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Posted on Feb 21st 2022 at 02:31:38 PM by (koola6)
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On 2/18/2022, Nintendo announced that they would be shutting down the 3DS and Wii U eShops. As an aspiring game collector (wow wonder where that came from), I would like to delve into that.

Now, what they are actually doing is removing the ability to purchase games "as of late March 2023". However, they have set specific dates for specific things being removed; namely, the ability to add funds using credit cards will go away in May 2022, and with a Nintendo eShop Card in August 2022; the ability to use download codes and purchase free software will go away in March 2023.

I have loved the 3DS and Wii U since launch, and have dwelved several hundred (heck, maybe even thousand) hours into both systems. There are still several digital games which I intend to buy for them.

But what I want to go into is the apparent piracy issue. With the ability to add funds going away in just six months, people will start pirating games because of low stock. Piracy will increase rapidly among these systems.

I see this issue going in one of two ways. 1): Nintendo bans the Nintendo Network ID of pirates as they have been doing for the past decade. 2): Nintendo gives up and focuses on Switch anti-piracy.

If #2 happens, then there will be no reason to buy physical games for the average homebrewed 3DS / Wii U owner.

If #1 happens, then people will be upset because Nintendo is maintaining anti-piracy measures on a system that they discontinued the ability to buy most of the games for.

I think the only silver lining is if Nintendo follows in Sony's footsteps about the closure of the Vita and PS3 stores. I do not expect that to happen, but you can always hope for the better.

I've been koola, and I've had like 3 article ideas this month.

(They're all probably going to be pushed back by at least 4 years.)

Posted on Feb 1st 2022 at 02:00:41 AM by (koola6)
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So I'm finally doing it. I'm writing an article about one of my favorite games ever so far, an article I've put on the backburner of my writing for forever, a game that I have loved ever since I heard about its creation, DELTARUNE.

Now that's pretty high praise, and (I think,) deserving praise. Now, why do I love DELTARUNE so much? It has a really good sense of humor, has amazing music, and is a turn-based RPG. Those are all aspects of games I enjoy. Oh yeah, and it's made by Toby Fox. That too.

So let me elaborate on them all.

The sense of humor is mostly slapstick, and is really well timed for the moment. Everything is checkable, and either leads to a punchline or IS the punchline. Take this beginning segment of DELTARUNE Chapter 2. You just fell into a garbage filled area. There is a trashbag with an eggplant shape. When you see it, you think, "Oh, that's weird". Eventually you walk around and find "an eggplant shaped like a trashbag". I find these little gags funny, and can help relieve the "constant feeling" that most RPGs give.

The music is my next point. DELTARUNE and UNDERTALE's creator, Toby Fox, has an amazing musical talent. So much that I have listened to the soundtracks so much that my own music bears significant resemblance to it.


 (Here, try comparing it.)


 The music is so good it even earned a spot on Nintendo's list of games with the best soundtracks.

Turn-based RPGs have always been one of my favorite genres. Something about them is so relaxing, but it doesn't have the complete and total "lack of game" that a visual novel does. DELTARUNE follows in UNDERTALE's footstep for the most part (I mean, it WAS made by the same creator) in the battle system. It is a mix of turn-based RPG and bullet hell.

DELTARUNE is one of my favorite games ever, and I can't wait to see what comes of it in the next few chapters.

I've been koola, and one of my New Years' resolutions this year was writing more. Can you tell?

(I composed a whole song for an RFGeneration article.
It will be on Spotify sometime soon. Like, 2 days soon.)

Posted on Jan 31st 2022 at 10:33:46 PM by (koola6)
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I don't really have an intro this time.

Anyway, what I want to talk about is a fairly unknown game called Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics. This game is a first party Nintendo title, so of course it got a lot of marketing.

But, here's the weird part to me: after release, it just kind of stopped. I think what happened was a direct response to the public's reaction to the game, which was very lukewarm. Nobody seemed to have any strong opinions one way or the other.

Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics is a collection of.. well, 51 games that have survived for centuries.

There are also a few sports thrown in there.

My favorite games from this collection are Bowling, Mancala and Air Hockey.

Bowling plays in a very similar function to Wii Sports's Bowling game, with the exception of Miis 2 player slots, and the inclusion of more realistic bowling physics.

Mancala is a very simple recreation of the classic game.

