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Posted on Nov 20th 2012 at 01:15:04 PM by (Fleach)
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I'm not a big fan of golf. I've watched Happy Gilmor with Adam Sandler and really liked it, but unfortunately golf just isn't the same as its portrayed in the movie. What's worse, you can't train at the mini putt with the laughing clown face. Obviously I have no experience with the sport and to only until recently used to confuse Jack Nicholson and Jack Nicklaus.

Well, today I decided to put all that behind me and have a go at NES Open Tournament Golf.


A plumber who's off to hit the links? What could go wrong? If Fleach is on the sticks, the possibilities are endless.

I was atrocious at this game especially because I was playing without a manual. I had no idea what I was doing at first. My initial attempts at this game resulted in laughable 4 yard swings. After a quick Google search and skimming GameFAQs I learned how to swing like a wannabe golfer.


Thanks for the tip.

This game was fun, despite how badly I did. Once I learned the mechanics of the game and the swing techniques. I was doing okay.


When Mario steps up to the tee you see a meter on the bottom portion of the screen. This is your swing power and direction meter. To score a good hit on the ball you first have to launch the indicator with the A button. You must then press A again when the indicator reaches the left side of the meter for a strong swing. Another, faster moving, indicator appears and you must quickly press A as close to "the sweet spot" as possible for a nice straight ball trajectory.

Easier said than done, but after many attempts it can be achieved.


Putting was my favourite part of this game. Not just because the putting mechanic is easier to master. I actually like the putting aspect of golf... Well, mini golf to be exact. In order to putt like a pro in NES Open Tournament Golf you just activate the indicator, which in this case, is simply the putt strength.

NES Open Tournament Golf does offer a two player option which I think will be a lot of fun. Sports games tend to be more enjoyable when played multiplayer.

There are also different courses. The player can choose from "US Course," "Japan Course," or "UK Course." Each course offers 18 holes and I think the 54 holes are randomly generated, because on when I chose the US Course I had some of the same holes as the UK Course.

All in all I enjoyed my time with this game. Maybe when I have more patience to learn the subtleties of the controls I might come back to it. For now it's time to enjoy my Wii U and some Scribblenauts.

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I have a weird liking for my 32X golf game. It's fun to play and just chill to when I want to kill some time. I don't golf or know much about golf myself but I can enjoy some older golf games because their not too technical.

But I do agree with your multi-player statement. Having friends to play any game with is always great. Even if you both suck at the game.

Cool little story Fleach, glad you gave something that doesn't interest you much a try. 
Cool read.
Liked the pics too Smiley
You probably started kicking ass after getting that pro tip of "Try to Golf well"! lol
To this day, one of my favorite golf games is still the black label "Golf" for the NES.  I'm not a big fan of the sport either, but I think it always translates well to video games.  If you haven't tried to the Hot Shots series on the PS and PS2, give those a shot.  They are really fun.
@Crabmaster2000: I eventually did figure out how to not suck so much at this game. And those pro tips are just too funny. By the way, thanks for the suggestion of the Honestech capture device. It's great! Now if I can just find a TV with an AV Out (I was plugging the NES into my laptop and it got a bit laggy at some parts).

@singlebanana: I was actually considering playing the black label Golf but decided on NES Open Tournament because I remembered how hard 10-Yard Fight was. Thanks for the Hot Shots recommendation. I'll check them out.
PPppfffttt 10 yard fight was easy.
One of the (IMO) few NES games i have beaten lol
10-Yard Fight is the only NES game I have beaten Sad
Just out of curiosity, how do you beat a sports game?
@Fleach: 10-Yard Fight has a system where you play teams that get tougher as you move up. Beat the last team and you are da winna.

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