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Posted on Dec 2nd 2017 at 08:00:00 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
Posted under Remake, Video Game, Remake, Remaster, Rerelease, HD, Collection,

In some forms of media, the word “remake” can be a scary thing. In the realm of Video Games though that word is often embraced and encouraged. In fact, the word "remake" often doesn’t do this “new” release justice, so many sub-catergories have been created to better describe a new version of an old favorite. You may have heard terms such as: Port, Enhanced Port, HD Remake, Re-Release, Localization, Director’s Cut, Compilation, Backwards Compatibility, Virtual Console, Emulation, Complete Edition, Game of the Year Edition, Legendary Edition, Demake, and so many others people use to better describe the type of experience you can expect from an impending release.

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Posted on Sep 1st 2017 at 08:00:00 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
Posted under Mega Man, Rerelease, Collection, Legacy, Capcom, 8 bit, Nintendo, Wily, Light, Rush, Roll, Protoman

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 was recently released very much to my delight. Beyond just loving me some classic Mega Man this has been the first opportunity to own Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 on a physical format. That for me was reason enough to pick it up right away. The first Mega Man Legacy Collection was a fantastic compilation where the passion of the team involved was plainly evident, so I had no hesitation picking up Legacy 2 after that experience. Turns out I should have maybe been a bit more skeptical.....

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Posted on Jul 3rd 2017 at 08:00:00 AM by (zophar53)
Posted under Collection, Missing games,

We've all had that moment. You're reviewing your collection, maybe cross-referencing your database with the games you just pulled from deep storage. Maybe you're taking inventory of games, you're packing up to store in the attic, or maybe you're looking for one game in particular you have an urge to play for the first time in years. All of a sudden, you discover that a game your collection list (and your own memory) says you own isn't where it's supposed to be. Perhaps it's the one you've been wanting to play, or maybe it's the one that should be sitting right next to the one you're looking for, but isn't. To any serious collector, this is a heart-stopping moment of confusion, panic, possibly even rage.

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Posted on Jan 2nd 2017 at 12:08:33 PM by (douglie007)
Posted under New Year Resolution, Modding, Collection, Repair, 2017, New Year Resolution

Last year my only goal was to clean and organize my basement, I was able to remove all none game related items in my basement/game room. This year is a lot of the nit-picky items in said basement.

I have a few things I am trying to do for my game collection, but not really looking for anything super rare or crazy.

1.   Do the 2 Game Gear TV out mods that have been sitting for 2 years
2.   Recap all the Game Gears I have
3.   Recap and install NESRGB in best looking NES I have.  Look in to getting the Blinking Lights Win part.
4.   Recap woody CRT TV
5.   Repair Turbo Express power port.
6.   Go through and repair or get rid of all the broken controllers I have. 
7.   Find out how to make molds and make the FZ-1 reset and power buttons for system that is missing them.
8.   Recap Commodore 64, possible get a C64 SD card player.
9.   Fix Power bricks that are not working. Make 2 more Genesis/32x/CD all in one power cables.
10.   Repair the BVM, mod the Rock band Guitars with tach switches for Arcade Legacy
11.   Take photos and add all missing photos of all the hardware I have for RFgen
12.   Work on getting to 1000 unique hardware pieces in my collection
13.   Work on getting to 8000 in unique physical games. 
14.   Finish playing every Sega game I own on stream.
15.   Make streaming area more organized and more professional looking and sounding
16.   Finish at least 10 full games
17.   Play every Community play through for 2017
18.   Trade off or sell some doubles so they can fit on one shelf
19.   Get the last 9 Longbox PS1 games I am missing
20.   Get the last 4 Guncon games I am missing
21.   Get the last Game Com game Sonic Jam ( for under 20$)
22.   Repair Mountain Dew Xbox system

All the games I am looking for are added to my wishlist

Posted on Nov 2nd 2016 at 12:00:00 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
Posted under Moving Day, Packing, Boxing, Moving, New Home, Collection, Organizing, Shelving

First Box packed!! Only 60-70 more to go!!

