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Posted on Mar 22nd 2009 at 09:37:26 AM by (froggin ashbowl)
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So the little therapist in my head told me to express myself constructively in which I may preserve what's left of my collective videogaming self/ego. This first entry will consist solely {lie} of my validity to have the nerve to blog in the first place.....

Hi! I'm 33 and been playing video games since I was four and unlike some ancient gamers who value certain sentiments such as being humble and practice humility; I, however, am a hero in my own mind (and in this part of web space) because i paid the price. Also, I was there worshiping technology and games...and video games . I have thus ascended to the rank of "Calloused Thumb, Samus Undresser, Magic Mushroom, Blue Valkyrie Pimpin, Code Seeker, Lv 75 Samurai of Windurst 'i had my fucking quarter up on the damn screen way before you!' of Die Hard, Long Linded, Self-Exalted, Wizard AND Warrior of Videogame LIVING" (note-title subject to change based on fluctuations of ego, sporadic influences, and second thoughts).....

So yea, that last word in my title...."LIVING". We don't just play games, we live them. Seriously. With organic terra firma, once it's discovered, tread upon and settled, new visitors find themselves too late for that "Aha! I've found the big nowhere/anywhere in which I can be lost! I call this my own!" Whereas in video games, regardless of who and many have played a single game, can never ruin that first realization of awe and wonder for the individual. That's why such games rule. There's no ruling morality or code, only the simplicity of technological limitations or in some cases, piss poor production/programming. Rescuing any number of pixelated princesses or conquering polygonal populated spaces never gets old in itself, not as long coders continue to code and players press continue. Get another game. Play it, beat it. Experiment, do whatever. Appease that yearning for exploring, killing, looting, helping, saving and in turn discover yourself a bit more. Learn who/what you are. One has ultimate power and control in playing. Hence "LIVING".

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