arrived. He was also very quick to answer questions I had about both gameplay and submitting videos. Twin Galaxies states that the turnaround time for submissions is up to 3  months after receiving the game. The ref Tim Stodden told me that his average turnaround time is within 2 weeks of a videos arrival.

I was a little nervous that both of my runs (fastest completion and highest score) would be rejected for various reasons, but after speaking with the former and current refs it seemed I should send them in and hope for the best. Worst case senario was I'd have to play some more TMNT.

With the video in the mail I left town on a week long camping trip with my family. We returned home Sunday evening and spent a quite night together. Monday morning I decided to see if my score had arrived yet and it was pleasantly surprised to find that it was already approved! Thats right 1st place submissions for both Fastest Completion of TMNT and highest score on TMNT for the NES.

If your interested in checking it out for yourself head over to and click on the left tab that says "scoreboard". From there search by my name (have to be a member to do it this way) and just type Kelsy. Kelsy J Polnik should pop up so click on that and it will show all scores related to me (which are currently only the 2 TMNT ones). If your not a member just search by game and go to NES for platform and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the title. You may notice that the competition wasnt exactly fierce (my fastest time is nearly half of the next closest persons), but I'm still quite happy to have the records. I plan to order a certificate for both records to hang in my gameroom soon.

Some of you have asked if I could put up a video of the speed run. I did record another copy to send to ShadowKisuragi to upload for me, but was waiting for the TG approval before shipping it his way. While I was waiting for that approval he has sent a friendly challenge my way to speed run another game against him in the coming months. I'll be (hopefully) getting my old PC running smoothly again and equiping it with a video capture device for the challenge. If that all goes as planned I'll be able to upload my TMNT Speed Run myself. So if thats something your interested in keep an eye on my Blog in the next couple weeks.

Posted on Jul 6th 2011 at 01:27:42 PM by (Crabmaster2000)
Posted under TMNT, NES, Twin Galaxies

Some of you may remember me talking about doing a Speed Run of TMNT for the NES to submit to Twin Galaxies waaay back around Christmas time. I did infact record a run I was happy with (could be cleaned up a bit, but it was fairly decent) and sent it off to get verified. Unfortunately the same week I sent the tape in the NES ref left his position at TG.

It was unclear what was happening with submissions until a new ref emerged early in June. It was my hope that the tape was forwarded along to the new ref for verification, but it seems that he has cleared his submission backlog and my tape wasnt there.

Luckily for me I sent in a copy and still have the original. Sucks that I have to re-submit it, but at least its already done and hopefully things will go smoother this time. I'll update with some good news next time I hope.

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