I've moved a few times in my life. It's never been much of a hassle and I usually kind of enjoy it. My family and I had lived in the same house for about 7 years now. Over the last 7 years, while feeling settled, I've definitely added the most pieces to my collection in that time.  Last time I moved to a new home, I had around 1000 items in my collection and just a few shelves and a handful of consoles. Nothing crazy and was a fairly smooth move. Turns out it's moving time once again......

But this time there is SO much more to worry about!!

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Posted on Sep 14th 2014 at 12:54:05 PM by (articuno032)
Posted under tiny collection, tiny, collection

Hey I want you guys to see my TINY Collection[img width=480 hight=640]http://HNL_0028_MPO(http://articuno032sblog.wap-ka.com)[/img](this is a picture test)

Posted on Jan 8th 2013 at 09:25:34 PM by (Kabonk)
Posted under collection, organization

I have been actively collection since 1999. I continue to thrift games and buy current gen games. I love thrifting and also buy most any gaming related junk. I also board game and collect those as well. I am lucky to have a large area for my "Room of Doom" as they call them on Digital Press. I continue to fill it, but listing on ebay is a pain so my area is a huge mess.

I generally only pick up games that are higher in rarity assuming that I have most commons. This past Xmas, I gave a Genesis to a coworker so he could give it to his brother for a gift. I told him I'd give him some of my doubles and commons. When I went to find some for him, I found that I didn't have many commons I assumed that I would own (like Earthworm Jim). I decided then that I needed to get my collection inventoried.

This led me to find the RFGen Android App. This is exactly what I have been looking for. My goal now is to get my collection inventoried and organized and to create an up to date trade list and/or sell off my extras.

I am documenting my attempt at this here to keep me motivated and held somewhat accountable.

Here is a view looking into my basement

IMG_20130105_110224 by kabonk, on Flickr

Board games are shelved at the entrance area:

IMG_20130105_110238 by kabonk, on Flickr

IMG_20130105_110251 by kabonk, on Flickr

The main sitting and playing areas:

This area has my boxes of NES games that I pulled from the storage room to start inventorying

IMG_20130105_110300 by kabonk, on Flickr

IMG_20130105_110315 by kabonk, on Flickr

The back half of the room has video game shelves, 2 pinball machines and an arcade Asteroids deluxe. The piles are extras to be listed on ebay.

IMG_20130105_110332 by kabonk, on Flickr

IMG_20130105_110336 by kabonk, on Flickr

IMG_20130105_110349 by kabonk, on Flickr

IMG_20130105_110400 by kabonk, on Flickr

Finally at the other end is my storage room:

IMG_20130105_110518 by kabonk, on Flickr

IMG_20130105_110526 by kabonk, on Flickr

IMG_20130105_110532 by kabonk, on Flickr

IMG_20130105_110543 by kabonk, on Flickr

I also have overstock in my garage:

IMG_20130105_110708 by kabonk, on Flickr

I'm very lucky to have a large space for my collection and a lot of good stuff. Unfortunately my area is not super conducive to showing off, or enjoying my collection.

My goal is to have my collection completely organized by the end of this year and to have my collection inventoried.

As a start; This was my Bedroom area:

I generally bring my new stuff in here first. I picked up a table to keep in here so my wife and I could boardgame and leave it set up without the kids disturbing it. It became a piling zone. I also pick up books at the thrifts and pile them by my bed until I read them and decide whether to keep or re-donate them.

IMG_20130102_084820 by kabonk, on Flickr

One day of Xmas break, I picked up a cheap table cloth and bookcase. Now my bedroom and staging area is clean.

IMG_20130105_112754 by kabonk, on Flickr

Here's hoping I can keep this up and get organized in 2013! Wish me luck!

Posted on Nov 18th 2012 at 11:34:08 PM by (Izret101)
Posted under Collection, audit, database, Collectorcast

Wait what i have a blog?!?!?!

Some things i have mentioned quite a bit recently:
1. I have not been very active for the last year essentially in any capacity.
2. a. This was due in part to work.
2. b. This was due even more so because of a year long competition run by some great guys over at Trueachievements.com. If people are interested let me know i will(to the best of my abilities) write up a blog detailing how it worked and blah blah blah none of you care about achievements.
3. My collection list on the site is extremely out of date.
4. I have started catching up on the Collectorcast.

