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Posted on Sep 25th 2018 at 04:09:35 AM by (Friv Unblocked)
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Every so often a game comes along that tempts me to buy a console. This week, naturally, it's Friv, with its web-slinging and web-swinging, its dope-ass photomode that I want so much I can almost taste it, and the fact that you can apparently walk around giving New Yorkers friendly finger-guns at will. I want to play Friv, dammit. I want to do flips and deliver quips and swing through a beautifully realized, puddle-free Manhattanbut I don't own a PS4. It's not a PC snob thing, I just don't want to buy a whole console for just one dang game.

So, what's a PC-only gamer to do when he wants to play some Friv today? Luckily, there are options! Lots of great options that are making me feel so much better about not having a PS4. These options are great, he insisted again, hoping everyone would believe him.

Shattered Dimensions, for instance, which The Global Authority On PC Games described as "pretty good" in an article last year. That's a ringing endorsement. And it's the only Kizi game on Google Sites, according to our article, which is now a bit out of date because it's not the only Friv game on Steam, and also, it's not actually on Steam anymore. Activision's license deal with Marvel Entertainment was only through 2017 and the game was pulled from sale. So I can't play it.

Posted on Jun 2nd 2018 at 08:33:01 AM by ([sohailafzal:realName])
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Posted on Feb 28th 2018 at 10:18:55 PM by ([quilaxiva:realName])
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While the Alexa speakers spread around your house are great for keeping you on task, controlling your smart home and ordering pizza when you don't have time to cook dinner, they're also great at keeping your kiddos busy. The Alexa skills catalog is full of helpful third-party software, including skills for kids and plenty of games to keep children entertained. And it's not all just mindless fun -- there are plenty of educational games to boot.

Below are 20 Alexa games you should try with your kids.
Now Playing: Alexa, shall we play a game?
Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand is a voice-only take on one of the first computer games by the same name. Alexa will tell you the (in-game) weather forecast for the day. The player then manages the lemonade stand by using their money to buy cups of lemonade and advertisements for their lemonade stand.
Panda Rescue

In Panda Rescue, you are a carer and your job is to take care of an orphaned baby panda. Answer questions and make the correct decisions as a parent until the panda grows to become an adult and is released back into the wild.
Hungry Birds

Hungry Birds will teach your children the fundamentals of coding or programming by exercising their logical thinking and problem-solving skills. The object of the game is to help the bird reach its nest by following a path filled with worms and corn. If you make the wrong move, the fox will catch the bird.
Freeze Dancers

Of course, not all games have to be educational. Freeze Dancers is a take on the classic Freeze Dance game. Alexa will play music and tell you to dance in wacky ways. When the music stops, you must freeze and hold that position until the music continues. If you fall, you're out (or do 10 jumping jacks and rejoin when the next song plays). Play until no one is left standing.
The SpongeBob Challenge

The SpongeBob Challenge is a memory game where the Krusty Krab crew must take orders from customers and you must remember their orders, no matter how weird or complicated.
Silly Things

With Silly Things, Alexa will tell you something funny to act out. For instance, if you say, "Alexa, ask Silly Things to tell me to do something silly," it might tell you to act like you just ate a sour lemon or act like the floor is lava.
Outer Space Alice

Outer Space Alice follows the story of a teenage astronaut, Alice, who is in the International Space Station (ISS). When asked, she will tell you the actual current position of the ISS and an interesting fact about that location.
Kids Court

Kids Court may not be an actual game for kids, but it might be entertaining for you. If there is an argument, you can tell your children to take it to Kids Court where Judge Lexy will give you a verdict. You can also go to www.kizifan.com to file for an appeal, suggest new verdicts or play the judge in other people's trials.
Magical Adventure

Magical Adventure will tell kid's stories with your children's names as characters. Each story is roughly five minutes in length and each gender gets a new story approximately every week. You can also submit your own stories by emailing them to the developer, found on the skill's landing page.
Math Dungeon

In Math Dungeon, you must navigate a dungeon where you will encounter different creatures. Answer their increasingly difficult word problems to progress through the dungeon. If you make it to the end, you will meet the wizard for a final challenge.
Hide and Seek

With the Hide and Seek skill, Alexa will play the classic game with you. Obviously, Alexa can't hide, so you'll be in charge of all the hiding and Alexa will try to guess where you are.

