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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Nintendo NES U S Maxi-15 AVE 1992 Compilation

CountryMembernameView CollectionCommentsQtyBoxManPM
 8_bit_passionView Collection 000PM
SeattleAm4zingGam3rView Collection000PM
 arkansasnesView Collection 000PM
 asz22View Collection 111PM
 Beardcore84View Collection 111PM
 Blu3printView Collection 211PM
 bomberman0000View Collection 111PM
 Braveheart69View Collection 111PM
 bwild22View Collection000PM
 CarboncasterView Collection 110PM
 clawxView Collection 000PM
 cmpunk67View Collection 110PM
Crabmaster2000View Collection 100PM
 dieourumovView Collection 111PM
 DoubleJ0329View Collection 000PM
Markleville, IndianaDuke.TogoView Collection100PM
 fillicanView Collection 111PM
 Gundam_Pilot_View Collection¬†000PM
 hattgView Collection111PM
ZionsvilleHungrymooseView Collection 111PM
 IkarinikuView Collection 100PM
 IkarinikuView Collection100PM
Standish, MEjaygeebusView Collection 110PM
 jdllamaView Collection 110PM
 jimpoleshukView Collectionloose only100PM
 justabumView Collectioncomplete in box111PM
 linuscoreView Collection 100PM
 megamattView Collection 100PM
 MezmoronView Collection 100PM
 MIKEY MIKEView Collection 100PM
 MrMark0673View CollectionExcellent Shape, manual does not exist111PM
Knoxville, TNNationalGameDepotView Collection 000PM
OttawaNecron99View Collection 100PM
 neonesmasterView Collection 000PM
 portnoydView Collection 100PM
 qixmasterView Collection 000PM
 Reynold1View Collection 100PM
 RorschachView Collection 000PM
 rosenkenView Collection 100PM
 rpgcollectorView Collection111PM
 s7eView Collection 111PM
 satoshi_matrixView Collection 100PM
 serioView Collection 100PM
Greensboro, NCsinglebananaView Collection110PM
 slackurView Collection 111PM
 snes_collectorView Collection 111PM
LanakenSpeedy_NESView Collection 110PM
 StarCade RejectView Collection 100PM
Calgarythe_wizard_666View Collection 100PM
 thefinaldaycomesView Collection 100PM
 Tony673549726534View Collection 100PM
 vlad sokarView Collection 100PM
 wasg13View Collection¬†111PM
 WompaStompa11View Collection000PM
worthingtonwrldstrmanView Collection complete111PM
WinnipegZe_roView Collection 100PM

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