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Posted on Feb 20th 2014 at 10:39:00 AM by (GamerNick)
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Hey Everyone!! Well it's been a long time since I have done a blog on Game Hunting.  For a while I was just posting in the Small Score's Thread, I might still occasionally post in there but probably not often.  A few reason I have been away for a while is well got to have cash to spend which I didn't have much cheap but the best news is my brother Steven is back at collecting 100% as he was finally able to pay down some of his debt.  Me on the other hand I got my taxes back and finished paying off all but one bill I have yet to get the total on as it's getting adjusted (but no need to get into details about that). 

As you saw on the promo on this blog that it was under construction and coming soon with a Sega Saturn and Nintendo Logos :-)  Well there is definitely more Sega Saturn in this month's score than anything.  First thing is first this year I am taking a little break from NES unless I get some stuff cheap and I decided I am going to go CIB from here on out a little pricey you say? Yes it is but I also decided there is going to be a couple of titles IE Flintstones 2, Little Samson and probably Zombie Nation that I will not go for CIB.

I have been talking with a fellow member on here for a while about his Sega Saturn stuff as he has always had an impressive collection especially teasing me with photos of everything ;-)  I want to send a shout out and a VERY VERY BIG THANK YOU!!! To TYNSTAR!!! This guy rocks buying a bulk lot of Sega Saturn Games is fun --meaning yes I am buying more :-)  But for starters I got some of the big hits out of the way.   SO this year I am totally focusing on a Complete Sega Saturn Set (Except for One game for now---although he does own it).   Again Thank You Again Tynstar very much and can't wait to keep working with you!!!

The other member I have been talking to and have done dealings with in the past Shadow (Just plain Shadow :-) not or fearless leader Shadow Kirsuagi.  I bought a ton of Nintendo Powers, books and strategy guides from him.  Note I did buy a bunch of NP's that I already have BUT the reason I did is because I can use these ones to thumb through instead of the nice minty ones I picked up last September :-) Although these ones I bought are also in very nice condition as well :-) THANKS SHADOW!!! It has been a great pleasure hope to continue working with you too :-)

There is a ton of more stuff mostly of which either my brother grabbed or I grabbed.  There is a ton of photos so hopefully everything will fit in this first blog OR I will just post another blog in continuation of this one :-)

Let's just start with the Sega Saturn Games from Tynstar to be Safe! 

BIG BOX HUH!?!?! Biggest box I have ever had. 

Some of my favorites and another picture of the Boxed System and Demo Discs!

Looks like I have more room :-)  Next set of photos were either pick ups from my brother or me at a local store or on eBay.  We did take a little trip to Lincoln and my brother was in his glory for big box PC Games.  Me I just picked up another Saturn title to scratch off the list.  We both picked up Xbox One's (sadly I am not enjoying it as much as I hoped at his point...needs to be a Halo soon!!!) Also I won't be giving it up as I know there is some good games on their way :-) ALSO KEEP IN MIND this all took place over the whole month of February as we both got our many at different times.

Little Brother's Grabs:

**He Bought Tailspin - CIB - Very Minty**

(I bought Galaxy Fight for Sega Saturn)

(I bought Shin Megami Tensei IV - The game is Sealed sadly the rest is open)

The Rest of the Grabs Mixed my brother and I:

**The Bravely Default CE - I had this thing on Pre-Order since the game was announced glad I did--and yes as with most of CE's it's staying sealed. ---The Panzer Dragoon Orta is the Demo Disc from Hollywood Video.

Stuff From Shadow Smiley

Won these on eBay Cheap - mainly for one Box Smiley Had a blockbuster sticker on back got it off without any problems - The wonders De-Solve It and a hair dryer can do.

Monster in my Pocket & Racket Attack Manuals to complete the boxed copies in the earlier photo.

FINALLY GOT The last Working Designs game on Saturn we need - I have one or two better condition copies of a game or two coming from Tynstar in the next Lot I am buying :-)

Again I want to THANK a ton to TYNSTAR and SHADOW!!!

I was going to make a video --still might but please leave your comments below :-)

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Saturn huh

F the NES
@Tynstar: F YOU, man! Tongue
Easy now Mr. Norch the stuff your sending me will also be in here once it gets here.
Holy cow
Still waiting on one more box from Mr. Norch to add to this blog :-)

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