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Posted on Apr 29th 2009 at 12:00:47 AM by (TraderJake)
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You know what? Five years on April 28 we came into being. Five years ago seems like such a long time ago, but it's true. We're really five years old. Are we getting up in age? You tell me.

A lot has changed in those five years, lots for the good, and some for the not so good. Whatever the ups and downs though, the truth is that we're still here and we're still going strong, thanks to people like you. Without you guys we'd be nothing, and for that we're truly grateful.

You know, with our birthday we like to do contests. This year is no different. As for what the contest is... why, it's the PAIN YOURSELF WITH SUBMISSIONS AGAIN CONTEST. We're evil, we really are, and we like to see you work for your spoils. Want to play? Here are the rules:

Submissions, they make the site go round. We just donít grow if we do not have anyone submit stuff. Funny how that works, and well, we do have one heck of a community that loves to do submissions. Perhaps, with this contest, youíll be interested in doing submissions as well. Submissions will garner you points, and these how are they are ranked:

   Title Addition: 4 Points
   Variation Addition: 4 Points
   Page Edit*: 2 Points
   Review*: 30 Points
   Overview*: 10 Points
   Image Upload: 15 Points
   Submission Review**: 1 Point
   Blog Post*: 30 Points
   Blog Comment: 1 Point
   Forum Post: 1 Point
   Forum Karma: See Explanation

*Regarding the asterisk: For page edits, it is noticed that you are consistently only adding one field per edit multiple times for a single ID just to up your points, you will be disqualified. Any review or overview completed will count as a page edit as well the points for an overview or review. To get the points for an overview or review you MUST contact me via Personal Message so that I can keep a tally. In addition, the review or overview must be on the actual game / hardware page. A review or overview of poor quality could result in less points than stated being granted. The same statement holds true for blog posts.

Because we want the forum to be a lively place of fun and interesting posts, we're enabling Karma during this contest. Karma rewards members that make good posts and smites those who do not. Your Karma will play a wildcard role in posts. Positive Karma at the end of the contest will increase your point total by a factor, while negative karma will decrease it. The equation used to decide how karma affects your points will be announced at a later date before the end of the contest.

As with any contest, there is fine print. Any submission that you make must adhere to the RF Generation guidelines / policies. We wrote these policies and guidelines for a reason, and well, weíd like everyone to adhere to them. Failure to adhere to the guidelines could result in a disqualification.

Any point reduction or disqualification can be contested. In the event that you wish to contest, you must explain why the reduction or disqualification is unfair. If you win the contest, weíll restore your greatness, but if you lose, you shall be pelted with figurative rocks and garbage.

**KICKER!  Everyone, except for the directors of this site, is in this contest. There is a catch though for staff membersÖ their final score will be halved. So, that should lead to a lively competition. I think halving their scores is fair, and I hope you do as well. Oh yeah, there is that 1 point for a submission review, that unfortunately only applies to staff members because they are the poor souls who must review your submissions.

What do you win? Well, weíre a poor bunch here at RF Generation, especially since we're on a dedicated box, but we've got a lovely prize for the top winner:

Gaming swag not to exceed $60 and an RF Generation Ringer T.

Also, anyone in the top 5% of points gainers shall get some sort of recognition, to be determined later.

So, won't you get started? The contest starts as of 20 hours ago (midnight last night). When does it end? It ends at MIDNIGHT, JUNE 8th, 2009. (Sunday 12:00AM) So, what are you waiting for? Have your cake and eat it too! Good luck!

Posted on Nov 22nd 2008 at 11:36:43 PM by (TraderJake)
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Three years for the 360! On November 22, 2005 the Xbox 360 was released in North America to a gaming mass waiting for the next iteration of Microsoftís gaming console. Unlike its predecessor, the 360 was a stylish system that when it wasnít greeting players with a red ring was rather sexy when compared to the black paperweight known as the Xbox. Surely, Microsoft was off to a better start from a design point with its system, and there were plenty of other things for 360 fans to be excited about.