Since i am again laid off and finally eliminated from my competition i get to flood the boards with my nonsense, get some site work done and hopefully learn some new things and maybe JUST maybe be able to impart some knowledge to others. There isn't much left in my head that is relevant though... so we will see.

Having been listening to the podcast (and being totally burned out on gaming... for the moment) i couldn't help but feel bad for neglecting all of my obligations as a collector. I am hoping to get back into the swing of collecting the things no one wants and then maybe really taking the plunge and buying stuff worth owning again.

Anyways... the point of this was for me to jot down my "current" collection stats. Which i lazily copy pasted (feel free to scroll for a bit TEXT FLOOD) :

Microsoft Xbox 360       94 (43%)
Sony PlayStation 2       32 (15%)
Sony PlayStation 3       29 (13%)
Microsoft Xbox       24 (11%)
Sony PlayStation       8 (4%)
Nintendo Wii       7 (3%)
Macintosh       4 (2%)
Sega Genesis       4 (2%)
Nintendo GameCube       4 (2%)
Nintendo Game Boy Color       2 (1%)
IBM PC       2 (1%)
Nintendo DS       2 (1%)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance       2 (1%)
Nintendo 64       1 (0%)
Nintendo Game Boy       1 (0%)
Sony PSP       1 (0%)

Microsoft Xbox 360       144 (18%)
Sony PlayStation 2       141 (17%)
Microsoft Xbox       137 (17%)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance       55 (7%)
Nintendo DS       41 (5%)
Nintendo GameCube       37 (5%)
Nintendo SNES       35 (4%)
IBM PC       35 (4%)
Sega Genesis       32 (4%)
Tiger Game.com       14 (2%)
Nintendo Game Boy Color       11 (1%)
Nintendo Game Boy       11 (1%)
VTech V.Smile       11 (1%)
Nintendo Wii       10 (1%)
Sega Pico       10 (1%)
Nintendo e-Reader       5 (1%)
Nintendo 64       5 (1%)
Stand-Alone Handhelds       5 (1%)
Sega Mega Drive       3 (0%)
Leapfrog Leapster       3 (0%)
Sega Master System       3 (0%)
VTech V.Smile Baby       3 (0%)
Sega Game Gear       3 (0%)
Mattel Hyperscan       3 (0%)
Sony PlayStation       3 (0%)
Nintendo GameCube       3 (0%)
Nintendo Super Famicom       3 (0%)
Tiger R-Zone       3 (0%)
Tiger Handhelds       2 (0%)
Sega Dreamcast       2 (0%)
Commodore Amiga       2 (0%)
DVD       2 (0%)
Sega CD       2 (0%)
Nintendo Game Boy       2 (0%)
Microsoft Xbox 360       2 (0%)
View-Master Interactive Vision       2 (0%)
Sega Saturn       2 (0%)
Plug & Play TV Games       2 (0%)
Leapfrog Fly       2 (0%)
Sony PlayStation       1 (0%)
Nintendo 64       1 (0%)
Sega Game Gear       1 (0%)
Sega Saturn       1 (0%)
Microsoft Xbox 360       1 (0%)
Sega Mega Drive       1 (0%)
Microsoft Xbox       1 (0%)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance       1 (0%)
Sega Mega CD       1 (0%)
Sony PlayStation 3       1 (0%)
IBM PC       1 (0%)
Sony PlayStation 2       1 (0%)
Buzztime Home Trivia System       1 (0%)
Nintendo Game Boy       1 (0%)
Nintendo DS       1 (0%)
Sega Genesis 32X       1 (0%)

Microsoft Xbox       57 (36%)
Sony PlayStation 2       53 (34%)
Sony PlayStation       12 (8%)
Microsoft Xbox 360       11 (7%)
Sony PSP       8 (5%)
Nintendo GameCube       8 (5%)
IBM PC       7 (4%)
Nintendo DS       2 (1%)

Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade       153 (91%)
IBM PC       12 (7%)
Nintendo Virtual Console / WiiWare       4 (2%)

