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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
IBM PC U S Star Wars: Dark Forces LucasArts 1995 Shooter

CountryMembernameView CollectionCommentsQtyBoxManPM
 AddictedView Collection 101PM
 albinoMithosView Collection 111PM
SeattleAm4zingGam3rView Collection 111PM
 AsentiffView Collection000PM
 Beardcore84View Collection 100PM
 betamax001View Collection 100PM
 blissfulnoiseView Collection 100PM
 boatack13View Collection 111PM
WestlandbombatombaView CollectionJewel case w/cover.100PM
Lockport, NYbum-manView Collection 111PM
 cds099View Collection 100PM
 CorneliusView Collection 111PM
Crabmaster2000View Collection111PM
 cthulurisingView Collection101PM
 DarkmanView Collection 111PM
Deafens PronerView Collection 100PM
 den68View Collection100PM
HarmonydisloyalheadView Collection111PM
 DodderyElfView Collection 100PM
 FieryGuardianView Collection 000PM
Proctorville, OHFragemsView Collection 100PM
Milwaukeegecko007View Collection 101PM
Milwaukeegecko007View Collection101PM
 gerardius84View Collection 000PM
 GloryFreakView Collection 100PM
 HalazarView Collection 101PM
 Hobie-wanView Collection 101PM
Plano, TXkingofpain89View Collection 100PM
 MNDemitriView Collection 100PM
 MrMeekView Collection 111PM
OttawaNecron99View Collection 111PM
 NostalGeekView Collection 100PM
 OrzunoidView Collection111PM
 phalnxView Collection 101PM
 quittingtheforestView Collection 111PM
 raziel2554View Collection 000PM
 reluctanceView Collection 100PM
 RorschachView Collection000PM
 s1lenceView Collection000PM
 SchmemanView Collection111PM
 tgt3DView Collection000PM
SinsanityThe Metamorphosing LeonView Collection000PM
AalborgTheBossView Collection 100PM
 TheEggplantView Collection 111PM
 Timzy88View Collection 101PM
 tpgb12View Collection 101PM
 UpDownAeroplaneView Collection 111PM
 Vectrex4LifeView Collection 101PM
 WilliamtheBardView Collection111PM
 wolfflightView Collection000PM
WinnipegZe_roView Collection 100PM
SeattlezodiacprimeView Collection 111PM

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