Air Hockey is another simple recreation.

What I like about Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics is being able to to play these games online. It is quite fun to be able to play these games online, because it gives me something to work my brain with while still being fun to me.

I've been koola, and this article was a last minute January article to stay on my nonexistant but very annoying schedule that my brain keeps me on for no reason.

(There will be another article today.)

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TowerFall has to be one of my favorite games.
The people who know about this blog from slackur (about 99.9%) know that I love the Jackbox Party Pack series.
A game that I love about equally is TowerFall.

The reason I don't talk about it as often is it's often hard to get setup fast enough to be brought up as a valid suggestion for a family game night or just hanging out with some friends.

For those of you who don't know, TowerFall is a 16-bit 4:3 (usually) game with two main modes: a battle royale mode, and a campaign mode. I'll be talking about the battle royale mode in this article, as it is the one that personally I like better, and I have never tried to complete the campaign, as of yet. The gameplay loop is simple: kill the other players. Now the way you do that is similar to the game Killer Queen Black; each person gets one life per round, and you can kill another person by jumping on them (we like to call that Mario-ing) or shooting your arrow at them. There are many other layers to this concept though.

The safest place to be in TowerFall is most likely always the air, because in the air, you can easily dodge arrows. You can dodge in the air, and this can be used to easily grab onto ledges and climb, steal an arrow going through the air, or simply go places faster. This game was made by the people behind Celeste, so naturally you can only dodge once in the air.

You win the game simply by having enough kills. The points system is based purely on kills.

Using these rules and some background elements, the team at Matt Makes Games (I love that name) was able to create a very addictive game that can be enjoyed pretty much anywhere, anytime.

And that's cool.

I've been koola, and it's 11:09 where I'm writing this; I should probably be getting to bed.

(Falling towers is better than crashing castles.)

Posted on Dec 22nd 2021 at 02:58:21 AM by (koola6)
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Well, I have just been in the RFGeneration swing of things lately. Two articles within four months?

Honestly, I find this a good way to convey my thoughts nicely, and it helps take up time.

So let's talk about Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing, for the two of you not in the loop, is a life simulation game where you are convening with "villagers" and as The Cutting Room Floor puts it, endlessly paying off your debt to a raccoon who has a monopoly over the entire island.

I like metal descriptions of things.

So, in every new Animal Crossing game they add new villagers and new features. Animal Crossing: New Leaf brought the most content changes, before Animal Crossing: New Horizons's newest update. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons you are the Island's Representative. People were lured into the game's new features when the its trailer first dropped. Terraforming (the ability to change the whole natural look of your island), placing furniture outside, and general doing more than you could in the other games, including placing villager's houses wherever you'd like, and better camp features.

When people actually got it into their hands, (myself included) most people were addicted to the game, and its new features.

However, getting used to these features, they quickly dropped the game and now it's getting more shelf time than play time.

The game went over 200 days without any updates at all.

And then, right as they thought Nintendo was done with it, a new update appeared.
This included The Roost, a feature from earlier Animal Crossing games where villagers and you can sit and drink coffee.

People played the game for around a day when this update came out, and then immediately lost interest again.

Now, why was this?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was supposed to be a game you could keep playing forever. But the lack of new features (the only thing if you didn't have the DLC that came with the new update was The Roost), generally no new direction, and lackluster online (this was one of the better games(!)) made people not want to play.

Nintendo has made better games in the past, and I feel like this was one of their edge cases. I'm still for Nintendo, and they can learn from this, I think; if they learned from the Virtual Boy, they can learn from this.

I've been koola, and your 2012 Minecraft dog feels lonely. Please check up on him for me, would you?

(Crossing Animals sounds way worse than Animal Crossing.)

Posted on Dec 19th 2021 at 04:08:56 AM by (koola6)
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Ok, well, I've stopped thinking of creative ways to talk about the delays of my blog posts. I'm supposed to have one every month, right? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-

Well, anyways, I've been coding and Arting(tm) lately as well as have been making more than my fair share of music. Development is going along well.

In my time not spent developing I have been mostly watching YouTube videos; however I have also been replaying through some games including Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Super Mario 3D World, and Super Mario Bros. 3. I'm making my way through OneShot and will hopefully have an article about it in at least 83 years.

I've even started my own game collection as well.