Sony PlayStation 2       15 (12%)
Nintendo Wii       11 (9%)
Sega Genesis       10 (8%)
Sony PlayStation       9 (7%)
Nintendo SNES       7 (6%)
Microsoft Xbox 360       7 (6%)
Nintendo DS       7 (6%)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance       7 (6%)
Sega Dreamcast       6 (5%)
Nintendo Game Boy       6 (5%)
Microsoft Xbox       5 (4%)
Mattel Hyperscan       4 (3%)
Nintendo 64       4 (3%)
Nintendo GameCube       3 (2%)
Nintendo Game Boy Color       3 (2%)
Sony PSP       3 (2%)
Multiple Consoles       2 (2%)
VTech V.Smile       2 (2%)
Tiger Game.com       2 (2%)
Leapfrog Leapster       2 (2%)
Buzztime Home Trivia System       2 (2%)
Microsoft Xbox 360       1 (1%)
View-Master Interactive Vision       1 (1%)
Plug & Play TV Games       1 (1%)
Nintendo NES       1 (1%)
VTech V.Smile Baby       1 (1%)
Tiger R-Zone       1 (1%)

All of those stats are so i can cross reference when i get everything up to date to see what has really spiked and what has plummeted.

I am figuring the whole process will take me 1-2 weeks. Most of which will be related to me trying to figure out where to stack things while i dig back in the closet to pull out more things.
(I promise to make an new phototbucket or remember the password to one of my old ones so people can stop clicking links to SkyDrive)
The closet is ~4 feet deep maybe a little over 8ft high and terribly nonuniform 2ft across and stuffed so full i can't actually close the door. In addition to:

Plus another closet full at my parents house which i am afraid will just be full of things i will have to throw away from moisture damage at this point Cry

Wish me luck. Thanks for scrolling and if you are not familiar with my presence on the boards you will be over the coming weeks Smiley

Posted on May 17th 2012 at 01:15:09 AM by (Duke.Togo)
Posted under collection, banner, signature

I've had questions from users of the site about how to display the banner showing their personal collection stats and linking it back to their collection page here. This information is here on the site in a couple places, but I wanted to put together some simple instructions for those of you that would like to display your RF Generation collection in your signature.

Depending on the forum, the options you will have for setting up a signature will be to use either BBCode or HTML.

For BBCode, you can use the following code which will display your banner and make it clickable back to your collection page. For this example, you will need to replace the braces {} with brackets [] and username with your RF Generation username.

{URL=http://www.rfgeneration.com/cgi-bin/collection.pl?name=username&folder=Collection}{img width=468 height=60}http://www.rfgeneration.com/images/banners/generated/collection/username.png{/img}{/URL}

For HTML, you can use the following code which will display your banner and make it clickable back to your collection page. For this example, you will need to replace the braces {} with pointy brackets  and username with your RF Generation username.

{a href="http://www.rfgeneration.c...i-bin/collection.pl?name=username&folder=Collection" target="_blank"}{img src="http://www.rfgeneration.c...ers/generated/collection/username.png" /}{/a}

Posted on Mar 20th 2012 at 12:16:41 PM by (douglie007)
Posted under Collection

So I would like to start off this rant by saying I think everyone that works on and helps develop this site is awesome, giving their time to make it a great place to talk about, trade, and show off collections, but I have some issues on where and what the site should be and what it is now. 

First off I feel that the site is set up to the collector for games and should every game and variance for the die-hard collector.  I also understand that there is only so much room in the database. Here are my suggestions, that I know everyone wont agree on, but as a collector it would be what would suit my needs. 

1.   I think we should have all variation of any games, but only if some one on the site has it.
2.   Pack in games should be on the site, if you can buy it by its self used you dont have to own the system. Also we cant be the most complete if we dont have them.
3.   If room on the database is to full we should remove some games that no one owns. They can be added when bought.
4.   For the sticky issue of game guides, we should just add a 4th column in every game added after the manual. If you have many variance of the walkthrough put down 3 and in comments list what ones you have.
5.   We need to be able to add photos to games submissions, so we dont have to wait until its added, also it would help prove what it is.
6.    When searching UPC should be a searchable field, so if some one does have a barcode scanner, it makes finding games nice and fast.

