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Posted on Jan 1st 2008 at 07:18:57 AM by (hXd)
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2008 is here. For me, it's going to be a fresh start, for various reasons:

1. After debating it all week during my vacation, and facing truths I may or may not have wanted to accept, I decided that I will be moving back to New York as soon as possible. There are a few factors that come with it, such as my not making enough money down here, and that my dad STILL doesn't meet the requirements for the HOPE scholarship. The commute to Georgia State plus having to work on top of that would cut into my homework time, and not only would I slowly go broke but I wouldn't have decent grades due to all of the interference. I feel that this decision is what's best for me, as do most people I know. So I will see it through with my future in mind.

2. I feel as though I'm slowly growing more and more apathetic to the goals I strive for in life. The six months I spent in Georgia playing video games and working being case in point. I need to start practicing art more and get myself a camera so I start taking pictures again. I always wanted to learn Japanese. Get in shape. Learn how to use Photoshop and Illustrator to the most potential that I can use them. Goals that all somehow got thrown to the wayside.

3. I need to start living my life for me instead of constantly walking on eggshells for other people. I need to be unafraid to speak my mind, even if I'm probably wrong. Life's too short to try and please everyone, you can't be afraid to butt heads when it comes down to it.

I did accomplish one thing in 2007 that I have no regrets about: I took chances. I moved down to Georgia in pursuit of a dream that unfortunately didn't come true. But no one can ever say that I didn't try. I took a chance on a girl, and it didn't work out, but I treasure the time we spent together.  I've always played things too safe in my life: never threw my security on the line for a dream, never put my heart on the line for the oppposite sex, and I finally did these things. And if I could do it again, I just might.

And that's the story. Hopefully I can accomplish these things and more.

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Hope things work out good sir!
I echo what Tondog said. May the path you choose to take serve you well.
Aslong as you try, nobody can blame you for not trying Smiley

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