And I'm making it my goal to have learnt toki pona (it's a conlang. That's cool but I won't get into it here) by February 2022.

Wait this article is about Baba Is You?

The game I find my self coming back to the most now that I've coped with the fact that I can't beat every game is Baba Is You. As previously described like a year ago, it is a block pushing puzzle game where the rules themselves are present on the screen as blocks that can be pushed around.

It recently recieved a level editor update, which piqued my interest. Now, the level editor isn't exactly new, as it has been around in the PC version for a year now.

Unfortunately I have no way of buying stuff on my PC so this has been unreachable for me until now.

I must say the controls for the level editor are rather weird; I think that since it's been on PC so long, the developer had to make a way for it to work on Switch. It literally uses all the buttons on the controller for different functions.

Now, the level editor is extremely versatile. It contains every word in the game. Because this game is essentially a programming language in and of itself, this allows you to take the Minecraft Redstone approach and build computers, so long as they fit into 64 x 32 squares.

This means that you can make music, games, and other stuff really easily.

Also, part of the level editor itself is the existence of levelpacks, which are essentially entire games made with levels from the level editor. In simpler terms, the entire original release of the game is a levelpack, and you can make games that big using levelpacks.

Now, the developer has added 2 whole new games' worth of content into Baba is You.

This is the type of developer support I want to see in more games. I (as a developer) want to do that, and I hope more games can learn from Baba Is You, to make more games finished, and then add content down the line if they ever want to.

You simply don't see that in AAA games, from my point of view. EA gets bashed so many times for this, and rightfully so, in my opinion.

If you're a aspiring game developer, heed my advice.

This has been koola, and I just thought of ending my articles like this.

(Baba Is You has influenced my music so much, so that's another reason.)

Posted on Aug 12th 2021 at 10:11:15 PM by (koola6)
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So I figured that instead of using my Instagram to post devlogs (never do that sort of thing on any social), I would just use RFGeneration since I've been on there a few years, and you guys are listed in the opening splashes after all; truly, after putting some time into actual developing. amazing job bickman how do you do it so good*

So, recap, I've been working on this thing for a few months. It's been...


interesting, to say the least.

but rewarding when you actually get something working.

 As of this week, I have made a grand total of 4 whole songs for it and added a title screen and tutorial.

 I want to add a dialogue box soon, and actual dialogue.

*Shadow Kisuragi, you are good too. To all the developers who may be reading this, good job.

Posted on Jul 22nd 2021 at 07:07:36 PM by (koola6)
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It's been a while since my P5R article, so I felt like I should give a bit of an update. I'm making my own game!!! It's being made in Unity using C#, and, while I do not enjoy developing it, I do enjoy the satisfaction I get from completing a feature. I've started a group to help me make it, namely Lekooliatris Games, however, I make the game for the most part. One member helps with debugging my code, which is very nice. I've even made some music for it! You can listen to it on Spotify and YouTube, in a week from when this is being posted, (will update when it goes live), and...

...Well. I got a bit too excited there, didn't I? Let's rewind a bit. This all started upon the reveal of Game Builder Garage, (which I'm going to make an article about sometime) which kind of got me excited to make a game in it. I started thinking, "How would I go about this without some sort of group?" and that's when I got to work on setting stuff up for Lekooliatris Games. I came up with the name for the group randomly in my head, funnily enough. After everything was said and done, I wondered, "What's this sort of thing without any games?" So I started it. Not in Game Builder Garage, but in Unity.

I've added and added to that project, until I remade it with less hardcoding and better code.

So, "what is this? How do I get it? When is this release date? Tell me the name of the game already!"

Well, I'll answer those questions individually.

"what is this?" It is a 2D, pixel-art, indie, New Super Mario Bros - style platformer.

"How do I get it?" It's not released yet, so you can't get it yet. However, you can download the PC and Android prototypes right now! https://omnifate.fandom.com/wiki/Prototypes

And finally, "Tell me the name of the game already!" Another thing I came up off of the top of my head, Omnifate.

*probably spoilers, I do not know yet, read at your own risk*

I plan to have a sort of multi-ending system, and at the end of the game someone reviews all of your actions and gives you your "Omnifate"; you also earn a fitting achievement for that ending.
(Yes, NieR already took that. I know.)

*you are good now*

This is going to take an extremely long time to come out, probably more than a couple years, but I will be releasing prototypes and alphas and betas for it.

