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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Sony PlayStation J S Policenauts Konami 1996 Adventure

CountryMembernameView CollectionCommentsQtyBoxManPM
 AndithewayView Collection 111PM
 asz22View Collection 111PM
SAN DIEGObadmojoView Collection 111PM
 billyhView Collection 101PM
WenduinecaligariView Collection 111PM
 Darth SidiousView Collection 111PM
 DuralView Collection 111PM
 FakecollectorView Collection 110PM
 gilchrestiusView Collection 111PM
 hybridView Collection 000PM
 jsxretroView Collection 111PM
 KamenRider324View Collection 111PM
 knighTeen87View CollectionI have "SLPM-86048-9" serial numbered "Playstation the Best" version111PM
 lincoln174View Collection 100PM
 meLiSchaView Collection 111PM
Gilford overbiteView Collection 111PM
Baton Rougeraptor94kView Collection111PM
 satoshi_matrixView Collection 100PM
 socksfelloffView Collection 111PM
 thatfeelwhennogfView CollectionFan translated. Didn't beat it yet. Lesser than Snatcher, but it has anime cutscenes.111PM
Columbus, OHThriftyDJView Collection 100PM

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