Iíd be lying if I told you I owned a 360 or desired one. The truth is that I have no desire for a 360. That said, the 360 does have several things that go great for the masses. If you were to ask me which system appeals most to true gamers right now, it sure as hell would not be the Wii. It depends on the avenue, but if youíre looking for games for adults that will make you say wow then the 360 is the system to have. From Halo to Dead Rising to Bioshock to GTA IV, there have been some heavy hitters for the 360 that would make the most hardcore gamers squeal with delight.

Of course, thatís not the only thing that appeals to true gamers. Of the three console manufacturers, Microsoft really does know how to best do an online product. Sonyís working on creating a good online product and Nintendo is being Nintendo, and while the bar has been set rather low by the competitors Microsoft has delivered a product that quite frankly trounces the competition. Itís really quite amazing and I give Microsoft kudos for their online platform. Their competitors could learn a thing or two from Live... they really couldÖ especially Nintendo.

Of course, Microsoft is not the market leader anymore this generation. While they were in the beginning, the behemoth known as the Wii has taken the title and ran with it. Is Microsoft going to sit there and just watch that happen? No! They decided they were going to revamp their dashboard and create a new experience that is enjoyable for all. It just launched, and as someone on the outside looking in I have to say that the avatars do look really cool. They offer customization that I only wish Nintendo had for their Miis. Did Rare rip off the Mii concept? Who the hell cares! Rare has created something with much more depth than the Miis of Nintendo, and I give them full credit for creating something much more interesting than the Mii Channel. Good job Microsoft and keep pushing along with the new experience.

Every console has its fair share of issues, and the same can definitely be said for the 360. Probably the most notable of these issues was the Curse of the Red Ring. Chances are you know someone who has suffered from the Red Ring of Death. In fact, you might know someone who has suffered from it multiple times. Truth be told, the initial batches of the 360 had some design issues. No one really knows what is it, but rather than screwing over consumers, Microsoft did a noble thing and extended everyoneís warranties. Thatís pretty nice, and it suggests that perhaps Microsoft is not the cold hearted bastard that its Windows operation suggests that it is (and it is).

So sales have been down in recent history for the 360, and one has to wonder what the future holds for the console. I honestly donít know if the console will see a rebound in sales, but I donít know if that is necessarily a bad thing. 360 owners like to buy third party titles, so itís an enticing console for those developers and publishers. So for developers, I donít see as much as a risk for releasing games on the 360 that I do for releasing non casual games on the Wii. While casual gaming dominates the Wii, real games dominate the 360, and thatís a great selling point for the console. Why not capitalize on that, Microsoft? Push your strengths, and it might help you in the long run.

Three years for the 360. What do you think has been the good, the bad, and the ugly? What do you think the future holds for the 360? Does the four year lifespan still hold true for Microsoft? Well, in a year we might just know. What do you think?

Posted on Nov 20th 2008 at 02:04:25 AM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Modern Gaming, Nintendo, Wii, Birthday

Two years, has it been that long? I guess it has been. Two years ago today the Wii was released worldwide, because Nintendo loves youÖ or so we thought. What has the last two years brought Nintendo and itís Wii? Letís delve into the past, and see where the future lies for Nintendo.

Nintendo had a cool concept. Motion control in a game, would it be a gimmick or a novel innovation? Well, two years has passed, and honestly, the verdict is still out. There are the games that just tack it on, such as Super Monkey Ball did. Did they even play test their game? Super Monkey Ball should have been great on the Wii. Alas, it was not. Fortunately, there have been games that do make excellent use of the Wii Remote, and these games shine amongst the games that treat motion control like an afterthought. Games like No More Heroes, De Blob, Zack and Wiki, and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption all make excellent use of the Wii Remote. Super Mario Galaxy was a refreshing reinvention of the platform genre. Truly there are the gems in what seems more and more like an endless pile of crap, and my, there is crap.

Why is there crap? Well, it might be because the Wii sells like hotcakes from McDonalds. It sold almost 850,000 units in North America alone last month, and quite frankly thatís impressive. Itís enough to make the Wii the clear market leader, and weíll talk about that later. But now, letís talk about the effects of being the market leader. See, being number one tends to bring a lot of crap to your console. Games like Target: Terror. What is that game like? Well, you know what Lethal Enforcers is, right? Well, it looks just like that, except with Terrorists. How novel for the Wii, especially when it could probably run on an N64. Great job there, Konami, you really must have been bitter after the sales of Elebits and Dewyís Adventure. I bought Elebits! Donít hate me! And donít think that itís just the third parties giving us steaming piles of shit. I see that the fourth worst ranked Wii game on Gamerankings is Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast. Now, I am sure that game is full of win, but the score speaks for the masses. And donít forget about Wii Music! Is that even a game? You decide.