Akinator is the classic 20 questions game. You choose an object, be it a person, place, animal or inanimate item, and answer yes or no to a series of questions. The genie will try to guess what you're thinking of.
Mighty Trivia

Mighty Trivia is just one of many trivia games in the Alexa skills catalog. This one is geared towards a younger audience with three different difficulty levels. Alexa will pretend to be an object, person, place or animal and you must guess what she is based on questions and hints. It's effectively the opposite of Akinator.
Animal Game

If Akinator seems a little too broad or open for your kid, you can try the Animal Game, which is the same game but limited to animals. Choose any animal (that you have a basic knowledge of) and answer a series of questions while Alexa tries to guess which one you're thinking of.
Memory Game For Kids

Memory Game For Kids will provide you with a list of words and follow it up with a question, such as "What word was before dog?" Do your best to memorize the list and answer correctly to proceed.
Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz is an interactive adaptation of the story we all know and love. Along the journey, you will be met with puzzles and problems that you must solve to find your way back home.
Would You Rather For Family

A PG take on a classic party game, Would You Rather For Family will propose silly situations and you must choose between them.
True, False or Trick!

True, False or Trick! Will tell you a fact about nature, science, animals, history and other topics. You must choose whether the fact is true, false or a trick. There is another version of this game by a different developer that isn't geared towards kids, so make sure you're playing the right one with your kids.
Kid Power

Kid Power from UNICEF is a great way to get your kids active and teach them about the world while also helping others in need. The skill will tell your kids to perform different activities, like running or jumping, quiz them on countries around the world and take them on an interactive adventure. When they use the skill, they will earn Kid Power points, which transfers "into food packets that UNICEF delivery to malnourished kids around the world."
The Queen's Mathematician

The Queen's Mathematician is another adventure where the queen has been kidnapped by elves. You must use your math skills to unlock the charms and rescue her. And they can play again and again, since the game has thousands of possible endings.

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Posted on May 1st 2015 at 08:26:35 AM by (Fleach)
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Jump scares and gore have become commonplace in modern horror games and films, but Home: A Unique Horror Adventure avoids all of that to create a creepy journey full of revelations.

Continue reading Indie Review: Home: A Unique Horror Adventure

Posted on Mar 25th 2015 at 09:31:46 AM by (64bit warrior)
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I am looking for a new megadrive (PAL) game to play however I really do not know what to play. I am thinking about Castle of Illusion but I think that I should look for a more hidden game/gem. Any ideas?

Posted on Nov 28th 2014 at 07:15:57 AM by ([news:realName])
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There are many people who love to get engaged in sports betting while others participate in live casino. The question that is in the minds of most is that which is better, william hill's live casino platform and offers maximum excitement and thrill along with payouts. Since both are different forms of gambling.

Is sports betting anything like participating in table games in casino setting? A reason is present as to why most casinos tend to have sportsbooks inbuilt in them and why many sites which feature online casinos have sports betting also. As a matter of fact, there are numerous similarities that exist between casino games and sports betting.

Understanding the similarities between these two online games

Gambling- One of the most important, obvious and major similarity between casino and sports betting is that gambling is involved in both. There is said to be some kind of unknown outcome and the individual would be risking investments on a particular outcome or on the other. Since not every outcome is likely to be equal, the individual might get or give the odds in casino gaming as well as sports betting. Difference lies in the fact that the sporting event's outcome is not completely random and there could be possibly knowledge, which can give the person a better advantage. However, in most of the casino games, it is the House, which has an upper edge.

Strategy- In both the games, the individual is likely to do much better if he tries to come up with some type of strategy into the betting. Several gamblers try to equip themselves with all the relevant and necessary information that they can derive from online casino reviews and that of sports betting sites before going ahead of placing their bets. There are specific casino games that does have numerous types of bets that the individual can make, while House edge to some could be the worse lot. Similarly, by using established and appropriate strategy in several games such as video poker and blackjack, one can improve significantly the winning chances by manifolds. While betting on the sports, the individuals chance is likely to be much better, if he bases the bets based on some kind of analysis of the players or teams that are involved in the sports, instead of the individual liking the color scheme of the team or they are playing in the home city.