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First of all, I would like to apologize for not uploading an article in... 5 months. I've been busy, with school and playing this game: Persona 5 Royal. (Sidenote: I never actually played the original Persona 5 before.)
Simply put, this game is amazing. It has so much going for it. An awesome story, soundtrack, and battle system, along with the extras found in Royal; and that's how I am going to be ordering it! I figured I would try a new style  for The Brilliance Of, being, listing all of the greats in a certain order, and going in depth about each one. Starting with the story, here is why Persona 5 (Royal) is brilliant. Oh, yeah, major

                                                                                                                                   SPOILER WARNING
                                                                               Considering I am going to be going the entire story, this is your turning point. Play this awesome game and come back later if you haven't.
I will be going over my entire playthrough and strategy (or lack thereof) and discussing it along the way.
When I originally started this game, I played up until I got to the part in Kamoshida's Palace where it shows Ann in a bikini, wearing cat ears. I stopped immediately, and didn't continue playing until January 2021. After that, I got lost throughout Kamoshida's Palace a lot, and every time, looked up a guide, and used it to continue further. I did this off and on throughout the rest of the game, too. Kamoshida's Palace is very disturbing, and it could probably be the most disturbing Palace except for Futaba's. When I got to Shadow Kamoshida, I was a bit confused about his look, with his tounge sticking out everywhere and all, so I asked a friend, and apparently, it is a popular thing in anime. Next is Madarame's Palace, which I got through at a steadfast pace the entire time. The moving paintings disturbed me the first time, but I got used to them. besides that, it wasn't very disturbing, as a stark contrast to Kamoshida's Palace. After that is Kaneshiro's Palace, which is the Palace I got stuck in for the longest time. The problem was in finding the camera box to stop the two guards guiding the Laundering Office. I checked bug reports, Discord servers, basically anywhere I could find, and nothing came up. Except for a YouTube video guide, which helped me and I beat the rest of the Palace using guides after that since I didn't want something like that to happen again. Next is Futaba's Palace, and it's in this part of the story that my mom joins in, which considering the story, is both ironical and upsetting. It was super depressing: all the stuff in Futaba's Palace. (Although I did kinda like the hadcker [side?] story part of it.) After that was Okumura's Palace, which I would say was super quick, except for one cr4ucial detail: the boss. I literally could not beat the boss at the difficulty I was in, (Easy) so I aswapped difficulties to Safe. Now back to the bigger picture of the story: It was at this point that Akechi really starts to take notice of the Phantom Thieves (he had done it before) and I hate Akechi, (that's my opion) and the story focused so hard on Akechi, it was kind of making me angry. (I think that's the point of this story) Another Boss Focus Point: Cognitive Wakaba Isshiki. My mom was there the entire time, giving me points; because I had never bought enough healing items, this battle took me 40 MINUTES to beat. After that... monstrosity, we move on to Sae's Palace (Niijima's Palace), which, being long, was not hard, save for the maze section. And then Joker gets arrested. I was so afraid of this that my body was literally shaking. Akechi tries to kill Joker (which was pretty much expected, to be honest, [from me anyways]), and the games tells you to save. It is revealed in the Velvet Room (when I think velvet I think red, not blue) that this was all a ploy by the Phantom Thieves to trick Akechi. Sae joins thwe Phantom Thieves' side, and they take down Shido. Nothing really happens after the press conference Shido had due to his change of heart, and the Phantom Thieves are out of options. Morgana brings up Mementos, and apparently you will get arrested again(?) (Why is it never explained?) You change the public's heart, defeating Yaldabaoth, aJoker turns himself in, thereby removing his criminal record in a court case against Shido, and Joker moves out. The end(ing) that I got.

The story was really great, however the ending was a bit anticlimactic.

The music in this game is, like the rest of the game, brilliant. There are only a few tracks that I don't like, being Yaldabaoth, and The Whims of Fate. In fact, I like it so much, I listen to it as pretty much 75% of all music I listen to now. As I am writing this article I am listening to Persona 5 music. When I am playing Smash, I always pick Mementos as the stage, not only because I like Persona 5 as a game, but also for the music.

   Battle system:
 I've always liked RPGs' battle systems to an extent, but, like all other things that it does, Persona 5 Royal masters it. I've heard complaints that the original Persona 5's battle system was bad, so that just proves my point even better. I don't really have anything to compare it to, however.

