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Posted on Dec 3rd 2012 at 06:53:35 PM by (GamerNick)
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Hey everyone for my birthday today Bill (Engel762) and I decided to do some shopping as I had Gamers hold a complete (not boxed) Sega Master System 1 for him.  So after a decent night at work I am exhausted now as I write this (sleep the rest of my bday away I bet lol haha).  Today was a great birthday and a great day to go hunting for Bill and I.  First off we head to our usual place HPB and Bill picked up some great stuff a lot more than me but it was all cheap he got some Warcraft Manga and some other pretty sweet stuff! I picked up two Manga Disgaea and Disgaea 2 Vol. 1, Bill bought me some Garfield Fat Cat 3 Pack Books (love Garfield lol for Gas) and for trade for a SMS Light Gun he bought me CIB/Mint Beauty & The Beast Roar of the Beast. Then we were off to Gamers and as I mentioned before our main reason to going there today was to pick up his very own SMS 1 system which he has been trying to find complete for a while~well he got one in pretty good shape too. While we were there the ASM whom which is awesome let us dig through a box of games that they had sitting in back.  Well there were a ton of NES games, a broken Coleco cord, a dirty ColecoVision and a bunch of other stuff then I saw Three Dirty Dwarves!!! I was stoked as I have been wanting to get this game for a while then we dug through the box some more found a Made In Hong Kong - Basic Version of Mario Bros. on Atari 7800, Pitfall 2 Atari 2600 - I bought that for Bill, Omega Race for Coleco (Previous blog a few weeks ago I picked up Omega Race for Atari 2600).  I also picked up Blades of Vengeance - CIB, Captain America and the Avengers -CIB.  Also picked up in part of a trade (which I was actually planning on buying myself on Friday - Thanks again Bill!) Romance III - CIB very minty.  Also the ASM gave me a bag of manuals mostly SNES free.  Then we were off to another Gamers where I got my birthday present from Bill Nosferatu still in the original shrink wrap but opened!!! The Gamers guy wanted to rip it off I am like no don't! But he did start to tear it so I taped it back up NO I DIDN"T CATCH ANY OF THE BOX! But this game is so mint it is practically brand new! This is probably my best bday present in a long long time! Thank a lot Bill!! Then we were off to Game Vault were Bill picked up his first Boxed N64 game at a good price but I will let him tell you his side of the day.  But here is the run down! and then Pictures.  Please Comment!!!

*HPB -
-Disgaea 1 Manga - $1.00
-Disgaea 2 - V1 - Manga - $1.00
*Beauty & The Beast: Roar of the Beast - Genesis - (Trade) $4.00

*Gamers #1 -
-Three Dirty Dwarves (Partial Trade) - CIB - Sega Saturn - $4.95
-Mario Bros - Atari 7800 - Made in Hong Kong - $1.95
-Omega Race - ColecoVision - $1.95
-Blades of Vengeance - Genesis - CIB - $4.95
-Captain America and the Avengers - Genesis - CIB - $4.95
-Romance of the Three Kingdoms III - Genesis - CIB - (Trade) - $9.95
-N64 Game Storage Case - $0.95 (needs a lot of work)

*Gamers 2 -
-Nosferatu - CIB - SNES - MINT - $34.95 - Birthday Present


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That box art for Nosferatu is so cool! Sounds like it was a great day for game pick-ups.

Happy birthday!
@Fleach:  Thanks! It was a great day for pick ups Smiley I agree the box art is so cool.
Romance of the Three Kingdoms III.... *drool*
Also, I don't think I've ever seen Blades of Vengeance here in the time I've looked.

Nice finds on the manga, manuals, and Three Dirty Dwarves. Also, happy birthday, and I hope you enjoy that Nosferatu.
@Shadow Kisuragi: Thanks Shadow.  I will enjoy the Nosferatu we saw a cart copy earlier in the day for the same price lol.  If we ever come across another Romance 3 for that price maybe will pick it up for ya ;-) I also don't think I have ever seen a Blade of Vengeance in most stores I have been too maybe CD Tradepost once but not really on here at all.

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