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Posted on Nov 28th 2012 at 02:39:43 PM by (GamerNick)
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Hey everyone today I decided to sell of some more DVD's to pick up some games I had on hold at Gamers but made a couple of other stops along the way.  Today I started off by going to CD Tradepost where I traded my movies.  Then I went onto Good Bytes and picked up a Boxed PC which is J.R.R. Tolkein's War in Middle Earth - kind of funny since the Hobbit comes out in a couple of weeks!  This thing is 100% complete all 3 floppies and even the map and product guide I mean it has everything!!! Got it dirt cheap too.  Then I went to Half Price Books they didn't have much wonder why.  But I looked in the case and picked up quite a few Commodore 64 Carts to add to my collection of growing C64/128 stuff.  Then off to Gamers to pick up my on hold games and some other nice games I picked up.  The games I had on hold were Skies of Arcadia & Stubbs the Zombie on Xbox which I have been looking for forever! Lollipop Lollipop now the damn trailer song is stuck in my head again!  But I also picked up Resident Evil Long Box PS1, Action Fighter & Out Run SMS Boxed Complete, and Samurai Showdown on Genesis Complete.  Here is the run down and picture to follow!

Good Bytes:
*War In Middle Earth - So Complete - $2.00

Half Price Books:  -- All prices are marked at what I would of paid BUT I had a 15% discount off total purchase there!!! So you can all figure it out.
*Jupiter Lander - C64 Cart (all of the C64 Stuff are Carts to follow) - $4.00
*Omega Race - $4.00
*Speed/Bingo Math - $4.00
*Tooth Invaders - $4.00
*Visible Solar System - $4.00

Gamers: - Had a huge discount there as well
*Skies of Arcadia - $40.00 but I got it for $30.00
*Resident Evil PS1 Long Box - $18.00
*Stubbs: The Zombie - $25.00 but got it for $15.00
*Action Fighter - SMS - CIB - $4.00
*Out Run - SMS - CIB - $4.00
*Samurai Shodown - Genesis - $5.00

That is all folks!

Here is the Picture:

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Hey everyone. My brother and I have collected a lot of games throughout the years. We have a huge collection of games spanning from Pong Systems to the most recent systems. We also have Japanese systems and lot of cool video game related items. Check out our blogs from time to time because we "score" a lot at our video game stores, flea markets, and of course eBay.
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