   Extras for Royal:
Due to my failure to increase the neccesary Confidants, I never got to experience Maruki's Palace. I do really like Maruki (I have not seen his backstory, so if it is dark, don't be offended) and Kasumi. the Thieves Den is wondrous, and I bet before Persona 5 Royal came out, people were wanting something like it a ton.

Thanks for reading me rant about my new favorite game! Sorry for the wait!

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"Well, I've explained this many times on the RFGeneration Discord, and also explained this in my last article, but my original article for October got deleted when my browser crashed as I was entering in my password to upload/publish it.  Thus, I am remaking the article for my article in November."
(All original text will be marked in '' and edits in "". Due to the original text being in '' I will be replacing all 's with `s)
'Well, it`s been a while since we first got into quarantine, hasn`t it? I don`t know about you, but my sense of time is pretty much eradicated. A lot of the time I`ve been sitting around, playing video games, and watching YouTube. So, here is another list, this time Multiplayer Online Games to Play.' "5, it ended up being." 'This list isn't in any particular order, just games I`d recommend.

'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the latest installment in the Super Smash Bros. series, following Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.' "(Sidenote: I know a lot of people will say that Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U are the same game, but in a Famitsu column [hope I'm spelling that right] Sakurai said that he thinks of them as two separate games.)" 'and preceding [REDACTED]. When you are at the main menu for the game, you can select Online from the modes, which brings you to a screen with Quickplay, Online Tournament, Spectate, and Arenas. Pressing Quickplay will bring you to a screen with 3 options, Solo Battle, Local Battle, and Preferred Rules. Solo Battle will randomly match you with a person with one or more same or similar Preferred Rules (if none are set, it'll be random) and Local Battle will let you team up with up to 2 people in the same lobby and choose randomly to play online with someone and their teammate. Spectate will let you spectate a match. If you have Gold, you can bet that on a person, and if that person wins, you get double the money. If they don`t, then you get 10-40 Gold depending on your GSP. Online Tournament will put you in a tournament of 64 people with predetermined rules based on events. Arenas are areas with 4 different areas. You can be on the sidelines, where you Spectate the current match (same rules as usual Spectating), Battle Lines, a waiting room for people that don't get in, and The Ring, where people battle each other.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a raci-wait. Of course, you know what Mario Kart is. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe`s online system is perfect, in my opinion. When you boot up the game past the title screen, you get 4 options, 2 of which we`re not going to be focusing on: Grand Prix, Vs Race, Online (1 Player), and Online (2 Players). Online (1 Player) and Online (2 Players) work in almost the same way. In Online (2 Players), there is a split-screen for each of the players. When you click either of these modes, you are brought to another mode selection screen, with four options: Random, VS Race, Clubs, and Battle. Randoms will have you race 12 people, randomly selected. VS Race is just the VS race from the start screen, but with 12 randomly selected players. Clubs are, well, clubs, that you can join. They are organized into the most popular. In clubs, makers can choose when they will be online, what games/modes they will orient through, and cap the number of players.

Minecraft Dungeons is a 4-player dungeon crawler set in the Minecraft universe.' "Hey past me, shouldn't it be up to? Anyways..." 'In the game, you can enchant stuff for things like extra damage and hitting opponents close to your general location. That's about all I have to say about the general gameplay. It is fun, though, don't get me mistaken. When you load your game, you have to pick the character that you have saved to. Other people can join by pressing buttons on their controller if your game is set to Offline. If you have your mode set to Online, people whom you invite over Xbox Live.

Super Mario Party is yet another Mario Party. This is actually the first one to have online play, surprisingly. When you select Online from the main menu, you can make or join lobbies. The online isn't that great, depending on who you encounter, but I felt like it deserved the list because of the amount of replayability. I was going to have Mario Maker 2 take this spot, but...