Entertainment- One of the biggest similarities that is found between casino games and sports betting is that both of them could provide the players with tremendous fun amount. One can find little more excitement instead of realizing that a team would beat the other, to watch it take place and to be financially get rewarded. The person could feel almost like that he is part of the impending action. At the same time, watching the chips to pile up in the casino game, while taking some wonderful decisions in repeated numbers and getting fortunate and luckier could sound exhilarating and immense fun.

Posted on Nov 14th 2014 at 05:05:07 AM by (admen)
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Online Poker Games Are More Economical

Poker Online game provide you a lot of relaxation after a hard days work. In the present world, where most of the people have access to a computer, poker games are liked by most people and are easy to play, enjoy and have fun. Becoming a pro in these online poker games is very easy if we follow some simple tips and tricks that will make you a professional in playing these games.

It is very important to decide on the site in which one likes to play poker as there are different websites available on the internet that provide poker online games. Select the most authenticated and secure website while playing poker so that if you are playing one that is for real money you will not have your personal information unsecured. These online games are very easy to play and are substantially more economical when compared to playing traditional poker amongst friends or playing at the casinos.

Different online games are provided by internet websites which have a wide selection of poker games. Even though the price structure of these online poker sites is similar to the rate of brick and mortar operations of casinos, other substantial costs and expenses related to playing poker in casinos and live rooms can be reduced by playing poker online games.

Learn about the trusted poker websites and get to know about which ones provide the best in reliability, trust and security before choosing a site to play on.

Venture Over to Some Top Online Poker Websites

Some of the top websites are Pokerstars, Eversetpoker, Paradeisepoker, Liveaction Poker and Truepoker. Outlined below is brief description of some of these websites which provide online poker games.

PokerStars is most famous in San Jose and Costa Rica in which you have the chance to play with real poker players. There are many features in this website like featured card rooms which can be played from around the world with limits ranging from 0.01$ to 100$. On this website you can play different online games like Omaha, Seven Card Stud and they also have some free games to download. There are number of daily poker tournaments available on this website.

Truepoker is one other good website which provides the latest poker games featuring real people in tables from all around the world. This website hosts Omaha High, 7 Card Stud and Texas Holdem games. There is a chance to play a one on one game on this website and many professional players are members here.

Some other websites which provide poker online games are Paradisepoker and Liveactionpoker which also provide demo and free versions so that you can get used to playing before playing a real game.

Online Poker Game Software Is Not Just for the Pros

Improve your poker games with lots of tips and strategies that are available online and become a professional poker earning lots of money. Utilize the best software available on the market that provide good tips and read reviews about playing online poker games from pro's and become a professional yourself in playing poker games.

Posted on Aug 28th 2014 at 07:00:00 PM by (giygas100)
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Posted on Aug 24th 2014 at 07:00:00 PM by (giygas100)
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Posted on Aug 2nd 2014 at 10:04:58 AM by (oqscorpio)
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1. Crysis August 2nd

Posted on Oct 18th 2012 at 07:39:39 PM by (SirPsycho)
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So this is a series of blog posts I've been putting up on Wordpress and spreading around. If you want to check out the original posts (they have pictures and stuff) then you can find them all here: http://whydidiplaythis.wordpress.com/

In 1997 there was a large shift in the RPG World in general. On the console side the genre was given immense exposure due to the exploding popularity of Squaresoft's Final Fantasy 7, this game would go on to be the second highest selling game for the Playstation. This series is going to be focused on the PC side of things. Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game was released by Interplay Entertainment in this same year to widespread critical success and commercial support, selling more than any RPG had in years for the PC. Before Fallout released many industry insiders and long time gamers had essentially given up on the genre, developers were not making many due to rising costs and due to diminishing returns publishers had stopped greenlighting them.

