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Top 10: The best video games of the 90s by paperhelp

Clear rules. Only one game from each saga; it isn't easy, but we have to get it. As for the '80s, there is no order difficult enough it is already to give with this list as for above to have to put some above others. Super Nintendo, Playstation, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64. They are many machines for a single decade, and it has been inevitable to look for the points of inflection of a golden decade for the industry of the video game; so you are not very hard with me if you miss many titles of your favorite console (I promise your TOP 10 exclusive in some moment...). For the moment, please take a look at the TOP 10 of the '90s and tell us what your list would be.

Street Fighter 2' (1991)

King of kings. We didn't put the original because we had to choose only one, and that bonus that the Turbo's compensation and the inclusion of the final bosses in the selection screen were enough for us. You could be from Street Fighter or die-hard fans of SNK and their NEO-GEO, but if something is undeniable, Capcom gave the starting shot in the genre, and the keys for everyone else know how to do it well. They didn't get it right the first time (the first SF was pretty loose), but they marked it with fire when they did. Almost 25 years later, it's the same six buttons, the forcefulness of each of their shots hasn't changed one iota, and it's still just as much fun for two players.

Sonic (1991)

I look back now and see Sonic, one of the most overrated games in history, but I would be lying if I said it didn't change my childhood. Until the first Super Nintendo fell into my hands, the Mega Drive was the queen of my house, and Sonic was a character with character and a sensational flagship. Today I play it, and I see a game with serious design flaws (like the almost zero reaction time to the enemies that appear on the screen at such speeds), but the blue hedgehog of SEGA had its decade and knew how to take advantage of it.

Metal Gear Solid (1998)

Almost newly landed in the polygon world and Mr. Hideo Kojima gets us into a spy movie. MGS took away any limitations that video games had until that moment. It is a superb story-telling, long and spectacular video sequences, a real protagonist, and unsurpassed villains casting. Since then, those four points have been the saga's fundamental pillars, and with more or less grace, they have always been fulfilled. Perhaps it is a phrase linked to an era of discovery and technological development, but what Metal Gear Solid did on Playstation can never be repeated.

Final Fantasy VII (1997)

Accustomed to the Super Nintendo pixel, Squaresoft RPG fans had reason to drop a couple of tears when Sony showed the future of the franchise with the entry of the CD-ROM. Video sequences to develop the story, pre-rendered scenarios of undeniable beauty, and, of course, the usual turn-based battles in glorious three dimensions.

Super Mario 64 (1996)

It has been challenging. Looking beyond Super Mario World has hurt my soul, but we can't ignore the revolution that Mario 64 represented for this industry. First of all, we are clear that Playstation dominated its decade with elegance, but no console has ever had (nor will ever have) a video game released like this one. You can try it now, but no one will go home on launch day with a machine and spend it like the lucky ones who lived through the N64 launch.

Secondly, those from Sony could already try it with Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, or the doll that they took out of the sleeve; the excellence and the know-how of Mario 64 cannot be repeated; in fact, not even the same Nintendo has been able to surpass itself. If you did not take the 120 stars, perhaps it is the right moment to put you to it; fortunately, Mario 64 does not age.

Half Life (1998)

We had to put a shooter. PC players lived the 90's in the first person, and we couldn't let that go. The gratuitous violence of Doom, Quake's nail-throwing machine... in the end, we decided on the depth of the story and the ability to absorb the Half-Life player. Gordon Freeman and his iron bar are discovering experiments in the "Black Mesa" installations; no doubt an unrepeatable experience, if only because our minds have already lost their virginity.

Zelda Ocarina of Time (1998)

Another difficult one. I've spent a lot of time thinking about whether to put in the Super Nintendo version of this Ocarina of Time, the Nintendo 64 revolution. Since the first one drank directly from the source, I jumped into the pool with Link's jump to the third dimension because it's the one that took out half the world's jaws when it hit the store shelves. It's the game that still has viewers when someone breaks a record and broadcasts it on Twitch. An ambitious story that travels through time and that, by itself, was able to justify a video console's purchase. Very few games achieve that, and two are Nintendo 64.

Mario Kart (1992)

There are so many Super Nintendo games that I would have put in this top... but it is that they are only ten positions, and there is so much to remember... Super Mario Kart is pure fun and a reference since its launch for any karting game that has come later. The DSP chip, designed to handle three dimensions from 2D images in Mario Kart, fulfilled its mission and put smiles on the faces of all those graceful who had close a Super Nintendo in his childhood. One of the best games on one of the best consoles in history.

Resident Evil 2 (1998)

Survival Horror became a favorite in the 1990s. For the first time, a game could make you nervous and scare you out of your senses by playing unarmed. Capcom was the undisputed pioneer of the genre with its zombie saga. When the first installment seemed challenging to overcome, Resident Evil 2 focused on "more and better." Its predecessor presented a mansion and two very similar points of view for its two characters. This second installment put us in an infested city under two substantially different points of view (collected in two other discs). The original Resident Evil has been, is, and will be a game for us.

Soul Calibur (1999)

The two-dimensional struggle was covered by Street Fighter 2', but... what about the three dimensions? Virtua Fighter was the pioneer, but perhaps too precarious. Tekken, always hand in hand with Sony for its Playstation, revolutionized half the world's homes with its third delivery. Still, it was the armed version of Namco that broke the genre's patterns: Soul Calibur and the entry of Dreamcast to the market marked a before and after for the industry. The most complex characters, the most elaborate settings, and the fastest action at a constant 60 frames per second for an unprecedented feeling for the genre. Everyone who bet on Sega's latest console in its early days knows what I'm talking about. Mitsurugi's career may not be at its best, but here we make it clear that nothing would be the same without it.

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Richard Buckner is a paper writer who writes on different topics, such as video games, education, marketing, etc. He is interested in cybersport and wrote a lot of articles on this topic.

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