If you would have told me with a straight face that the Wii would be far and beyond the market leader right now prior to its launch I would have laughed. I was a Nintendo fanboy at one point, but just because I was a fanboy does not mean that I am not a realist. Címon, Nintendo had a good idea, but was there really something as a casual gamer? I sure as hell didnít think so. I guess I was wrong, because as they sayÖ it prints money. Unfortunately, it only prints money really for Nintendo. See, the Wii third party tie-in ratio is rather poor. It seems as though the real winner in all this is Nintendo and the companies that realize shovelware. Itís sort of sad because it limits creativity. Why be creative when you can make money with a low budget piece of crap? Itís sad, and itís true.

Well, the future, what does it hold? Being on top means that Nintendo has the most to lose. Itís quite obvious that Nintendo cares most about the casual gamer these days, and it hurts. Nintendo really, really needs to either invest in games for gamers or encourage third parties to innovate rather than defecate. Maybe it could, you know, do both? Who knows, really? I certainly hope they do, because to a certain extent Nintendo has really tried to see what the breaking point of their fanboys is. Maybe to them thatís okay, but they have to realize that you can have your hardcore faithful in addition to being super trendy. Apple does it, somehow. Isnít that who Nintendo is trying to emulate anyways? Does that mean that weíll soon see a super thin Iwata in jeans and a black shirt with a goatee? God I hope so. The truth is though that Nintendo needs to know that some of Nintendoís biggest fans are becoming some very bitter people, and bitter people can bring some very negative press. Best then to keep the fans happy, I suppose. Might you start with localizing Captain Rainbow and Mother 3? Please? PLEASE?

Nintendoís console will probably have a bright future. I know I am personally as giddy as a schoolgirl for No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle and Mad World. I guess you could say Iíve become a person to enjoy violence more as Iíve gotten older. I also know that in the future Iíll probably own a PS3 to satisfy other needs. But donít you worry Nintendo, because youíve already made more than enough money off of me, and chances are youíll make more than enough money off of others. Congrats on that.

Well, what do you think? Where has Nintendo been over the last two years for you? Where will they be in the future? I know where I think theyíll be, but itís always more interesting to find out where you guys think the future lies, so tell us, wonít you?

Posted on Jun 7th 2007 at 07:31:46 PM by (TraderJake)
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Three years√ɬĘ√Ę"ö¬¨√ā¬¶. three years ago to the day RF Generation was founded by a wonderful group of people, and today we celebrate the fact. What started as a site for a small group of collectors has grown into something so much larger. I don√ɬĘ√Ę"ö¬¨√Ę"ě¬Ęt think anyone would have fathomed when the site was founded that it would have grown as much as it has up to this day. We could not have done it would you, our readers, members, and staff, and for that we are truly grateful.

In the last year, we√ɬĘ√Ę"ö¬¨√Ę"ě¬Ęve seen many new and exciting additions to the site. From big things like the submissions system, hardware database and new forums to small things such as additions that you, our readers and members, ask for, the last year has surely seen lots of changes to the site. The outlook for the rest of 2007 is no different, with the biggest project currently cooking being the site redesign. A few of you know what it will look like, and to be honest, we think it looks pretty darn good. Stay tuned for that project and many more, you√ɬĘ√Ę"ö¬¨√Ę"ě¬Ęll certainly here about them more as they come closer to fruition.

You may be wondering if we are doing anything to celebrate the third anniversary of our founding. The answer to that of course, is yes. Today we launch the √ɬĘ√Ę"ö¬¨√Ö"Show Us You Love RF Generation!√ɬĘ√Ę"ö¬¨√ā¬Ě contest. Winning of course could land you some nice swag.

Join the celebration, and keep it tuned to channel three!

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