Now by its simplest definition a renaissance is a rebirth or revival, which means there came a time before the release of Fallout where RPGs on the PC were king. So before we step deep into this revival it is imperative that we understand what came before, from what heights had this classical age of PC gaming climbed to? How hard and fast did it fall? What did these gamers get to experience in the days before RPGs shifted to consoles?

In the Dark Ages, for the sake of ease I'm going to label this time period as the late 70's to the mid 80's when most PC games were largely text of ASCII based. A lot of ideas would be pioneered during this time, deep storytelling came about from text adventures and gameplay ideas came from the earliest text based RPGs. Rogue was highly influential in terms of development ideas. This one release popularized the idea of 'randomly generated content' to developers and gamers, leading an entire subgenre of RPG to be labled as 'Roguelike'. This basic design philosophy inspired everybody, from the massively successful Diablo series to the more niche Mystery Dungeon games from Japan.

Temple of Apshai was released in 1979 and was one of the first graphical RPGs to be released on any PC system. Limitations lead to what became a team effort for storytelling that would become prevalant through the late 1980's. Text in the game would give the player a section of literature to read in a printed manual that came with the game. ToA was perhaps the first RPG to do this, and set a true benchmark until technology could catch up.

At this time graphics started to make their appearance more well known on the early Personal Computers, before 1980 most games with detailed graphics were on powerful mainframe systems. Due to technological limitations most of the RPGs that came out in the early 80s were simple representations and retellings of the designers' own tabletop campaigns, mostly Dungeons and Dragons. Wizardry and Ultima would release at roughly the same time, 1981, and both would prove highly popular and influential for the future. Wizardry was built completely around one large dungeon, laying the early groundwork for the modern dungeon crawler. Ultima would also make liberal use of dungeons, but spread them out throughout a world with its own story, the player able to fully explore the overworld before delving into the underground dungeons.

Wizardry would keep its basic design philosophy and continue being fairly successful. The series was the benchmark for character building and those who just wanted to dive into a dungeon and get right to the action. Wizardry would become incredibly influential worldwide, even making quite the splash in Japan where the series would become the most direct inspiration for Dragon Quest according to its creator.

Ultima made a habit of evolving its world, storytelling, and gameplay experience with every new release. Origin Systems and primarily Lord British himself, Richard Garriott, would become the greatest storytellers in gaming history to this point. Many of them even hold up today. Ultima III would really be the first release that truly set the series apart from its contemporaries, introducing plot twists into its story as well as really starting to hash out the mythos for Brittania.

Ultima IV is an entirely different beast though. Where RPGs were largely shallow up to this point (and even after), telling stories centered around ultimate magic artifacts or one stereotypical bad guy bent of world conquest/destruction, Ultima IV would introduce the idea of total freedom, philosophy, and self discovery to gamers. There is a story, but there's no real evil antagonist at all. The world of Brittania is at complete peace after the events of Ultima III, so the main character is summoned by Lord British and educated about a philosophical system based around 8 Virtues and sent around the world to master these virtues. This adventure is a landmark in not only gaming, but the evolution of storytelling in gaming. No game before it was not solely focused on some evil force or mystical artifact, and few have focused solely on the philosophy of a world and belief system as much as Ultima IV since its release, making the game quite an enigma.

Posted on Sep 29th 2011 at 09:56:25 PM by (scarper)
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Most people tend to think that all shmups are the same, but there are two possible truths: First truth, the simple concept can be conceived by developers in many different ways. It can be treated as an action game, a hair-trigger reflex game, or the complete innovation of the entire genre, like Ikaruga. Galaga and Darius Gaiden are not the same. The genre has such a versatile nature that it can be-

Second truth: I am slowly becoming a shmup snob, and will need a psychiatrist in about a year.

(Released as "Pop'n Twinbee" in Europe, and "Twinbee Da!" in Japan.)

Twinbee is a shmup series created by Konami, with installments released between the 8-bit and 32-bit console generations. Twinbee Da for the Game Boy is a sequel to the original incarnation. The series is very cartooney, enriched with color and cutesy enemies. But this version is monochromatic... Does it bring in the same feel?

