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Posted on Mar 5th 2015 at 12:33:56 PM by (64bit warrior)
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I have a few games in my collection on this site however when searching for a few of them they did not come back as the right game or region. If you check my collection you will see. One of them is not even on this site: "Powerdrome" for original X-Box. Please can someone see to this because it is annoying and is a pain to see that some of my games are put down incorrectly. Is it just because of region or what?

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Submit corrections.
This is a user-generated DB, so if you have something that isn't there, feel free to submit it.
you can also filter your search results, so if you're in north america for example you can filter to only show "north america - regionwide" and you won't get all the other regions.

there are over 96,000 game entries in the database, the site is anything but lacking in games. as raidou said it is user submitted though, so it's far from perfect. if you see a mistake, fix it yourself or post the details in the right topic of the feedback forum for someone else to do it.

an F.A.Q. on submitting to the database if you need any help:
Err..... it's there. Looks like it is entered as "Power Drome," 2 words, not one (http://www.rfgeneration.com/cgi-bin/getinfo.pl?ID=U-075-S-08140-A). The other versions of the game are entered as one word, but I think that the separation of the words is correct. If you have trouble finding a game in the future, use the "Tools" drop down instead of the search bar on the main page. You can customize your search more, like techwizard said, and narrow it down any way you need to. In this case, you could have looked at all XBox games in North American in an alphabetical listing and would have found it. No need to "rant," if you have an issue, post to the appropriate forum and someone will be happy to assist you.

Also, here is a how to use our collection tool guide that I posted on the front page several months ago, which should help you out: http://www.rfgeneration.com/news/welcome/Welcome-to-RFGeneration-2804.php

I have tried before but it did not work
@64bit warrior: If your game is not listed for the region you need. You need to "Submit Game Information" under the Submit tab in the task bar at the top of the page. As the others mentioned, RF Generation is a free site driven by members and the information in our database is updated by members. If you do not see this game for your region listed, you can submit an addition to the database, and once approved, you can then add the game to your collection. Not trying to be a smarta&@ here, but if you're not willing to fill out a little information and add it to the database yourself, then you'll just have to wait who-knows-how-long for some other collector who needs to put the game in their collection to submit an addition. Since many of us probably don't have the game for that specific region, we do not have the proper info, such as the UPC and other things, to add it to the database properly. Ball's in your court.

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