I know some people want the site to be nice and clean and not even have the Greatest Hits versions, thats more for the gamespot  and gamefaqs type sites.  They are not built for the collector, they are for the player only.  For me to geek it up and nerd it out if I have 3 games like I do for FF7 I want to show them all off not just say 3 3 3. I want to be able to see why I have them. 

I know I ranted to some people already on the chat but, to save my own sanity I have to get it out for everyone so see and comment about. 

Thanks for every one that does such hard work on the site.  I come to this site almost everyday to the point my wife just says  I see your on your site again ☺

Posted on Jul 5th 2011 at 01:13:28 PM by (Crabmaster2000)
Posted under Game Room, Collection, Pictures

Its been to long since I've updated the pictures in my game room. Its grown and changed a lot since my last update in February 2010. I've added several new system with gems like the NEO GEO AES and SEGA CDX and some oldies like the Colecovision and Intellivision and even rounded out my modern system with a 360 and PS3 (neither of which are pictured since they are hooked up to the living room TV for now). My collection has expanded slowly in some parts (PS2, PS), exploded in others (TG16, SEGA CD), stayed the same in some (XBOX), but grown moderately in most areas.

We had out basement flood during the winter and even though it wasnt close to my game room I unhooked everything and made sure it was safely away from the ground. This caused a bit of disorganization, but it seemed like a decent trade off. When rfgen had its last submission contest I was interested in contributing. Because we dont have a scanner at home I had to transport every single item that was scanned or added in some way. This just demolished anything resembling organization in my room. Game were scattered around the room in tubs and boxes.

Last week it was finally warm enough to remove our outside door frame and get the pesky leak (which was being held at bay by a tarp I rigged up underneath our deck for the last several months) fixed. With that worry out of the way I finally had the drive to get this room back together. I spent hours cleaning contacts and stickers off cases in order to put as much of it as possible out on display. I nearly got it all with only around a dozen items not shelved at the moment (they are still awaiting cleaning or some sort). It became apparent that I was going to need some more space and to juggle a few things around. This meant adding yet another row of shelving. Luckily I saved my paint swatch (is that what they are called?) from last time so I was able to match it perfectly and paint the new shelf and also touch up a few spots that got scuffed.

With the new shelf up I set out to cram all my game related crap onto it. Turns out I was still in need of some room so I had to remove anything that wasnt gaming related that previously resided in the area. This mean bye bye comics, cds, and records. They were all moved to other areas of the house to make room for the good stuff.

Now onto the pictures!! I'll leave a little note under each one describing anything I think is important or new from last time. There is a really cool new item at the end too so make sure you scroll all the way down.

View when entering the room.

First box is the cleaning/repairing/shipping box. The other two are items for resale or trade. Guitar Hero drums are always out since my kid just likes to mess around with them when I'm cleaning up in the room.

A big upgrade in comfort from the old futon I had in the room. My in-laws left town and if that wasnt gift enough they didnt want to take this with them and gave it to us for free! Its in really great shape and was from a pet free home. Feels great to lounge around playing RPGs now.

View from the couch

Close up of the setup under the TV.

My crappy CRT

System tower. Comics on top have since been removed. Now I can add another system or 5!

Right side view of the closet


Up high Right

Up high left


Half a CIB VB set

Some of the rarest or valuable NES games in my collection. I meant to take a pic of my Recca also, but forgot. I'll definately add one to my profile pics soon though.

Now for my newest goody

I've been offering to buy various Arcade Machines from a place called Bubbabaloos (its like a poor man's Chucky Cheese) for literally years now. A little while ago we were having a dinner with my wife's cousins and someone mentioned that it closed down a few days prior. I was excited and nervous to hear that. It was really my only chance at having an Arcade machine for a decent price. It either meant I could finally score one or that I was to late. We drove down the next morning and my wife asked if she could go in and talk to them. After waiting patiently in the care with my son I saw my wife skipping out of the building. She said that most of the machines were gone to staff members, but the remaining few had to be gone by that evening or they were going to the dump. Knowing I had my eye on the Metal Slug 3 Neo Geo machine my wife recognized it was still there with a staffs name and number on it. She gave the owner our number to call if they were hauling any machines off to the dump for us to pick up. I had to work that night so it was off to bed.