Super Mario Maker 2 is a game-maker made by Nintendo in 2019. When you select Online Play from Coursebot, you are given four options: Multiplayer Versus, Multiplayer Co-op, Local Play,' "(Sidenote: Why is Local play in Online Play?)" 'and With Friends. Multiplayer Versus will have you matched with up to four people to race for the goal of a randomly selected course, depending on four difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Expert, and Super Expert. There is a level-up system, but this article is already long to begin with, and I'm planning on making a The Brilliance Of article for Mario Maker 2, so I think I won't go over it in this article. Multiplayer Co-op is like regular multiplayer in the New Super Mario Bros series, but with a randomly selected course based on the four difficulty levels again. With Friends lets you set the stage, difficulty levels, and mode from Multiplayer Versus and Multiplayer Co-op. The host can set a password for the room too, just in case you have friends that want to... I don't even know. Local Play behaves almost exactly like With Friends, but with LAN now instead of friends, and only the host has to have Wi-Fi.

I apologize for all the rushing of this article. I was trying to touch-type this one (I still suck at touch-typing) so that's where most of the issues arose.

Posted on Oct 16th 2020 at 06:29:34 PM by (koola6)
Posted under it wouldnt accept my actual tag so heres a tag instead to go in this place, super mario bros 35, battle royale, the brilliance of, wait why is bros in the title if luigis not in the game, edit he

So, as always, here's a small backstory before we get into the actual meat of the article. The last article that I made, I wrote on Monday, actually, intending it to release by 5. (pm) (est) But, for whatever reason, my browser decided it would be okey-dokey to just crash right as I was entering my password to accept the publishment of the article. So now, I can officially say, "Hi from Notepad!"

Recently, Nintendo just gave out TO EVERYONE a week of free Nintendo Switch Online, redeemable til' November 17th, (Oh gosh, I'm  becoming the commercial!) which influenced me to get Super Mario Bros. 35, which along with Prinny (The Brilliance Of article coming when I actually beat the game) I've been loving and playing for the past few days a LOT. (Maaybe too much.) So, the basic premise of Super Mario Bros. 35 is it's the original Super Mario Bros., but with 34 other players (each with their own screens), and when you kill an enemy, it gets sent to whoever you're targeting's game.

But, there's more to it than that. When you start the game, you are presented with four buttons: 35-Player Battle, Course Practice, Stats, and Options respectively. 35-Player Battle is the main game (I'll get to that in a bit), Course Practice is where you can practice certain courses from the game that you've unlocked, Stats is, well stats, and in Options you can change your control bindings.

Like I said, 35-Player Battle is the main game. When you click on it, you are presented with what course routes you've unlocked. A course route (that's what I call them, anyway) starts with 1-1, then the actual course you chose, then a random castle/4th level of a random world from the game. After you beat the last level of a given course route, then you restart it. In 1-2 and 4-2, the warp zones will have randomly chosen courses. There are a couple of ways to unlock course routes, although they all result in you ultimately beating a course. The first one is through the warp zones. Another is through beating certain courses in a given world. Still another is through the castle randomizer.The last is through leveling up.

After you chose your course route, its time for the actual game. 

Like I said before, killing enemies sends them to whoever you're targeting's game. Killing enemies with jumps or shells earns you combos, which can get you more time and more experience. (You start with 35 seconds) The first enemy you kill earns you +2 seconds, then +3, then +4, and so on, til' it caps out at +11 for jumps and +13 for shells. Killing enemies with fireballs or shells will earn you +1 second per enemy, which doesn't increase, so if you're looking for a net increase of time, then you have to kill multiple within one second. (I really hope that's a glitch and gets patched out.) There are five main targeting styles, which is similar to Tetris 99 (it's literally the same icon but with different text), Lowest Time, Most Coins, Attackers, Random, and just directly targeting a player. They all are what they sound like. If somebody's targeting you, you'll get an indicator of who's targeting you, and a little 'WATCH OUT!!' icon.

                                             -PLAY THE GAME BEFORE READING BELOW-

My ideal stategy is to choose the 1-2 route, and get to 1-2. Play the game like normal til' you get to the part with the platforms going up. Hitch a ride on one, and make it to the Warp Zone, leaving a small hole for you to nudge into. If the Warp Zone takes you to 1-2, repeat. If it doesnt, go into the hole you created , head up the pipe, and beat the course route and try again.

                                  -OK, PEOPLE WHO HAVEN'T PLAYED THE GAME ARE FINE HERE-

Overall, I like Super Mario Bros. 35. I'd recommend it. I already said how I liked it in the main article, so go read the main article. Bye! See you tomorrow or in a few hours with my actual article for the month!

