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Posted on Aug 28th 2015 at 02:44:09 AM by (Tadpole13)
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So as some of you might know I have actively been pursuing the complete North American N64 Collection all with the original boxes and manuals.  I started the journey with 12 games complete in box back as of February of 2013.  Surprisingly Facebook just reminded me of a photo I shared two years ago of my N64 collection sitting at 214 by August of 2013.   So I was on a roll, the games were coming in at a rapid rate and I was under the impression I might of been able to finish the set by the end of the year.

Fast forward to August 2015 and I have now completed the set.  Two in a half years from the point of when I started.  Surprisingly the games started getting more and more difficult to come by, especially in the condition I wanted them in. But thankfully that did not deter me from completing the set.  So I present you the Complete North American N64 Collection.

N64 Complete photo Complete N64.jpg

Shelf 1 photo First Shelf.jpg

Shelf two top photo Second Shelf Top.jpg

Shelf Two Bottom photo Second Shelf Bottom.jpg

It is a little late now but I want to apologize for making this blog so photo heavy.  But more are coming along side a few YouTube videos I made in regards to the set.

So I wanted to add some additional photos of the set but I did not want to just focus on the expensive titles because that is overkill.  So I decided I was going to show off some of the fun titles for the system but then realized that I would be here all day taking photos.  So as of Novemeber 4th 2014 which is the last time I made a blog in regards to the set I posted the last 9 games I was on the hunt for.  So I decided lets go over some of the games that has caused me trouble finishing the set.  Some of these games are just downright hard to find while others are actually pretty common but hard to find in decent shape.  Most of them I actually ended up purchasing factory sealed for condition purposes.

photo Bust a Move.jpg

Hercules has a sticker on it but it is on the outside of the factory seal

photo ISSS 2000.jpg

All three of these games are factory sealed with ISS pretty much breaking the bank due to it being the English text version which is a lot harder to come by then the one with spanish text.

photo Stunt Racer.jpg

Then Finally these last three with both Turok 3 Shadow of Oblivion and TopGear Hyper bike being factory sealed.  But by far the biggest struggle for me on the system was getting Stunt Racer.  Very rarely does it show up in mint condition and even mine has slight flaws like a slight crease on the box sadly.

photo Bust a move top.jpg

photo NBA Jam Top.jpg

Upon completing the set I made a few videos in regards to it on my YouTube channel.  The channel is not big by any means but it is a fun way to talk about games to a big audience.   The first video is of me just talking about completing the set with games and boxes.  The second video is of me actually going down the line and picking out titles here and there.  There is a handful of titles I skipped over like Turok which I have no clue why but it is still fun for the titles I do talk about. 

So where to next?  This is a question I have been asked a lot but I honestly do not have a solid answer.  I kind of have my hands in a lot of different things at the moment but I have been picking up some stuff as it comes along.  Still not sure if I am going to attempt to complete the set of any of them however.

DK Front photo DK Front.jpg

DK Back photo DK Back.jpg

Recently I made my first Big Box variant purchase.  With the purchase of a factory sealed DK Plush Pre order item from Target. It is not a actual game but I am considering going on the hunt for some of the Big box variants and other variants the system offers like the Gauntlet legends variant with the little figure. 

photo N64 Consoles.jpg

I have also started the hunt for some of the complete in box N64 consoles as I come across them.  I am far from finishing the set but I am also not in a rush to due so.

photo Jap Games.jpg

Then finally I have started on the Japanese exclusive N64 games.  This is something I did not consider in the past however I am no longer living in Italy and I am now living in Japan so it is a no brainer to grab these as I come across them.  I am only currently going for the complete in box games and I have not decided if I am actually going to collect the complete set.  Once I move from Japan in a few years if I am near the complete set then I might pursue ebay and get the rest.  I honestly do not know anything about the Japanese N64 market. Hopefully there is not any games that are demanding hundreds of dollars which could deter me from finishing the set.

But with that said thanks for sticking around and reading up until this point.  It has been a long and fun journey but I am happy it is over.  I am also pretty happy I could document it all on this wonderful site and share it with all of you.  Thanks again for following along.

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