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Posted on Mar 5th 2011 at 07:18:52 AM by (Fuyukaze)
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Sitting here, not looking forward to the events taking place in a few weeks I find myself pondering the same question I always ask myself each week.  How and why the hell did I get so many games?  What does it mean to me?  Is it merely something for me to spend my money on to sit on a shelf?  Is gaming a trophy piece?  Is it something of bragging rights?  Can I, with all my imports I am unable to understand due to the language barrier still consider myself a gamer?  What do all these games mean to me? 

The questions, I always ask them.  Sometimes I have an answer, sometimes not.  The answer, it is almost always different though.  Sometimes it's a reminder of my childhood when I was still amazed and wowed by gaming simply for the sake of gaming in my own home versus an arcade.  Others, it is a sign of my ability to forage through countless thrift shops, yard sales, and flea markets to find stuff of value for a mere pittance of its current value.  Then there are the times when I look and find the answer in being able to see how gaming has evolved in both the medium of how it's delivered as well as the content it delivers.

Which ever meaning I find, one thing remains.  Gaming has become a deep seated part of both my time and interest.  In the words of an old Virginia Slims ad, Gaming, you've come a long way baby.  To the readers I ask, what does gaming mean to you?

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