Posted on Sep 9th 2020 at 09:09:11 PM by (koola6)
Posted under how to forget how to live losing your mind to a 15 dollar puzzle game., the brilliance of, baba is you

Welcome to the first of a series called The Brilliance Of! In this series I plan on showing my favorite ames and reasons why you should play them!

Baba Is You is a puzzle game. Now, before you go click off this article, I didn't like puzzle games either, until this game led me to explore the genre again. Baba Is You is a 2D box-shover puzzle game, but it gets more advanced than that. In the game you control a character named Baba. I couldn't find good art of this guy online. Sorry. So, like I said, this game is a box-shover. You move this Baba around (the developer puposely made the character a blank slate [I will admit it does look like a sheep though]) and move rocks.

                                                                       here's my first
                                                                   SPOILER WARNING

If you plan on playing this game, here are the links:
Nintendo Switch: https://www.nintendo.com/...etail/baba-is-you-switch/
Steam: https://store.steampowere...m/app/736260/Baba_Is_You/
Developer official website: http://www.hempuli.com/baba/

Ok, now back to our SCHEDULED PROGAMMING, in this game, the rules of the game are actual blocks that can be pushed around. For example, WALL IS STOP is a rule that is used commonly, meaning that you can't go through walls. Another one used commonly is ROCK IS PUSH, meaning that by holding to rocks, you can move them one tile per turn holding to them. BABA IS YOU meaning that you control Baba. The last one of the bunch is FLAG IS WIN, meaning that if you touch the yellow flag you win the course, meaning that you get one flower added to your total and unlock the next PATH in the set of the world you're in. Now, by pushing these rule blocks into other sentences, such as WALL IS PUSH, FLAG IS STOP, ROCK IS YOU, and BABA IS WIN. These sentences act like their usual counterparts, too.

                                            Congratulations, you just unlocked another
                                                                SPOILER WARNING

     Seriously, if you haven't played the game and intend to, it's probably in your best interest to
                                                          not read beyond this point.

After playing the game for a long period of time, you'll start to realize that everything can be interacted with in this way. From the characters to the collision to the way game works to the levels entirely, everything can be interacted with. And there isn't a difficulty spike, either. Every time you step into another area or world, they introduce a new concept and they build on difficulty over the course of the world or area. The developer, Arvi Tekari (Hempuli), says that the way he does this is he'll take a concept and create a level, then work backwards from the solution to create a fun and enjoyable experience for the player. This game made coding, in part, seem much more fun to me then before. And, coding is fun, by the way. I know that now after, let's see here, 5 hours of coding.

                                                              GNINRAW RELIOPS
                                        I'd recommend reading this before purchasing the game.

In other areas, Baba Is You will still excel. The music is perfect. It's my second favorite video game music. It is a treat to listen to. Baba Is You is great for the price, too.This is the best game you can get on Switch for $15. It even sometimes goes on sale!

This was a pain to make, but worth it.

Posted on Sep 2nd 2020 at 09:21:56 PM by (koola6)
Posted under coding, coding, video games, the stability of video games, the stuggles in each, help im running out of tags oh no

So, I think that I can say that my last post was good. Thank you to everyone that said that it was good! I didn't think that it would be like that! Back to the point at hand. (Not like I even started with a point... [wait I'm delaying myself even more my saying that ARRRRRRRRRGhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh])

So, I think that most of my family can agree that my hobby is glitching/breaking/bugging-out/bugging out games. (Heck, I've even broken the hyperlinked images on my blog. If it doesn't show reload the page. [Sorry, bickman2k.]) Traditionally breaking games is easy, if you know where to pick at. Platformer genre in general is all about clipping into things. Role-playing, executing more than one move at once, or dealing too much damage at once. Shooter, clipping and dealing too much damage at once. You probably can guess. PC games allow you to mess with the games files, allowing you to break the game(s) really easy. Here's an example:

Say Example: The Movie: The Game wants to access file1.fileex And file2.fileex is something you want to break the game by accesing earlier than intended.

Rename file2.fileex to file1.fileex (Usually most files in a game like this that are gonna work are of the same file extension, in this case .fileex , but if they are of different extensions, then they need to be the same.)

And, if your game didn't crash, then congratulations, you've caused the game to load the wrong file!

Now usually it will carry out instructions that are contained in the file that it just loaded. (file2.fileex)

(If you're wondering how I glitched out the hyperlinked images on RFGeneration, I created a .png file with only one letter in its base:m. By doing that, most websites will cause them to not even show an image, breaking the tag altogether. [If I hurt your feelings bickman2k, then sorry.])

