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Posted on May 4th 2014 at 11:43:17 PM by (Fleach)
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April database submissions bring May congratulations!

Last month you guys made a total of 3279 updates to RF Generation's database which comprised of 3154 game submissions and 125 hardware submissions.

It's also clear how much RF Gen members love pictures because 769 images were added to our database.

In April six members surpassed 100 submissions. ae.tc made 284 database entries and Raidou contributed 111 additions. The other four to add over 100 submissions were staff members: ApolloBoy (966), Shadow Kisuragi (540), Flee (440), and CoinCollector (176). Honorable mentions last month go to Sauza12 with 93 entries and Zagnorch with 92 entries. Way to go!

The top 5 image submitters for April were: ae.tc (171), Raidou (98), Flee (93), Sauza12 (77), and Zagnorch (77).

Great work everyone!

Thanks again for continuing the improve the rapidly growing database and getting involved in this supportive community! Everyone deserve a round of applause!

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Damn - just missed 1K Apollo!~

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