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Posted on Sep 10th 2009 at 09:07:09 AM by (ritualnet)
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Trying to add games from my basic games list to this RF Generation is irritating to say the least. I've got a list of thirty-something games so far I have to go and find the information for and submit them. However on the flip side, I do love the fact that I'm actually contributing to something I love.

While I write this, D&DO Unlimited is downloading. I tried the game a while back and in groups, it is rather fun. It seems more involving than WoW, less "DPS" and more focusing on skills and abilities that the group possesses. Being a rogue, for example, means you can pick locks and find/disable traps, which is useful especially when a trap can take out the whole group. The rogue can do damage, but in combat they are best found either skulking around trying to pick off targets that are distracted, or at the back with a repeater crossbow. Complete difference to WoW, where the rogues are more scary than any of the other classes put together.

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I've got about 20 games to add and another 30 to add euro/uk varations off, been putting it off for ages.
I always add games to my collection the day I get them, that way it doesn't pile up too much.
The more times you add games, the more second nature it will become. In the mean time, if you have any questions feel free to ask myself or any of the staff members, we'd all be happy to help you out with any questions or problems you have.
@Sirgin: True, just I've got around 700 to add, so I keep putting it off a little. I need to break out the old stuff too and try and catalogue it.
@NES_Rules: Thank you. I found this site from someone's profile on Livejournal, and loved it. I have tried various other sites (eurogamer, IGN) to try and keep track of my games, but they don't have the facility to add games, especially Eurogamer which doesn't keep track of US games.

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