Now here's the part where coding comes in. Most of my breaking games actually helps in coding because then it's easy to understand what's going on behind the scenes in the games. I've seen t-poses, a-poses, unanimated models and sprites, completely given up games, confused games, black screens and wait-- 

Rebooting MerryGoRoundGaming's_trying_to_write_an_article.exe...


Anyways, as I was saying, I've seen a lot of how games break. And that helps me code, because I know what the polished developers do.

Coding is fun, but often times it can be very repetitive. Variables are my friend. It is fun to code, in my opinion.

In summary, I just like to test things and see what I can mess with.

Whew! I haven't gotten to geek out like that in a while!


Crash image owned by Nintendo, used in one of GameXplain's videos, where I promptly edited it.

Posted on Aug 6th 2020 at 08:34:15 PM by (koola6)
Posted under Listing my favorite games, slackur, life in general, video games, list

Hello, everybody! I finally worked up enough courage to write an article on here. It was mostly slackur that helped me work up the courage so kudos to him. Speaking of which, I am his son. I have said this many times over, but this feels kinda final, y'know? Now, obviously, living in a house with well over 15,000 games will be making you want to play them. slackur has a rule in his house so that every  hour we are outside is  hour of screen time. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays I have to be outside, using the aformentioned rule, Play with my younger brother and his therapist or do chores to earn screen time. On Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays I can play video games whenever I so choose. Game genres like RPGs, Puzzles and Sandboxes and Platformers appeal to me. I'm actually making my way through Miitopia right now. This is a list of my favorite games, in no particular order.
I feel like I want to get at least a "good amount of video games" but I do feel like my collection is too small at times. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of my favorite games. I really like playing it, but I did get bored of it. Sometimes I wonder if I get too bored of games too often...

Miitopia has quickly became one of my favorite games lately. I've been playing it pretty much whenever I have an excuse to. I don't really have any "good aspects of it" to list, it's just a good game overall.

Like Animal Crossing, Tomadachi Life is one of those games that you can just unwind and play. I would say it is very different to people, most people think it's too boring, others think it's really fun. I think it is really fun, myself, which is why I'm putting it on this list.

Nintendo Land is a party game that I would reccomend. Some people say that it's Gimmicks: The Game, which to that, I say "It's definitely not." If you haven't yet, grab a few friends and play this game. It's definitely worth your while. Just, play this game with friends that trust you.

Mario Party 10 is another great party game. I listed "Mario Party 10" and not "Super Mario Party" because, I like Mario Party 10's Bowser Party Mode. If you're playing Bowser Party, definitely play it with people that really trust you, because it can get really hectic. And speaking of hectic...

Cuphead is not my kind of game, but It's definitely one that I'd reccomend. Play it, and you'll understand why.

Luigi's Mansion 3 is a game that really blew me away. I played some of "Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon", (or Luigi's Mansion 2 If you're not from South Korea or North America), and I just didn't really like it at all. But, when Luigi's Mansion 3 came out, I thought I'd give the series a second chance. And boy, did I like Luigi's Mansion 3. it was one of my favorite games of 2019, actually. It's a puzzle game, and a really funny one, at that.

Now, I love coding and I kinda like puzzle games, so what about a game that combines those two things?
Baba Is You is my favorite game. You control a critter called Baba, and you move blocks. But that's not all. The actual rules of the game, are, themselves, blocks that can be pushed around, allowing you to completely mess with the game. Now, I like glitching/messing around with games, and Baba Is You is a playground encouraging breaking the game up to solve the puzzles.

Now, I dwove many hours into the original Super Mario Maker, just messing around with it, and seeing what I could do in it. Now, you can imagine my surprise and love when the sequel was announced. I sold a lot of my game collection just to get this one game. Granted, most of those were games I did never play, but still.

Now, me, my older brother, my friend and her sister used to play Castle Crashers all the time. When they announced Castle Crashers Remastered, I knew I had to pick it up. And so far, slackur hasn't gotten Castle Crashers Remastered yet. So that's a game that I have that he doesn't! (At least on Switch, anyway)

And that just about does it for my favorite games list. I thank you for reading you all the way through!

All images in this article are from Wikipedia.

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