Genreal gameplay is quite good, and very similar to Xevious. You shoot enemies in the air with your standard bullets, and bomb ground enemies. Twinbee quite literally throws the bombs with his fists. You obtain power-ups by collecting bells. You shoot the bells to change their pattern, and the power-up you receive is based on whatever pattern it is when you collect it. Enemy ships attack you in formations, and the bullets are shot at you based on your location. There are six total stages, and the first four are selectable from the start menu.

The excitability and cute nature of the game makes it kick all sorts of ass, and poses a worthy title for shmup fans to seek out. The difficulty starts out easy, with enough action on screen to keep you busy. The steady difficulty and varying bullet patterns keep the repetition at zero. Those who've played the home console versions will notice the lack of color, but that does not threaten enjoyability. A fun arcade game to burn time on, and a great challenge for shmup fans, as long as you can get past it's only major flaw:

The broken power-up system. Shooting bells until they turn into what you need can be a restless pain. Some bells are designed to give you certain power-ups, which can be learned and memorized in the beginning part of Stage 1. However, the speed of your ship is an upgradable power-up, and starts out way too slow. You loose your power-ups after dying, unless you collect the "angel" icon with your next life, thus regaining all your previous power-ups. But this is difficult. The bottom line is, if your ship is too slow at the second half of the game, you are then practically unable to navigate through thick hoards of bullets. Otherwise, getting tri-shots and multiple "ghosts" of yourself make you feel like a boss.

Twinbee is a good game for hardcore Game Boy collectors and shmup fans, but in terms of availability, I will redirect you to the Gradius and R-Type series. Twinbee Da! for Game Boy is rare in quantity, but goes for less than $20 whenever the Japanese version is found. There is no language barrier, since all the text (except for the title) is in English.

Posted on Aug 25th 2011 at 11:06:02 PM by (scarper)
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RC Pro Am on water, Wave Race became the defining title of water based racing games.


Wave Race has this frantic arcade-racer feel about it. It successfully feels like racing on water, requiring curve approaches to be different than in standard racers. Some parts of tracks have currents going in a specific direction, along with rocks to bump across and ramps to strategically manipulate. Your jet-ski has a turbo meter that charges up when not in use. This can be used to pull ahead of the pack, speed along straightaways, jump longer distances, curve out of tight turns, and make up for mistakes.

Three modes of gameplay are offered, each with three engine classes/difficulties: Circuit Mode, where you race against three other jet-skis around a series of tracks. More tracks and laps are added as you advance engine classes. Slalom Mode, where the objective is to go through more gates than everyone else. This can get really fun once you start planning track specific strategies. Circuit Mode has eight tracks in total, and Slalom Mode has eight courses. (The Slalom Courses almost remind me of battle arenas in Mario Kart.) The last mode is Practice, which can be used to plan routes and memorize tracks without the stress of other racers. It can also be used as a Time Trial mode, since records made in Practice are recorded on the scoreboard.

What I really like is how there's never one single way to approach a track. Most racing games require specific maneuvers at certain parts, but Wave Race allows a sense of freedom in the way you race. You get to do it your own way. The tracks themselves are designed extremely well, featuring more obstacles and complicated turn patterns as you progress. The game engine is likewise excellent, showing off clever water physics that force you to do more thinking than a standard racer. I normally use Practice Mode to memorize tracks, plan a route, and then kick everyone's asses in one player mode afterward.

You'll be spending quite a bit of addicted time with Wave Race. Most of the tracks in both modes will require route planning and memorization in order to completely dominate the final engine class. And if you can find a friend with a copy, play each other for victory and maybe compare track times to see who tops out. Wave Race supports up to 4 simultaneous Game Boy's in multiplayer, as long as everyone has a copy.

Nintendo later made an excellent 3D sequel on the Nintendo 64. Wave Race 64 drove the inspiration for future water racers like Jet Moto, Hydro Thunder, and Aqua GT. If Wave Race was never around to prove the possibility of water racers, these games would probably not have been made.

Wave Race is a great game for pretty much anyone. Even those who don't like racers will get the hang of this pretty quickly, only to find your ass getting kicked by the later engine classes, and then kick their asses back after some Practice Mode. It is very affordable, with copies today selling for one dollar.

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