My wife startled me awake around 18:00 the same day which was about 4 hours into my sleep for the day and said they just called and wanted the machines gone. We called my father and borrowed his vehicle while he watched my son. Grabbed my brother and sped off to see what they had left. All that was remaining was a Virtua Tennis cab and a WWF Dual cab that had been stripped of some of its hardware. After chatting breifly with the owner about the games, (and seeing my wife grin from ear to ear when learning there would now be 2 NAOMIs in the house) we loaded them both up and took them home. No you didnt miss the part where money changed hands. Free Arcade Cabinets!!!

Since we had our door frame off to fix the leak in our basement it made moving the Virtua Tennis cab in relatively easy. Which was nice since it weighs a freakin ton. I did manage to sneak a game in on my driveway against my brother before hand though. We scuffed the back of the machine a bit when moving it in, but its mostly unharmed and it pretty good overall condition. The marquee lights work, sound it great, screen has very minimal burn in and no discoloration, coin slot works like a charm and the buttons and stick are all very responsive.

Unfortunately the WWF Machine wouldnt fit into our house even with the frame of our door off. I stripped it for its parts and its making its way to the dump now. Got 2 monitors, 4 joy sticks and a big ol box of buttons and wires out of it so it wasnt a complete waste.

My wife also surprised me that she had secretly gotten the name and number off the Neo Geo cabinet. We bugged the girl a couple times offering her a few hundred dollars for the machine, but apparently her brother was very attached to it. We left the offer on the table and our number, but dont expect to hear back from her. Still a good day! So I went back to sleep to squeeze in one more hour of zzzzzs before I started work. Man was I tired all night, but it was totally worth it.

I probably wouldnt have had this cabinet if it wasnt for my wife, so she likes to brag how great she is now and I cant argue with her at all. She is definitely great to have around.

Now I'm just looking to convert the machine into something more my style. Any suggestions for good NAOMI games??

Posted on May 18th 2011 at 03:31:12 AM by (ReddMcKnight)
Posted under NES, Collection

Impressive, huh? I'm getting close to 100 Games!

Posted on Apr 30th 2011 at 07:50:38 PM by (dsheinem)
Posted under Collection

***We interrupt the normal Transitions Blog to bring you this shameless collection boasting thread***

I shot some shoddy video of my collection with my iPhone and thought I'd share them with the readers here at RFGen.  I also took a ton of pictures to post to a thread in the collection section of the racketboy.com forums and have included a few of them below to give you a taste.  Follow this link to see the rest, since you probably can't make out a ton of titles from the video alone.

Anyway, I have tried to make this something of an annual practice to document everything, so expect another one of these in a year or so.  I know there are plenty of folks here with much bigger collections than mine, but I am pretty happy with the size and scope of my own collection currently.  Enjoy the video and photos and feel free to ask any questions!


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

PICTURES (many many more  here).

***We now return you to your regularly scheduled coverage of Launch Games and End Games***

Posted on Apr 21st 2011 at 12:19:47 AM by (ReddMcKnight)
Posted under NES, Hunt, Collection

WHEW! I am back at last! After WEEKS without Internet Service, I am back and better than ever!

...Ahem. On with the story.

So I bought an NES with a BRAND NEW 72-Pin Connector installed, and guess what? It hardly, if ever, actually starts the Games I put into it. Angry

First, the seller sent me a badly damaged NES, and boy was I pissed. Naturally, I contacted the seller, and they sent me the right one, and when I turned it on, it wouldn't start the game. I noticed the blinking screen a lot, so I opened it and disabled the lockout chip, thinking that was the problem.

WRONG! That process eliminated the blinking screen, but the games STILL would not start. So here I am now, still hunting for a working NES. When will I learn to NEVER trust eBay Sellers, even when they have 100% Positive Feedback? Sheesh.

Anyway, if you thoughts, comments, or think you can help me with this, just shout out in the comments. Thanks for reading.

Posted on Mar 2nd 2011 at 04:06:11 AM by (ReddMcKnight)
Posted under NES, Collection

Impressive? Average? Not Good? Leave a comment! Cheesy

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